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    Some local Squadra meet [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi there! I'm Mario, from Granada, Spain. I know this forum since years, and now it's time to introduce my GTV to all of you. My 916 is a GTV 2.0 TS... well, that's what VIN says. I bought the car on Aug 2014, and it was like this: Nothing special. Just a basic 2.0 TS CF3 GTV with LPG installed and black leather PH3 seats. The engine had the typical TS oil consumption, about a litre/1000km ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Two years later and lots of hours and €, the car looks like this other picture shows: And the engine... I've put a 3.0 with GTA inlet cams, 2.5 flywheel with GTA clutch and Porsche Cayenne TB (you can see the process HERE in the spanish Alfistas forum with the help of Google Translate ) Also, it has Novitec coilover suspension, GTA anti-roll bar (23mm vs 15mm original) , Toyo T1R tyres and by now it has OEM brakes due to the Vehicle Inspection (here it's illegal to modify the car if you don't pay to an engineer to legalize it) but I have 330mm brakes with Alfa 166 brembo calipers waiting in the garage And that's all! I hope to be helpful in this forum. Thanks to all of you
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    Hi all. Been lurking on here for about a year and now the build is finished I thought it's about time to introduce myself and my car! I'll try add more details and pics when I get the chance, but for now here's a quick overview: I'm KJ, owner of the Fiat/Lancia specialist tuning business Voodoo Tuning. My previous car was a fiat Coupe 16V Turbo, built and tuned by me to 430 bhp / 400 lbft - the most powerful Coupe 16VT in the UK for a while. Last year the Coupe finally succumbed to rust cancer. I'd heard the engine would bolt in to the GTV, both cars being based on the Tipo floorpan. So I decided to re-shell the engine in a GTV. Well the engine did bolt in - but that was about it! Literally everything else had to be modified: fuel system, drivetrain, suspension, even the cooling fans. Cue non-stop 6 month build; a good friend of mine working on the fabrication, and myself working on the wiring and engine. I'll try add more details and pics when I get the chance, but for now here are a few: BTW, can you think of a good designation for this car? GTV16T? GTV 16VT? ...?
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    Here is the engine with the new thicker Torque7 sleeves installed. Still needs some cleaning [emoji16]
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    Trimis de pe al meu SM-G930F folosind Tapatalk
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    its absolute brilliant to drive. You can feel the a big difference to the original very well. 310kg less on very wide tires makes a lot of grip in corners. Specially while cornering and braking you feel also the stiffnes of the chassis. (Roll cage is also welded to the dom) In the seats with this harnesses you feel almost nothing, no hard corners, no braking, but also less accelerating (because it has no padding ^^' ) But what I also feel is the weight of the keskin Rims which are still on. but the creating of the adapter plates for new ones shouldn'n take so long anymore I hope. While "driving" to the top of the Stelvio I could show whats in it. the 400ps BMW (next to mine on the picture) with div and Rwd had no chance. I had to brake earlier and harder than I would without it in front. Also while accelerating out of the corner he didnt get away from me, I had to lift my foot a lot of times. There you feel the 300kg weight differences between this two cars. But of course the 250 Hp which mine should have around are also going to be improved . The only bad thing at the moment is that its brutally hot in the car because I can not open the windows anymore ^^' but the lexan window kit with sliders is ordered. Yesterday I modified my Ultraracing lower 4 Point strut to make it fit with the equallength frontpipes. this and the Powerflex brushes i ordered will make a lot of fun next time With this modified strut I can finally fit the plate to cover the engine from under the car I hope I will achive a better VMax like this
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    My 19" Oz wheel are now for sale. they where fitted under my spider as you can find pictures in my album ore garage. fronts 8j et47 5x114,3 rears 8,5j et42 5x114,3 Custom made adapters and bolts to fit 5x98, perfect for 916 Gtv ore Spider. very exclusive set, lichtweight forged 3-piece wheels! front Tires Pirelli P-zero are practicly new, rear pirelli tires are almost gone. stainless lips could use good polish! Paint (hyper silver) condition is nice but not new. Real Carbon centercaps original. if you want more information please send me a private message. fixed price 1250,- euro's (new price far over 3000,-) shipping is possible ore pick up the set in the Netherlands. thanks
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    Your engine bay looks like a pharmacy!
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    My friend has a really interesting project, so I'll cover it in this thread... ask what you want, I'll try to answer or I'll ask him for the details...
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    Hi all, been reading comments on here for a while so just thought I'd sign up. I pick up my new purchase on Friday which is a 3.0L V6 lusso to replace my existing 2.0 TS Lusso. Both pictured. I've just posted the blue 2.0 TS for sale on alfaworkshop site. I have engine detailing plans for the V6....so more soon! Sent from my HTC 10 using Squadra916 mobile app
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    I have seen your steering wheel probably before you did [emoji16] Great choice with the silver on the bottom, I knew it was yours the moment I saw the photos. Will have one in my GTV one day.
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    Hi all, I have this part in my GTV which is unnessesary now. Is anyone interestet? If it helps someone its free, you just need to pay shippment costs. PartNr. 60663718
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    Looks really really well! Although I like better the ph2 interior, I somehow appreciate more amd more the ph1 interior, suits the youngtimer look&frel even more! I was just thinking the other days how, ironically, I would have preffered my GTV being older, preferably from the first series in '95 ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's great bud that's how I want it to look, except without the Alfa serpants on the wings and without the autodelta spoiler, thanks for the info 👍
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    Beautiful!! Oozes quality 😍
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    Oooo nice! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    And as I said few months ago, I have a new upgrade, it's finally finished, the waiting list was rather long, almost 6 months, but it's here now... Now I need the puller tool to remove the old one out... I hope I'll find it this week and then make a proper photo of the interior.
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    I added these for styling and for "theoretical improvements" to messure it I would need to test the VMax again on the german highway, but i I need to do others first until I go to test again. I installed a Laptimer on my tablet on the dash. with this I can messure improvements in 0-100 and 100-200km/h speeds as well as vmax. But I did also some real improvements lately. I added some heat reflective foil to some important places as f.E. the MAF Then I finally mounted the blue silicon hoses and painted the original plenum black ( carbon plenum can just be mounted with getting it expensive tested to drive it on the street) but I test fitted and weighted it. the Carbon plenum with f430 TB is around 2kg lighter than the original one
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    It works by slowing the separation of the air from the surface of the car, they create drag at the point they are placed but hope to offset this by reducing the drag co-effience further down the car. They'd need to be tested on a specific car design to work, so after-market ones are unlikely to do anything but produce drag. They are mainly found on the front top surface of an aeroplane wing, which obviously has had a lot of professional testing gone into it. The factory fit ones to the rear of the roof of the mitsubushi evo could well be useful with the test facilities that they would have access too. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Here's a little teaser of me driving her https://youtu.be/-027fUMCFNs
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    Coupe Turbo gearboxes have a factory fitted Viscodrive unit, which is a viscous coupling between the driveshafts. I thought about fitting a Quaife ATB years ago but, as far as I'm aware there isn't one available for this gearbox
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    I've tested GTV 2.0 Twin Spark Turbo this morning! It's pretty crazy! The whole driving experience is a very different to 3.0 V6. Busso is silky smooth and powerful throughout the range and this is a different beast - it's almost lazy in the lower range but above 4.500 rpm it gets utterly mad! I've warped up the hill in no time with blowoff valve hissing and engine screaming with freeflow exhaust. What a experience! I hope the engine will endure, now it's set to 0.5 bar.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk