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    • TVGTV
      By: TonyVGTV · 09/10/20
      Hi Paul, Thanks for the welcome. Posted a reply but seems to have gotten lost...still working the site out. Nice to hear you have a connection Down-Under!  Not many 916s here in Oz.  I love the car and have had it for about 8 1/2 years.  Currently in the process of giving it a comprehensive suspension upgrade.  Parts are on the way from the UK at the moment and hope to have it in the garage over the next month.  Can't wait to enjoy driving her again. Nice TB GTV you've got! We never got that engine option here.  Have you done anything yours? Cheers, Tony
    • TVGTV
      By: Baron von Headloq · 06/10/20
      Hi Tony,   Welcome to the madness !  Had to say hi - have a bunch of family in Brisbane and up the coast as well.   Have a good one!   Paul   The smallest Busso ;-) ... my 2.0 V6 TB
    • TVGTV
      By: TonyVGTV · 01/10/20
      Hi Squadra916, New to the forum and look forward to sharing in the fun of owning a 916GTV. Cheers, Tony from Oz  
    • ALFAAA
      By: Luigired · 30/05/20
      Congratulations the car is really very beautiful. What is acceleration like? The car has the maximum evolution of the Busso engine! Has it ever given you problems?
    • Tigger
      By: Cuthew · 16/10/19
      I’m going to create an original GTV, I have bought an honest car which needs a bit of love. I plan on restoring the interior to like new condition, keep the exterior clean and retain the original wheels. It will then be lowered, polybushed, with a nice throaty exhaust. Something that doesn’t look too special, original but just modded enough. I would appreciate any help finding a nice sounding single exit exhaust, and advice on wheel spacers!

Welcome to Squadra916

Squadra916 is the largest international community for owners and fans of Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider 916 cars.