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    Yep As of yesterday evening, 5 orders have been already sent out. Today all remaining orders will be sent out and everyone will get an email notification with a tracking number, as you just did I honestly thank everyone for participating in this group buy and I was really pleasantly surprised that every single participant eventually placed his order This was the first ever group buy (out of many hosted), where everyone willing really committed. This just once again proves, what a magnificent car marque we are proudly driving! A marque, which unites so many nice people all over the world! Salute!
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    Here are some 916 cartoons that I drew.......
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    Hello All Last year I bought a tatty Phase 2 Spider to use as a summer toy. This is to compliment the Giulietta Veloce I have as well as an MG ZR. The Spider has been so much fun and I have slowly been starting to get it back to a reasonable standard. Hopefully I will get some good advice on here and hopefully be able to help some others out as well.
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    Ciao, Tutti! Che siamo alfisti!! This is my ride from Seoul. In Korea, We have only 5 spider because there is no brand dealer shop. I have to solve all the problems my self through all over the world. I can speak Japanese,Italian,French little greek and chinese. It help me out when I look for parts wherever it exsist Been for 21yr but still has good condition at least powertrain. Happy alfa life! perchè siamo alfisti. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trimis de pe al meu SM-G920F folosind Tapatalk
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    Hello friends, I'm from Bulgaria, I have 1996 Alfa Spider 916-2.0Ts engine, I have it something like half year.Here you go some photos, now the beauty are with Toora Monoposto wheels (they are for sale)
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    and here one of my all time favourites
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    During this group buy the extra thick sleeves would cost the same as the standard ones, so you're already saving 15 quid before the group buy discount. Cheers, Arthur@Torque7
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    Wow looks awesome! [emoji109][emoji109] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If you're going with the black accents ie wheels and grills etc try the roll hoops in black too, might look better. Maybe a kind soul will photoshop it so you can visualise it !
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    A few hours ago, the remaining orders were dispatched. Everyone - check you emails for your tracking info! To vScudetto - I've sent you a message. I think we can work something out as well
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    Wow! That's the spirit!
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    Done. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    This is the result. Looks very OEM. The insulation arrived very quickly and the price was great. I am waiting for the new intake runners and some other bits and the engine will be complete. Next step is the interior which is a rather large step
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    Group buy is closed. We have 9 orders so that will be a 14% discount. Please PM me your emails ASAP so Tourque7 can send invoices. Thank you!
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    The sun is shining in Switzerland
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    Sunday morning, and a curvy road. Priceless :-)
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    No, not without cutting it into pieces, there is much things to be passed through the insulation and the brake system must be dismounted if you want to be able to mount the original insulation in one piece .... sorry.
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    I have ordered a tool for extracting terminals from Junior Power Timer connectors that my GTV has loads of. Then I can continue with replacing the sleeves. Has anyone replaced the firewall insulation? Mine was damaged a while ago and I have tried replacing jus the top part with some material used for ventilation insulation that works pretty good, but it doesn't have the visual quality of the OEM insulation, so I have ordered some off eBay and hopefully it will arrive soon. I have ePer from 2014. and the original insulation is possibly available to purchase. Do you think i could replace it with the engine in car? New coolant tank was installed finally. I have bought it more than two years ago Also, you will notice the red silicone hose that connects the filter to the AFM. The original one was not too good so I have replaced it with a universal 15º hose and it works well.
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    Just a quick update. I have started work on the car. FINALLY. First thing I did was to replace the injector connector sleeves that were split into 10 pieces each. When I got to the last one it had to break so I've ordered a new one on eBay and am waiting to have it delivered to finish the work. As I had mentioned before, my car had LPG which was (thankfully) removed and I was left with a problem with heater matrix pipes. They are unavalable new so I will have to get a set made locally. Anyway, I really miss the car and the fun and sound it makes and hope to get it running soon.
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