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    I'm more pleased with how the window surround has turn out, it looks so much better gloss black and was very easy todo than the grill, just need some sun shine now to see than lovely gloss.
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    Rosso spider update. Hi Hobson soz for the late reply, had the aux belt tensioner fail resulting in loosing the aux belt on the m1, no power steering and battery light on so nothing running the alternator so rather than risk destroying the powerstearing pump I got recover home. The rac guys said these spiders used to look stunning in their day! I think he was paying a compliment as he had a good look around the car but not sure what he meant🙄 I got the car home and the follow day had a new aux belt and tensioner delivered and was back up and running two days later 👍 The tensioner was faulty as it was only a year old, done when the cambelt was done. Fooked!! While the car was out of action I decided to fit some led lights I bought as recommended on alfaowners, my gtv v6 is running on hids and are great except that purple blue chav colour for the first five mins when you switch the car on, then they go a nice bright white and are a huge improvement vision wise and look great. Anyway I bought these as only £17.99 and I was bored of the yellow oe look so I fitted these and they are a lovely white light. however I haven't noticed any real improvement in vision at night. Mans finally a bit more vinyl wrapping. Hobson the ph1 centre console would be hard to wrap, but with practise it could be done. The bottom console would be straight forward however the top console would be hard, just around the heater controls I imagining would be difficult and maybe have to use inlays. Still it would look great 👍 I have done my window surround and grill in gloss black. The vinyl heated around the edges of the grill ok but had to use two inlays on the upper inside as not enough material on the inside to stretch around including the corners. I painted the grill gloss black as well and fitted a new badge😎 Not it the best pics as it threw it down with ran not long after, Window surround Grill What I like about the vinyl wrap is if you get bored you just heat it up and peel it off. I'm going for a black n red look over the winter eventually wrapping the hardtop once I'm more skilled at it and probably fit the grey darker wheels😎
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    My 98' Phase 1 Alfa Romeo GTV 24V. Couldn't be happier with this wonderful machine, is practically brand new with me being only the second owner and it just having ticked over to 41,000km. (37,000km when i got it!) Currently bone stock at the moment but plan to chuck in the Ragazzon Centre Silencer and possibly deleting the last two silencers (not sure yet) out to quad tips, also have already purchased a Q2 diff and waiting for that to be installed soon! Would absolutely do anything for a set of Zender Siena wheels, but i am happy with how she sits at the moment. Loving this forum and seeing everyone's prides and joys!
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    I have one pair of Brembo 18Z 6 pistons (18ZL and 18ZR) brake calipers, which sit from some time and don't see to use them in the future. These calipers are used originally on Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg with discs of size 350x34 mm in wheels 18" and bigger, from where their name came. Pistons size are 30/34/38. They are aluminium monoblock, so are solid and not so heavy for its size. They are complete with all pins and clips and come with 18Z pads, which was very little used and. These calipers can also be used with 17Z pads, which a little lower. They have been sandblasted and custom painted with vinyl stickers and haven't been used after that. Around the brake lines probe the paint is fallen, because of some remaining brake fluid and not closed holes. Here is some actual pictures: Price is 400E + shipping. These calipers are really big and their pads respectively also, so to get an idea will add also some pictures from Internet as example (not mine)
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    Stunning colour and epic photos Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi, sorry for the delay. Thank you, it's an honor to be compared to them. But honestly I think it's still a few steps below. One reason is the wheels. Unfortunately I can't mount wheels larger than 17". In Italy is the maximum allowed on 916, and spacers are also illegal. With 18" or 19" it would be much more beautiful. Although I think that, for road handling 17" is the best choice. The rear spoiler I do not like very much, without thinking it's more elegant. But it is possible that in the future I will change my mind. : D p.s. your black is awesome. Still about the wheels, looking at the photos, is it better for you with the GTA or with these phase3 ones? I have some doubt about it, I think it's a bit better with the Gta, they looks a bit more bigger and more "Alfa". Although the phase3 are very beautiful and as you said they do a lot Ferrari style. The next step will be decat + ecu mapping. It will be done by a professional in my area who works with dyno. I was thinking of raising the turbo pressure to 1.0/1.1 bar steady and 1.3 in overboost, so to have on 225 / 230 hp and 320Nm. With these values and pressures it should remain reliable, the engine has about 68,000km. I add some photos of the refurbishment. Thank yuoi alexx230.
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    Just a quick hello from a dutch alfisti. after my type 4, bought a 916 spider. A little bit less cramped, more comfort. It is a type I, my 19 year old girlfriend. In perfect shape, and yes, she is notorious. As a former commercial star she performed on tv, and appeared in many fotoshoots and articles about the 916. Preowned by a welknown director of several car magazines, i brought her back to exactly the look she had in her showdays. Lowered, zender siena’s 18 inch, momo interior, resprayed in ferrari-red etc. My 12th alfa...
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    I'm buying bracket for shaft. Ph1 1995 2.0 16v ts. My snaped so i need to find other part to assemble the engine. Poslano sa mog SM-A300FU koristeći Tapatalk
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    Thanks, yeah if I was having the whole car done I would get it done professionally, it's defiantly a skill I'm going to attempt the hardtop soon first I need to swap over the hardtop fixings then the gloss black vinyl wrap. i had a delivery at work today😎 but what colour have I gone for 🤔?? I'm enjoying playing around with the interior, I have remove everything and think some of the steels/chrome parts are a brand called fracng? i haven't heard of the brand but this is on the gear knob. It's seen better days but a nice heavy quality gearknob So I sanded the peeling laquar that had gone yellowish, and put on the buffing machine at work using a fine sandpaper and come up like new. The gear leaver and door pins appear tobe zender as in Alfa assesorries brochure, they have black rubber bands on that I removed while refurbish. The heater controls were also metal you can see the original on the righ and the buffed on the left. So with these nice and shiney I plan to do something with the alcantara, and I noticed the air vents have been poorly painted black aswell as the rings on the clock, temp and fuel gauges were silver originally. I plan Togo back to how autodelta had it in the brochure. I think the alcantara will look so much better darker👍
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    Just another year went by... and... it runs!
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    As requested a pic of the full front of the car
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    A picture from this weekend Trimis de pe al meu SM-G930F folosind Tapatalk
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    Yeah will do bud, I want to wrap the fins in the bumper gloss black too and maybe the wing mirrors not sure, going for the Rosso and gloss black 4c look I will ill get some better pics from further away too. the white leather sounds very nice 😎 And rare 👍 I think on the ph1 centre console gloss black would look fantastic, the little key tray would like nice in gloss black too, might have a go wrapping my key tray see how it turns out. Yep hids vs leds....... looks wise the leds win as a lovely crisp white, however looks and the vision with the hids are the overall best for me. Having both I would recommend the hids as light upgrades.
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    Looks awesome>! Good to see some more sydney-siders
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    Nice Tb in Blu Atollo ;-)