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  4. Alfa Romeo 75

    This used to be my 75 2.0TS Trackcar... I sold it some years ago and every time I am at the Ring I hate myself...
  5. My Ex-GTV TB

  6. Return to Alfa

    Hi, a quick introduction to myself: I have been an Alfa-Nuthead for a long time - started with two 33s, a 146 and ended up with a Spider v6 and a GTV TB some twelve years ago. Then I decided to move upmarket and traded in the Spider for a Maserati 4200 Spyder which I owned since last month. The reason why I sold the Spyder however is a funny thing: I found my original Alfa Spider by sheer luck at an internet marketplace. I immediately recognized the car as mine and decided I wanted it back for good. The Maserati Spyder was a great car, but the Alfa simply was more fun and more "mine" from the beginning. Hence - after 12 years, I got the car back with a new engine and some mayor restoration potential that I will start now during winter (as the previous owner did actually nothing to the car apart from low-cost repairs). Looking forward to discuss with you guys and maybe find some useful tips once I am out of luck...
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  12. New prices - 190 euro for 1st showed above controller and 220 euro for 2nd one with box.
  13. Alfa blackline alloys for sale 😍

  14. thegreger

  15. Ross

  16. GTV 1.8 Blackline Rosso

    [emoji550] Enviado do meu Mi 9 SE através do Tapatalk
  17. Alfa blackline alloys for sale 😍

    Hi guys, a set of alfa 18 inch blackline alloy wheels for sale. More detailed pictures to follow. Message me for more details. £400ono Or call 03335773414
  18. Return to GTV ownership

    Hello All, I originally had a 3.0 GTV in 2001 and sold it in 2006 and regretted it ever since. So last year I decided to buy another and now have a silver 2002 v6 GTV. So overall I am very pleased with it. It does have a list of things to sort out so a rolling restoration but I do use it regularly. Anyway look forward to meeting up and being part of this forum. Regards Martin
  19. MartinJB

  20. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Excelent work! Congratulations 🙀
  21. Thank you gaincho! @jonalfaspider "So for sale in nero black I have a oem cup front bumper (not copy) for sale £275 bargain" im very interested, thanks!
  22. Do you have any pic? A friendo of mine is looking for one.
  23. Alfa gtv v6 project black edition

    My number 07472918945 Jon
  24. Oem cup front bumper and rear boot spoiler & coilovers for sale

    Boot spoiler and side skirts now sold Only cup bumper left now
  25. Hayzie66

  26. My First Alfa....

    Hello and welcome! Nice looking Spider, and mine too is a permanently ongoing project, prefer to get mechanicals sorted first and get cosmetics done if and when funds ever allow.
  27. My First Alfa....

    Evening All, Have always had a weekend toy to negate the boredom of company car driving, and after 2 MX5's (MK1 and MK2) and a Lotus Elise (great to drive but no practicality at all!) I've decided to take my first foray into Alfa ownership... I've bought a PH2 Spider, been stored for the last 5 years but went through its MOT, has had a new set of Toyo Proxies on a set of GT wheels fitted - it started life Silver and now is an unknown red (trip to a body shop to paint match to come). Paint needs love in places, but other than that it's all good (bar yesterday when having gone and checked the condition of my brake fluid, the ABS and Brake Warning light have come on and the speedo isn't working. I've read to death about the ECU... that's tomorrows job when the cable arrives! - wish I'd not checked my brake fluid!). As with all my previous cars, it's an ongoing project so as long as it runs and drives, it can look a bit sorry for itself at times when I'm tidying the bodywork - part of me is tempted to try wrapping it... Anyways, Hi to everyone!! Paul
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