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  1. Original CUP front splitter

    Don't do that, Ricardo!!! Cup-a-likes are everywhere, and they are cool, but yours is a Motus!!
  2. JTS from Barcelona

    Very beautiful car. Welcome aboard!!
  3. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    I've been really out of the forum this months. Any news on your bella?
  4. 916 door red leather pockets

    Have you seen this? https://www.ebay.es/itm/RED-STITCH-2X-DOOR-POCKET-LEATHER-COVERS-FITS-ALFA-ROMEO-GTV-SPIDER-916-95-05/390922656650?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Perhaps they can make them in red.
  5. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    Great job, blackbini!!!
  6. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    Then you have to put some pics from the interior. And now, that your able to work with glass and carbon fibre, don't you think of instaling a new scudetto? That gts bonnet looks like a long-nosed monkey to me
  7. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    I missed this!!! Lovely work, blackbini. Can't wait to see it dressed in Martini colours
  8. Ultimate 916 Spider

    My bet is for Zender Milano
  9. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    That's not fair!!!! We want to see it!
  10. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    +1 to the Martini design.
  11. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    And how do you open the doors??
  12. My GTV V6 TB

    Nice, Charlee. Very nice.
  13. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Correction. ITV in spain. And here it's basically to get money out of our pockets.
  14. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Very nice.
  15. Alfa gtv v6 project black edition

    Love it!