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  3. For Sale

    Sorry guys. Only just saw your messages. £300
  4. new additional hood quickrelease. now the light GFK hood will hold better at high speeds
  5. For Sale

    Now you're selling it. Could have done with it couple of months ago. Price would be good. Maybe I should have a spare [emoji6]
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  7. My own silver surfer... Sent from my HTC 10 using Squadra916 mobile app
  8. As I understand it, you mean the grill, right? Usually, any grill is a bit bigger than the hole it covers, so that it can be glued/screwed on it. The Cup splitter air intake is similar to the bumbers, so it should fit as well Many people here with far more knowledge than mine to help you anytime Good luck with your project [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @alexx230 I see that You are well informed about Cup parts. Could You tell me, is the right air intake (mark on the photo) from standard V6 front bumper fits to the Cup splitter?
  10. Oh! Sorry, didn't pay attention to the listing then The sideskirts were looking good, it was the splitter that made me ask questions I'm interested only in the CUP elements, so will think about the sideskirts only, in case I do find a CUP splitter somewhere else. Thanks!
  11. After a failure regarding editing of engine photos and eventually losing all of them due to disk failure(!), i will continue posting without pics unfortunately, regarding engine restoration... Hence, i will make a small analyze (cause a post without pics is a ...) and then i 'll continue with the rest of the restoration! So, after getting engine out (look previous post), my mechanic faced the hell itself. We are talking about half a tone of mud, mixed with oxidation and whatever else you may think! But, no, we are made for the difficult stuff! After hours of cleaning everything up, using several ways (by hand, chemicals etc), my little engine was again as clean as it should! After that, replacement of parts started: -> New headgaskets -> New piston rings -> New seals etc everywhere -> New crankshaft bearings -> New connecting rod bearing -> New Valve seats -> New valve guides -> Polished etc valves -> Skimmed heads -> New timing belt kit, auxiliary belt kit etc -> New sparkplugs (i had them changed 2 years ago, only to find out that previous mechanic changed only 3 out 6....) -> New air filter (again, previous mechanic had installed TS air filter, which is shorter and was dancing hola-hoop in the air-box...) -> Fresh oil (Motul 8300 5w40 fully synthetic) -> New clutch kit After 500kms, i changed again oil and guess what i did next hehehe (i attach some photos that was saved due to ... facebook!)
  12. Will take these if still available. Paul Sent from my HTC 10 using Squadra916 mobile app
  13. 300EUR !!!
  14. If you read carefully my listing, you will see that the front splitters are copied from Rieger kit... never said these were Zender. As for the sideskirts Copied from the originals, as described in the listing. If you are interested, price is with 10% off, at 285£ delivered to you for both the sideskirts and the front splitters [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Price for side skirts and front splitter only, including shipping to Bucharest, Romania? [emoji41] LE: just saw the front splitter item(s?) listed.. afaik, the genuine front splitter consists in one piece. Are you sure you're selling proper replicas? This makes me seriously question the sideskirts too.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Love it!
  17. Just awesome! [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Looks stunning well done
  19. Ok guys had a bit of free time today, and removed the front bumper as the front spoiler is starting to come away and I wanted to check out the turbo kit as I ain't keyed up on turbos. awayway the oil leak is from the turbo area check out this short vid :cheese::cheese::cheese: :cheese: with
  20. That's a great resto project! She looks just wonderful with this fresh paint job! What a nice color choice..! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Hi there, i'm the guy that makes these kits. They are of great quality, but you can check my ebay feedback for yourself as well. [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Thanks, now I understand. But probably the 310mm will fit with a thicker wheel hub from V6 2.0 TB.
  23. these 310 discs are..from a wrong..internet order.For a gtv or spider twin spark..you have to use the 305 28 discs from the gtv 3.0 with these 166 3.0 Brembo callipers.You must also have the right adapters!
  24. Found within minutes:http://www.forum.alfaholicy.org/gtv_gtv_spider/122915-brembo_2_0_ts.html
  25. Hi! I have similar kit for my spider 2.0 TS 97 but 310mm discs from 166 doesnt fit. There isn't free space between disc and wishbone. Could you tell me what could be wrong on my spider or maybe nobody check this kit before? Wishbones are OEM.
  26. Not forgetting the engine bay
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