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    This is my Dream... this is my Alfa Romeo GTV. the specs of my GTV: °Rims GT 18", ° bilstein B6/eibach -20, °clutch + Q2 °Duplex 2X2 Ragazzon... °Kit Cup °Sono Focal ... °xenon + leds
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    News... News logos Alfa Romeo "full black " and my Ragazzon was painted matt black. it's more discreet. Front.. And the engine... "like Ferrari".. It's not an engine, it's a HEART This car is so special, so unique..unforgettable!! And the final... a bonus. So good guys... Cheers.
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    Yes, it's alive Got it out of the cave yesterday
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    97 GTV TS has joined the stable today. Some suspension and cosmetics to sort out, along with ABS fault. Lovely Red leather interior. One for summer, one for winter
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    Long time no photos...
  7. 6 points
    p2 steering wheel and Sportiva leather side panels mounted
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    Hi to all, my name is Mike and this is my 196 PH1 GTV with some mods. 164 engine with 40.000Km Mitsubishi TD05h turbo decat with direct centre silencer and ragazzon silencer manual boost regulator pressure high pressure fuel pump remap by Evotronic (Italian tuner) Brembo brake upgrade with 305mm discs and calipers from Punto abarth Etc. etc. :)
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    Today we had annual international Alfisti meeting in Rijeka, Croatia. It was over 200 Alfas, there was a track driving session on the Grobnik racetrack, a lot of fun and great people! Finally I got a chance to take a better photo of the new MR Performance steering wheel!
  10. 5 points
    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right section... I used to own a blue 1996 ph1 TwinSpark and sold it 5 years ago. My parents bought it for me when I entered college as my first car in 2006 and I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be driving such a cool car, even if it was 10 years old by then. It never ceased to turn heads and everyone in the streets would ask me what kind of car it was. Back then Alfas were a rare sight in the Dominican Republic, only 12 916's were brought here when initially manufactured. A few spiders and only one 3.0L. I got it from a doctor who owned many sports cars and didn't have anymore space for the little Alfa. I was too young and too lazy to take care of the car, much the dislike of my parents who had to pay for the "exotic" and frequent repair bills. I owned it for 4 years and had to see her go. At the time I was focused on my studies and felt relieved that I didn't have to worry about the car breaking down again. After that, everytime I spot a 916 on the streets I feel a great deal of nostalgy. I remember the never working sunroof, the crappy stereo, the hint of petrol smell mixed with Italian leather smell, the super cool dials in the central console, the heavy clutch during traffic, the amazing handling and the breakdowns. I loved it all. On occasion I have dreams of driving the car again only to wake up feeling like this car really means something to me. Things are looking well right now and I plan to get another Alfa and most definitely another 916 sometime in the future. I'm now much better prepared to take care of one. I'm an architect but I also enjoy graphic design. A few days ago I decided to create something about two things that I like a lot: the 916's and the 80's. I created this illustration from scratch in Illustrator and Photoshop and then decided to do a poster and a wallpaper with an 80's feel to it. If you need a high resolution version of the poster or a different resolution format for the wallpaper please let me know. I hope you guys like it.
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    Gave my little V6 a clean whilst we had a dry day before she goes into winter hibernation, so thought I'd share some pics with you folks... All tucked up ready for winter now
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    A new gift ... ( before Christmas ) Yeah it s a Piro Design.. Is fantastic. Merry Christmas guys.
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    Ok, so the car is in the garage for the last few months. Haven't driven it at all. A couple of weeks ago, I've started removing the LPG installation (the GTV has reached full project car status ) and replaced all gaskets and seals I could without removing the heads. I have cleaned the valve covers and heads of all the gunk inside (Selenia) and adjusted the valves. Spark plug gaskets were shot and leaked oil into the spark plug wells, not a nice thing to do I have an almost complete set of engine gaskets so I've changed all I could at the moment. Cams were inspected and they are fine for now. All the chrome pipes were cleaned and polished. Injectors were changed for Bosch 0 280 150 701 (166 3.0), all nuts and bolts were replaced with inox counterparts (except the M7 bolts, will get titanium ones soon). All cables, wires, grounds were cleaned/changed. Got some new conduit, etc. I still need to get all new connector boots for the injectors and other stuff. All wire looms were cleaned and retaped with textile tape. Pipes and hoses were removed (still need to work on the bottom part) and cleaned. I've replaced all clips and clamps. Will be getting new silicone hoses in the near future. The valve covers, plenum, front black plate, fuel rails and other metal bits were powdercoated. The sump will be removed, inspected and cleaned. I have ordered a new expansion tank, so will be changing that too. Will be getting a TH05H-12B soon but it doesn't have the original downpipe, so I'm looking for one as it's a bit of a problem in fabricating one without driving 60km without an exhaust. Well, I do need to make some new pipes, so who knows Which pipe diameter should be ok to use for the downpipe? As I've noticed, MHI turbos had a smaller diemeter downpipe? Should 2,5" be good? I will change the exhaust from the downpipe, remove the cat part and straight to the back. Any suggestions? Oh yes, and I'll replace the heat insulation panel from the engine this week. It has seeen better days. New ignition cables and distributor cap are in the works too. So, yes, it will be an interesting winter (btw, 15°C yesterday). 1st cylinder sensor that was shot will be changed today and hopefully the car will start this week This is the current state. Still a lot to do.
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    I promised some pictures from the trip. Unfortunatley the weather was not on our side so that is one reason for a bit few pictures... Here is the wiew from the living room of my girlfriend's parents house: On our way home, one of many ferry crossings: The Gran Turismo Veloce: Outside the Alfa Garage.. Famous in Norway On the ferry from Hellesylt to Geiranger: Geiranger: Don't look at me, but the road in the background: Another GT Alfa on the ferry: Stop to glance at some "Alpakkas"
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    For the first! To get in to the car is quite a struggle... The open carbon fiber is exposed when you crawl in to the seat. When inside, even with limited seat adjustments, I sit surprisingly comfortable. I'm 180cm in height, so maybe that is one reason. Steeringwheel is small and HEAVY when turing while stationary due to no power steering! That, such as carpets, door handles and a lot of other things is dropped due to save weight... When finally driving the steering are FANTASTIC! You even feel the stones in rough asphalt through the steeringwheel! And the response are amazing. It have already changed direction before you even think of turning When speeding up the turbo is very distinct! A fantastic whistling is sounded only 10-20cm from your head! Amazing, together with the exhaust set up on this "launch edition" was great! You just cant belive it is a 1750cc engine in there... Setting off from 0-100 the rev limiter hits before you manage to change gears! At least the two first gears. hehe I love the view from the driver position- big wheel arches stretches over the bonnet and are visible from the seat! Perfect. Rear veiw, lets not talk about that... Simply nothing.. You cant see anything through the rear view mirror! That was a summary of my 10 minutes with the car! Hopefully I get to test it more properly another time! I love it! A perfect enthusiast Alfa!
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    Now it's time to present my beauty. I bought it 3 weeks ago and I love it. It's my second 916 after my black 1999 Spider Twin Spark. Below you find the list with all the modifications. Exterieur & technical stuff: - Zender CUP lip & side skirts - 330mm Brembo brakes in front (GTA 2.series) - KW Inox coilovers - Wiechers aluminum strut brace (polished) - CSC Exhaust cat back with 4 racing pipes - RAYS Engineering, Volk Racing Wheels "Progressiv ME" Front 8x19 ET30 with 215/35 Rear 8,5x19 ET25 with 225/35 Interior: - Zender chrome blades - MOMO gear knob and handbrake lever - Carbon door panels (lower part)
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    I was on a business trip in Norway recently and with alfaduden organize one small meeting there :). And to be Italian theme complete we visited one Italian restaurant. The travel was a little bit more than expected , but this way I see more from Norway :). Here is a couple of pictures with his beautiful alfa. Was really nice meeting and I glad to meet you in person .
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    As I have mentioned in the topic for my GTV, there will have some big surprise from me soon. Which will be the main reason for delaying of the performance project for the GTV. And I decided to start a new topic about it, instead of writing in the topic for the GTV . And here it is Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 widebody. And here is the production numbers of 155 (referring to Wikipedia). 155 Q4 is really rare car and the widebody (facelift) models even rarer And I have seen pictures of only one other blue Q4 (link, someone from Hungary may know this car and his owner). The car is from Denmark and previous owner have owned it from around 8 years, so someone from Denmark may know the car and owner (he and his family are big fans of old italian cars ). So now I have justified my signature .
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    New to this forum This is my GTV Cup n100 ex press car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm more pleased with how the window surround has turn out, it looks so much better gloss black and was very easy todo than the grill, just need some sun shine now to see than lovely gloss.
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    Today we had annual international Alfisti meeting in Rijeka, Croatia. It was over 200 Alfas, there was a track driving session on the Grobnik racetrack, a lot of fun and great people!
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    After a failure regarding editing of engine photos and eventually losing all of them due to disk failure(!), i will continue posting without pics unfortunately, regarding engine restoration... Hence, i will make a small analyze (cause a post without pics is a ...) and then i 'll continue with the rest of the restoration! So, after getting engine out (look previous post), my mechanic faced the hell itself. We are talking about half a tone of mud, mixed with oxidation and whatever else you may think! But, no, we are made for the difficult stuff! After hours of cleaning everything up, using several ways (by hand, chemicals etc), my little engine was again as clean as it should! After that, replacement of parts started: -> New headgaskets -> New piston rings -> New seals etc everywhere -> New crankshaft bearings -> New connecting rod bearing -> New Valve seats -> New valve guides -> Polished etc valves -> Skimmed heads -> New timing belt kit, auxiliary belt kit etc -> New sparkplugs (i had them changed 2 years ago, only to find out that previous mechanic changed only 3 out 6....) -> New air filter (again, previous mechanic had installed TS air filter, which is shorter and was dancing hola-hoop in the air-box...) -> Fresh oil (Motul 8300 5w40 fully synthetic) -> New clutch kit After 500kms, i changed again oil and guess what i did next hehehe (i attach some photos that was saved due to ... facebook!)
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    Sunny day in our harbour...
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    Trimis de pe al meu SM-G920F folosind Tapatalk
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    Hello, today I bought a new toy for me. After Spider 2.0 and 3.2 and GTV 2.0 and 2.0 TB the Family is completed with a Spider 3.0 12V :-) It has fine options like Movit-Brakes at the front, 19"-wheels, Engstler 4-pipe exhaust, H&R with Bilstein. Next week I will pick him up and bring him into my garage Best regards Michael
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    Some new pics with my beast Trimis de pe al meu SM-G920F folosind Tapatalk
  28. 4 points
    One nice shot after night carwash session and Quaife ATB installation...
  29. 4 points
    It's time to open my 916 garage! After 3 years, 3 month and 14 days she get out from this garage: Ex owner last ride, he was pretty : Coming to new home: More to coming...
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    Thanks guys Some update.
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    Only now I see this article in Croatian Autoklub car magazine!
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    It's a very usual joke in spanish forums. For example, if a girl opens a topic introducing herself to the community, she usually gets dozens of answers welcoming her (much more than boys). Then it's time for the "BuitreSeñal" (Vulture Signal). In car's forums is used normally in breakin car's topics, or when someone is trying to get advantage of another one's job. In this case I wanted to mean that I was going to try to get the switch that Joe could find in ebay... PD: Ok. Not the best joke ...
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    As promised a little update... the car is not very clean from dust, and we must clean it and then polish it.The tinted windows (visibility 20%) are a test to see how they are, it is a moment remove or leave them, and I have doubts ... I would appreciate an opinion about it. ps photos taken with my smartphone, quality is not very good ...
  36. 4 points
    So this is how it looks like now.
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    So.. As I quicly get born when I don't have anything to do I ended up buying a former rally car for this years winter fun. An as I wait for the perfect summer GT this will do the trick during winter... The list is long if I want to get this in perfect state, but as a everyday winter-beater it is quite ok! Need a MOT check to get the licenceplates back. It also need to refurbish the turbo as the previous owner have adjusted the pressure a bit too high! A complete Integrale in parts is lying in the trunk including a new "used" turbo I bought this toghether with a friend of mine so we will share this during the winter. Hopefully we can get all panels in the same color and with some detailing it will shine again! As Kunev says, say hello to my new performance car
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    From bad to worse...
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    Registered long ago and kept lurking in anonymity... until now, that is. Here is my 1996 3.0 V6.
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    I am not a fun of dragster but watching any Italian car winning a jdm car puts a smile om my face.
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    A few more photos from the meeting...
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    Damgreg; That is impressive, but you know the weight on a 916, and compared to this AX that probably weigh half as much Some pictures while you wait: All cars in line to be taken picture of in speed: Retro: My friends 155 and me:
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    Squadra916 was created on this date in 2012.
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    nice pic in a aerial parking !
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    Some new pics from today!
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    A am a singer and recently i made a new video clip and my GTV has a big role.... The song is greek so just listen to the music and watch the Gtv..... Enjoy!
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    Here's my GTV in a place that it (and I...) love ! With some nice corners !!

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