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  5. Alfa Romeo GTV 916

  6. panagiotistrim

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  8. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Love this colour!! After a nice little drive with the sun out i thought it would be a good opportunity to get some pics 😍😎 sorry I got a little carried away!😂
  9. This adaptor kit allows 166 brake calipers and 305/330mm discs to be fitted to the following 916 models – 1/8/2.0 Twinspark /2.0 JTS 2.0 V6 TB – the adaptors my need further machining depending on what brake disc specification you use Fro Using 305mm (GTV 3,2 brake disc): These adaptors allow the Brembo calipers from a 166 and 28mm thick brake discs 305mm to be fitted to the front hubs. Note: The pads will not be completely covered by the discs and will stick out slightly outside the brake disc Adapters weight - 572 gr (for 2 x 286 gr ) Price for 2 adapters : 100 USD + shipping Fro Using 330mm (147/156 GTA brake disk) : If you want to fit 330mm dia x 32mm thick discs you will also need this kit as well – The price includes 8 off longer bolts, 4 off spacers, 2 off extended brake lines Price for 2 adapters + extra kit: 130 USD + shipping mail - savchenko100@gmail.com
  10. Ross Blyth

  11. Ultimate 916 Spider

    You can get yellow badges with the black serpant badge, seen them on a red gtv before however they are aftermarket
  12. miwe916

  13. Hello from Oregon

    Parts! Parts will be your biggest challenge given there was no Alfa Romeo presence in north America for the entire duration of the 916 production run. There are some Alfa Romeo specialists shops but they seem to focus on earlier stuff. Some components do cross over to older and newer models. Do yourself a favour and obtain a copy of ePer - Fiat/Alfa/Abarth etc. part listing software - that way at least you'll know the part number(s) you need. If all else fails, plan on some overseas purchases, I have used this source for regular maintenance parts: https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/alfa-romeo/spider-916s/14771
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  16. Hello from Oregon

    Thanks everyone. I do need some guidance / help as my mechanic tells me I need a clutch. Any guidance on where to source would be appreciated. It is 20 spline 235 mm. I will check back here or feel free to contact me at bsdenes@yahoo.com 🙏🏻
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  18. OZ Zagato wheels 155TIZ 4x98

  19. Hello from Oregon

    Welcome Oregon!
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  21. Hello from Oregon

    I guess that US 25 year rule has holes. Welcome to the north American chapter of the amalgamated society of 916 devotees.
  22. Hello from Oregon

    Hello and welcome!
  23. Hello from Oregon

    Welcome 🙂
  24. Alfa Romeo

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  26. Hello from Oregon

    I have a 2004 3.0 Spider that will be coming up to Oregon once some work is finished in California. I look forward to learning from eveyone on this forum and also for sourcing parts as needed in the future....................Bela
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