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    First time out of the garage since buying 👍 rear end looking much better.
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    However, there are some third party parts that are of premium quality, like this Shacal exhaust! It's 15 years old, superb craftsmenship!
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    I've been to check my wheel alignment and suspension geometry today after the replacement of the front right Koni shock that started to leak. Kudos to Koni for a free replacement under "lifetime warranty" that those Koni Adjustable series had at the time. My front wishbones are a bit loose (TRW after only 7.000 km) and yet the original Alfa part lasted for over 100.000 km. I am not happy with the quality of this third party parts. If they last only a few thousands km, next time I'll buy the cheapest as they probably can't be worse than this. Ok, there was some miles done on the Grobnik racetrack and there was some hooligan-style driving, but nevertheless it's far too short...
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    Thank you for that link
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    Thank you! I will reduce all possible weight. Going for less weight than a 4c! I bought now a TIG welder, so I can weld billet alloy stuff and replace even more heavy parts Also I can weld my insane water intercooler. Thats right, but I don't wanted small turbos wich come on their limit at 6k. I drive my engines hard to the limit and later the limiter will be at least at 8k The turbo is so big, even on lowboost it showels a ton of air in that engine. Even when I would have just 0.2 Bar on low ends it would be a huge mass of air But anyways with the weight of the Car this engine spools up so fast, I rarly drive it on the lower range on hillclimbs with highpower streetcars allready noone defeated my monster (then it was ~80kg heavier than now) it says its for between 320-850hp, but a friend made with one of these 1000hp on the dyno in his supra Of corse I will approach slowly ^^' (1000kg and 600hp would be power/weight ratio like a bugatti ^^) I think the lower end won't be a problem, I will program it to have more a constant powergain than boost punch makes it more drivable. Ah btw. my additional Idea is to make a boost bootle, in which I send the compressed Blowoff air. Either then by boost button or on lower boost recycleable. But thats very far in the future. ^^' Thank you
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    Tripple post, but some news I've cutted out a ton of sheet metal. Also de Fiberglass floor is done ( needs some grinding and painting) Up next is pressuretesting the new Tank Welding a Strut in the back build the carbon foot floor in front put all back together It will be incredibly loud in there :S Oh btw. for my rear engine build I finally recieved the Turbo power up to 1000hp, but of course I start not with full boost, but when we want to build something street legal here (just 20% power increase is affordable) they test it and write down the part numbers but one day I hope to get 3 digit HP on the rear wheels of my gtv would be fun 1000kg 1000hp ^^