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    I thought about that, but this was so easy solution and I almost alway drive with the lights on, so it's not a big deal. Maybe one day when I replace the headunit.
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    Hi, a quick introduction to myself: I have been an Alfa-Nuthead for a long time - started with two 33s, a 146 and ended up with a Spider v6 and a GTV TB some twelve years ago. Then I decided to move upmarket and traded in the Spider for a Maserati 4200 Spyder which I owned since last month. The reason why I sold the Spyder however is a funny thing: I found my original Alfa Spider by sheer luck at an internet marketplace. I immediately recognized the car as mine and decided I wanted it back for good. The Maserati Spyder was a great car, but the Alfa simply was more fun and more "mine" from the beginning. Hence - after 12 years, I got the car back with a new engine and some mayor restoration potential that I will start now during winter (as the previous owner did actually nothing to the car apart from low-cost repairs). Looking forward to discuss with you guys and maybe find some useful tips once I am out of luck...