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Found 60 results

  1. Hi fellow Squdra members, new to owning the beuatiful fusion pieces of art and machinery, I am looking for fuse diagrams, fuse numbers please, i have no owners manual
  2. Is there please someone that has/or knows where I can find just the frame panel (with or without glass) not the mechanic or motors, just the frame...
  3. Hi all, I am looking for new/used (pristine) wing mirrors for a 1999 Ph2 Spider. Mirrors must not be painted. They must be original as came out of factory - as in the following pic in the link. https://www.alfaholics.com/cars-for-sale/sold-cars-archive/2001-alfa-romeo-spider-2-0-lusso-143/ Whoever got a pair for sale, let me know price by PM etc.. Thanks Karl
  4. JTS from Barcelona

    Hi everyone, this month I've bought a red JTS, and as you can think it needs a few things to be done. So I am so happy to be here, I hope to be able to help in all I can as well as learning from you guys.
  5. Spider 1997 Roof top in good condition

    I need a new roof for my spider, blue or black. Only interested in very good condition. Must be able to send to Denmark. Good price paid. Thanks
  6. GTV rear shelf and side panels

    I am looking for a rear shelf with rear side panels for a GTV. If someone has some extra shelves they don't need, PM me Thanks P.S. With speaker covers included
  7. First Alfa

    Hi - I am new to the Alfa world and looking to buy my first Alfa and looking at a GTV or Spider what do you recommend i look for and what should I avoid - your help would be greatly appreciated
  8. V6 TB center dials

    I am looking for Phase 2 center dials (fuel, water temp, clock). It's essential that they are from a V6 TB. Please contact me if you have a set. Thank you!
  9. GTV rear cup spoiler

    Hello..! I am looking for rear cup spoiler. If any1 have one for sale, please pm!
  10. Rear springs for 3.0 v6

    Hello all! Looking for the rear springs, with eper number: 60630301 The following were equipped with them, from factory: Cup (ts & v6) 2.0 Ts (some versions, not all) 3.0 v6 24v (all versions) I am only interested in the specific springs, with the specific eper code, only! So other springs, with eper codes: 60686814 & 60616948, are not valid for purchase. Pm with price and if applicable, a photo with the eper code visible on the spring. Thank you in advance!
  11. GTV Cup Wanted

    Hello, I am looking for a GTV Cup, having been Alfa-less for some time, and now fortunately being in the position to buy a fun car for the weekend. I would like a straight car with less than 100k on the clock, preferably lower milage. Work is OK, dependant on price. Please contact me if you have or know of one and would like to sell. Thanks, Ross
  12. 2001 GTV Cup Handbooks

    I'm after a complete set of handbooks with folder for my 2001 GTV Cup. If anyone can help, please contact me. Kind regards you all
  13. I'm after an original radio for my 2001 GTV Cup. If anyone can help, please contact me. Kind regards you all
  14. Catalytic Converter V6 TB

    I need a new Catalytic converter to my v6 tb. Someone that have one?
  15. 916 "Spider" badge

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the badges "spider" of 916 on trunk as attached. My 916 friends in Japan really need the badges for restoration. But, there is no shop that have stocks anywhere.. Do you know any supplier or Web-shop who have the badges No.60615582?
  16. Hi, If anyone has a 166 clockspring with audio control capability for sale, I'd be really interested in buying it! Or perhaps someone knows of one for sale somewhere ... ( I know of the new one in Italy for sale, but the seller hasn't got back to me ).
  17. Hey guys! Looking for a driver's side rear view mirror in silver (griogio chiaro 612A). Thanks
  18. Hi guys I'm after front splitter, cup side skirts and cup splitter My gtv is Nero black, don't really want them in a different colour as respray cost in uk are very expensive but will consider depending on price Cash waiting Cheers Jon
  19. new "Gtv" boot-badge

    I'm looking for a new, original Gtv badge. Not used, so with the adhesive still on, ready for placement. Will pay premium price!
  20. Alloy Wheels

    Interested in 17 inchesTeledial Wheels and also in 18 inches Zender Sienna, preferable in very good condition. Can anyone, please tell me to what extent the driving behaviour changes in a Alfa Romeo gtv v6 turbo with 18 inches on and normal suspension?
  21. Ragazzon Exhaust

    Hey guys, I'm searching fpr a duplex Ragazzon exhaust. If anybody has one, please make an offer. Ciao
  22. Hello! As the title says, if any1 has OEM springs (front & rear OR front only), please contact me.
  23. induction hose

    My T reg GTV V6 has a perished hose - I would rather have the original corrugated one than the Autolusso option. Does anyone out there have one in decent condition? Thanks.
  24. Bilstein for GTV 3.0 24v

    Looking for bilstein shocks for my bella. (mainly front-ones) (Found out that only the rear are bilsteins and front are OEM :@ ) Contact me with price!
  25. Hi, i search for an original wastegate actuator for the TB2538 in a good condition. The garrett part number is 430819-0250. Thx Poolboy

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