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    Well I was missing the gtv and found this little beauty, previously I have spent as little a possible when buying a 916 thinking ot was a bargain however you learn the hard way spending thousands putting it right, this time i purchased one that's been very well look after and a credit to the previous owner, the underside is spotless with no rust at all πŸ‘Œ so my advise to anyone buying a 916 is buy the best one you can find and afford πŸ‘the only issue is the electric hood doesnt work correctly so got some fetteling todo and I would like some better alloys possible 17s or 18s and maybe get them painted darker. Heres a picture of the zoe being collected, more pictures to follow after a good clean and polish πŸ‘
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    also incredible much work :S but it will be the ultimate GTV. I even mounted the alternator in front of the engine to get best weight distribution
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    the package ist finished and ready to go finally in. will be a lot fun reconnecting all pipes hoses and wires ^^'