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    Its getting crazier every day The roof is finished. Now I build a carbon fiber trunk should this wil save at least aditional 10kg (the actual is around 15kg) After finishing the trunk I will paint them and cut the steel roof ( In same step I will weld the cage to the chassis on top). A bit later I think I will also do the doors but first I have to pass the material test to drive it legally on the road and also because I want to be save of course. One of the next steps is to build the strut under the roof also with carbon. Shall I also do the floor carbon? the rear side wall I will probably do next year when I've got done my engine plans but my plans are allmost too crazy to write it down^^ In the last months I learned how to chiptune. I also want to remap it very aggressivly this spring So long story short heres an new picture from the process btw. please if you see any weight tell me, its really difficult now on the picture I'm producing the negative of my allready modified trunk.
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    so finally the new brakes fitted. Porsche cayenne (brembo z17) calipers, gta 330x32 disk and custom made brackets and the diffrance in brake pad brembo z17 - 305/330 alfa - oem 1 piston caliper