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    Long time no photos...
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    Sunny day in our harbour...
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    Trimis de pe al meu SM-G920F folosind Tapatalk
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    Hi all I live in Sollentuna outside Stockholm in Sweden. After owning and loving a 156 2.0 TS for the last three years, I recently imported myself a 1999 1.8 TS 916 Spider from Germany. I really love this car more every day and spend way too much time browsing 916-related facebook/websites, hanging with my car or just day-dreaming about it (when I should be working, cleaning or spending time with my family). But after all, it is my boyhood dream of driving and owning a red Italian Pininfarina-designed Spider coming true!
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    Gaincho .. you never give up .. refreshing . Mario, a lovely car that you have .
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    In Germany 19" is possible too, but only with single homologation. For my Spider 3.0 I have homologation for 215/35/19 at the front and 225/35/19 at the rear. If someone Needs copy of vehicle documents please let me know. Best regards Michael
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    I have built a new fresh air intake. a small filter and maybe also a small fan will follow
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    G'Day from Bathurst, Australia. I have been following on FB but did not realise there was a forum as well. I have a GTV tarmac rally car that I also use for hill climbs and sprints. Although the front end is updated it is a '98 3.0lt.
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    And she...........passed!! Only one advisory "corroded exhaust hanger" I'm happy with that!!
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    Hi, Greeting from the Swedish west coast. Found this wonderful close to mint Spider, driven just under 20 000 km, a couple of years ago after searching a long time for a red phase 2 V6. My second Busso, first was a 156GTA, unfortunately "taken out" by one of our local city buses.
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    A new picture from the selvio pass ( 2. highest in europe) my gtv did a great job
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    Added weight to the car ....
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    The size is correct, but the wheels are wrong. There are three different wheels in 16" for the 916. I´ve added pic for all designs. 16inch GTV.bmp 16inch Phase1.bmp and 16inch Spider
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    Hi all Having owned a 156 2.4 20v for a couple of years and test drive a couple of ph2 GTV's I finally took the plunge and got myself this late ph1 V6 Yes, I'm happy with it Yes, it's not perfect No, I don't care :)) Cheers for now 5imon
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    They seem to be breeding...
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    Trimis de pe al meu SM-G920F folosind Tapatalk
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    Hi there! I'm Mario, from Granada, Spain. I know this forum since years, and now it's time to introduce my GTV to all of you. My 916 is a GTV 2.0 TS... well, that's what VIN says. I bought the car on Aug 2014, and it was like this: Nothing special. Just a basic 2.0 TS CF3 GTV with LPG installed and black leather PH3 seats. The engine had the typical TS oil consumption, about a litre/1000km ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Two years later and lots of hours and €, the car looks like this other picture shows: And the engine... I've put a 3.0 with GTA inlet cams, 2.5 flywheel with GTA clutch and Porsche Cayenne TB (you can see the process HERE in the spanish Alfistas forum with the help of Google Translate ) Also, it has Novitec coilover suspension, GTA anti-roll bar (23mm vs 15mm original) , Toyo T1R tyres and by now it has OEM brakes due to the Vehicle Inspection (here it's illegal to modify the car if you don't pay to an engineer to legalize it) but I have 330mm brakes with Alfa 166 brembo calipers waiting in the garage And that's all! I hope to be helpful in this forum. Thanks to all of you
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    Thanks you two. Gaincho, there's no enough money in the world that can buy the skirts and some other secrets I have waiting in the garage Paso, your GTV is an example for me to follow. You have very good taste
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    Welcome Mario! Great GTV you have!
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    Still waiting for it to explode. Remember to send that beautiful sideskirts to the Canary Islands. You can also attach the Cayenne TB and the inlet pipes too, so I can save some extra money
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    Wow impressive. Does the larger Porsche TB make any noticeable difference ?
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    No, I had a 2.0Ts a few years ago, nothing for this project. When I just wanted to get a lighter car I had to keep the tiny original wheelsize and no wing and so on, but I want to build the ultimate GTV. I'm planning to go for a big supercharger installation (which of course will be tried to be done by myself ). With this and a few other mods done, I will try to hit the 400ps mark. I think this should be drivable as FWD with my extreme wide new OZ Alleggeritas, a soon comming quaife diff and all the stiffnes mods. I got also a Nitrous Express kit at home, but the gearbox wont like more than 400ps anyway, so I think I put the nos project to the grave^^' With this setup it should be possible to reach the weight goal from 999kg and 400ps and still keep it drivable Backup plan for the future if I accidentally get more than 400ps is to put the engine incl. gearbox to the rear. (I saw the guy from Netherlands which putted 2 engines in and I asked myself, why not just put one strong enginge in the back? like Porsche does it since years ) But we will see what the future brings. As this car is a keeper I have the next years to build the ultimate beast Of course buying a Porsche or Ferrari would may be cheaper, but boring:)
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    I know that there is TUV certificate in Germany for 18" (here is the page), but there must be also for 19" as there are more than few 916s in Germany with 19". In Croatia there is the "Croatian Vehicle Center" authority that can homologate modifications (usually 30 - 300 euros) if the part has TUV or other manufacturer's certificate.
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    Hi - I am new to the Alfa world and looking to buy my first Alfa and looking at a GTV or Spider what do you recommend i look for and what should I avoid - your help would be greatly appreciated
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    Welcome to the world of Alfa's, generally I would look for something well maintained, recent belts regular services and in good order, depends on your budget really, are you after a 2.0 or a v6? big difference in price! anyway good luck with your search and CG Trading down Brighton way always have a good selection of v6 cars that are second to none.
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    Thanks guys, and I have a new upgrade in the works... it's a surprise, I'll let you know as soon as installed!
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    I still have this embarrassing problem .... every time I see a picture of your car.
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    Wow Paso, that's amazing