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    Not forgetting the engine bay
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    More or less 3 years without any news. A huge time period... Some people could think that Gtv had disappeared from my life. Fortunately the car was only hidden in my garage Nevertleless as I mentioned I still have had my 916. During last 3 year I didn't make any visible changes till a last month when I fulfill one of the position in my checklist regarding wheels Below you can find pictures which show my new purchase. And another one set. Pictures belong to Artur Owsiany photografer and was made during last track day which I participated. For more visit his website -> Italian Track Day '17 in Poland
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    Here is the engine with the new thicker Torque7 sleeves installed. Still needs some cleaning [emoji16]
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    G'Day from Bathurst, Australia. I have been following on FB but did not realise there was a forum as well. I have a GTV tarmac rally car that I also use for hill climbs and sprints. Although the front end is updated it is a '98 3.0lt.
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    After a failure regarding editing of engine photos and eventually losing all of them due to disk failure(!), i will continue posting without pics unfortunately, regarding engine restoration... Hence, i will make a small analyze (cause a post without pics is a ...) and then i 'll continue with the rest of the restoration! So, after getting engine out (look previous post), my mechanic faced the hell itself. We are talking about half a tone of mud, mixed with oxidation and whatever else you may think! But, no, we are made for the difficult stuff! After hours of cleaning everything up, using several ways (by hand, chemicals etc), my little engine was again as clean as it should! After that, replacement of parts started: -> New headgaskets -> New piston rings -> New seals etc everywhere -> New crankshaft bearings -> New connecting rod bearing -> New Valve seats -> New valve guides -> Polished etc valves -> Skimmed heads -> New timing belt kit, auxiliary belt kit etc -> New sparkplugs (i had them changed 2 years ago, only to find out that previous mechanic changed only 3 out 6....) -> New air filter (again, previous mechanic had installed TS air filter, which is shorter and was dancing hola-hoop in the air-box...) -> Fresh oil (Motul 8300 5w40 fully synthetic) -> New clutch kit After 500kms, i changed again oil and guess what i did next hehehe (i attach some photos that was saved due to ... facebook!)
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    Hello everybody! As some of you may know, i bought my beautiful bella back in Summer 2015. From then till today, i had a lot of failures, bad moments, swears, pocket bleeding etc etc.. But also had some unique moments & unforgettable pictures to remember! So from October 2016 till today (and for some time more), i set a goal: To restore my bella (Black beastie) in almost mind condition. And i say ''almost'' because she is and will continue to be my daily commuter. Covered around 50.000kms till October 2016, whatever was to break, broke! So, thats a good basis to start with. Before that, some history: My bella rolled out of factory in 1996 as a 2.0 v6 tb ph1 Lusso trim (i think) 916 GTV. 1st owner used her for some years and then sold her. 2nd owner decided to do so massive modifications to her! So, he bought a complete GTV 3.0 v6 24v Edizione Sportiva from Belgium (i think) and transplanted almost everything to her. So its safe to say that she is a complete edizione sportiva, but the electrics.... He didnt transfer the body looms, rather than modified to fit the sportivas' ones. Anyway, this is a nightmare that i' ll deal with in the end. After that, he sold her. The 3rd owner, must be a pretty bad guy that completely ruined her. He crashed her (and badly restored), never serviced, always street-fighting with other cars, dual-mass shot, engine mounts shot, all interior completely destroyed due to ICE mods, etc etc etc.... Then i bought her. Even in that disastrous state, she charmed me..! So, a new adventure began! This is just an introductory post. Most of servicing, restoring, TLC are already done. Many friends on FB requested yet to make a post here, with more photos and descriptions etc etc. So for the sake of better understanding, i will post frequently (around 3 -5 days) updates on my bellla, as if i do them now. Tomorrow, i ll make the 1st post, regarding complete restoration of the engine. Let's have fun! Ps: Photo of me and my bella, proud in the 1st day!!
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    Very beautiful. And very expensive https://www.mobile.de/es/Vehículo/Alfa-Romeo-GTV-3.2-V6-EDIZIONE-CUP-241PS/vhc:car,pgn:2,pgs:10,srt:price,sro:desc,ms1:900_19_,ful:petrol,dmg:false/pg:vipcar/192956032.html
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    Hello members I would like to show you my car. I bought them 2 years ago and I want to restore it to perfection Specification: Alfa Romeo GTV year production ’99, engine 2.0 V6 TB, colour Nerro 602. Equipment: As in other gtv 916 Extras: Eibach pro kit differential Q2 Brembo 305 mm Goodridge Brake Lines Audio system (installation in progress): Oldschool control unit Alpine TDA 755? + CD changer Alpine CHA 624 Amplifier Ground Zero GZTA 2.000tx and Ground Zero GZTA 2.500tx, Speakers: front system Power Bass L6C + no subwoofer RCA wires Audison Plans for the future: replacement front bumper (because my is broken), 18 inch wheel , exhaust system in stainless steel detailing have fun with the ride Here are my photos enjoy!
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    A few small updates. New wheels with Bridgestone RE002. Refurbished multilink with change of all bushes, Strongflex+Mercedes bushes. New set of Koni Sport. Full engine service.
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    Gave the gtv a good clean and tucked her away again.
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    new additional hood quickrelease. now the light GFK hood will hold better at high speeds
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    Thanks, now I understand. But probably the 310mm will fit with a thicker wheel hub from V6 2.0 TB.
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    Seeing that I hadn't had an Alfa since 2009 (was a 33 red monster), I hadn't even realized that the alu/gun metal console was anything special. But I'm catching up on lost time by gathering info from the internet.
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    The spoiler on the grey Spider was terrific. The red with Blackline
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    I have removed and sold the rear spoiler, The spoiler was really starting to grow on me and if I'm honest was a little disappointed when it sold hayho. I also Received the autodelta brochure :-)
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    Hi Paul, nice looking car, ! been thinking about a re-map myself but honestly mine goes so well I am not sure what gains are to be had...re the 330mm upgrade I wouldn't put it in front of the quaife and alfaholics kit, those two for me are first in line, in that order I would even put the SMF before the 330mm upgrade as it really does add to the reviness of the engine ... I forgot to mention I also have braided hoses all round and race fluid, that along with the ferodo DS2500 pads has been enough to make the best of the 315mm Brembo's on there. My only real issue is cold performance, however once there is some heat in them they are really rather good...!
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    Thanks! Well... it makes the engine sound lot better. Also, I think the main "problem" in Busso engines is that the inlet is very poor. So, I can tell you that in medium and high revs, the engine seems to be more powerful. Mostly in mid-rev range. Just for the price (less than 100€) I think it is worth.