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  3. Wildwolf851

  4. New Member

    Nice car and pretty local to me if you ever fancy a meet up and drive out. Red is the classic Alfa colour, mine is black, but cool too I think.
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  12. Wildwolf851

  13. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    The new set of shock absorbers just arrived! Happy!
  14. José Miguel

  15. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    With my both hands, a lot of leather cleaner (Chemical Guys), sandpaper, filler, paint for leather and finisher coat.
  16. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    You are great, Slavi! How did you restore the leather interior?
  17. RedAlfa1

  18. Maside

  19. marcus550

  20. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    New front silencer , new brake discs, brake pads and brake hoses- front and back, new support for the gearbox. Tuesday passing the MOT and in november new shock absorbers all around and mounting of the new door straps and the new bracket with the silent block that hold the exhaust pipes to the gearbox.
  21. Hi Butt head, i also have a 3,0 V6 12V CF2 Engine 

    and i also want to have the equal length downpipes.

    so, at the Videos i See that you have a lot of space to the ground !

    or do you have Problems with bumpers at the street.

    can you Tell me where you bought the EL downpipes

    and who is the producer?

    thank you

    greetungs Form Cologne 


  22. GTV 3.0 V6 CUP + Q2

    Still here with my toy.. Forza squadra916 !
  23. Ralf Henze

    After 6 year in the Garage wake up motor revision
  24. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    Nice photos from the last meeting...
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