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  3. Hello from Austria

    Welcome Thomas! Great combo - Spider and Giulia! Good to have you here with us!
  4. Ralf

  5. Hello from Austria

    You're obviously a person of excellent taste. Welcome!
  6. Hello from Austria

    Hi everyone! My name is Thomas and I live in Austria. I drive Alfas since 1998. The first one was a 1998 146 1.6 TS, than a 2002 156 SW 1.9 JTD followed by a 159 1.9 JTDM in 2006. 2017 a sold the 159 and bought a Giulia 2.2 JTDM / 150HP. I loved all of them, I bought them new. And I do not like SUVs... Strange: I was never interested in convertible cars and the 916 Serie were the only cars I never noticed in the Alfa showroom. I knew them, but I was never interested in them... I never took place in a Spider or GTV until 2023. I was always interested in buying a 2nd Alfa just for fun and so a really realized that the beautiful 916 GTV / Spider are the perfect cars for Alfas "just for fun". In 2023 I bought a 2003 Spider 2.0 JTS in a good shape and did a "ight restoration". I absolute love driving this car, just for fun, just for driving. And yes, sometimes in summertime I also use the Spider for driving to work with opened roof.
  7. Antho's Spider

  8. Verwood Spider 2

  9. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    Thanks Paso, The final part ( new fuel pump with the plastic basket and level sensor) is on the shelf for already more than 3 months, but the job is most important. Also both an apartment - the second dream happened and most of my free time is spent there for now. Hope that within the remaining days till the New Year will fix the car and the fuel level indicator will show correct amount again .
  10. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    You take really good care of her. And everything was done neatly and with measure. Excellent project!
  11. Hello from Sweden

    Welcome Marcelo! Good luck with the repairs!
  12. Hello from Sweden

    Feather light clutch is a fantasy thing.. But when the clutch release bearing is worn in the fingers ofvthe pressureplate it will go heavy although it handles the torque without any problems New clutch will make a big difference, been there.. Working on upgraded turbo / intercooler??
  13. Hello from Sweden

    Hello. Share your turbo ideas.
  14. Hello from Sweden

    Hello everyone! This summer my life-long dream finally came true! I got a GTV! It's a 2.0 V6 TB, which seems to be uncommon here in Sweden. Sadly, the turbo is broken and I'm working on a solution. Also looking for an intercooler. And a clutch kit. The clutch in this car is super-heavy and I've heard it's supposed to be feather-light. But hey, it ticks all my boxes. Post-98, blue, camel interior, teledial rims. Cheers, Marcelo
  15. Hola

    Welcome Andalusia!
  16. Hola

    Hello from Andalusia, Spain.
  17. Gbinsb - GTV V6 TB project

    So now you use bigger pulley for power steering pump i.e. less rpm of it per same engine rpm, right? That big 16G compressor wheel is significantly bigger in size than original one looking at dimensions, which you provide. TD05 turbine wheel also must be bigger than original TB25. After quick search I found some wheel dimensions for TD05H 49/55,6mm and for T25 41,7/53mm (exducer/inducer), but not sure if they are representative and accurate for particular turbos here. Earlier 164 TB with Mitsubishi TD05H-12B must drive very differently from later ones with Garrett TB2538
  18. Gbinsb - GTV V6 TB project

    Great you made good progress this year! I installed exactly the same intercooler: core is L550mm x H180mm and I think 65mm thick with indeed 57mm connecting pipes. I used D55x1,5mm stainless pipes and bents together with 54mm silicon hoses. I klocked the exit from the compressor much more downwards so that the intercooler pipe goes under the airco compressor and its pipes. The pressure hose from the steeeing pump rerouted in front of the coolers (in the front bumper) to save some space.
  19. Gbinsb - GTV V6 TB project

    Hello Kunev, Initially I figured that my AC lines and pump were in the way of the inter cooler and bigger radiator. So I removed the lines and all AC stuff. Replaced the AC pulley with a bigger pulley for the steering pump and fabricated the new steering pump support. I can use the standard aux belt. Afterwords I might have saved the AC, or rerouted the lines like I did with the steeringpump line. I made some room for the radiator by adjusting the support. So maybe in the future.. I actually don’t remember the core size of my intercooler, tube is 57mm diameter. But much bigger won’t fit nice imo. the TD05 was from the earlier 164 correct. I had most parts, so it fitted on the stock support and 60mm downpipe exhaust. That is pretty convenient. Only thing I had to adjust was oil return pipe. Connection on the oil carter was different from my GTV and 164 engine. I rebuilded it to the 16G big compressor. Unfortunately I didn’t choose for the billet compressor wheel at that time, but that’s ok for now. Turbo is good, for at least 300hp. I used kinugawa actuator, this works perfectly, the original was gone already on my Garrett turbo. I had to fabricate my own bracket to fit the 16G compressor housing. The blowoff valve is from HKS, and doing a perfect job. Much better than the Forge crap. And I used a Mocal oil cooler as a replacement for the Stock rusted one. For the clutch, all I know it holds 35% more than stock. See pictures below for the difference. It has been over 8 years that I purchased it, so i don’t know the fine details anymore
  20. Gbinsb - GTV V6 TB project

    This is really a good update to be read , especially from performance fanatic perspective ! Everything look very clean, not only the engine and car . Why did you delete the AC ? For me personally, AC is one of the most significant option a car can have (speaking from point of almost all my driving experience done in warm months in non-working AC environment ). I associate intentional AC delete with very seriously modified car likely intended for racing. On my other car, which have been very seriously modified, I insisted on restoring of AC system, which have missed and cut parts. I see also likely aftermarket wastegate actuator, blow-off valve and oil cooler What is intercooler's core size? What is this clutch? It is just stronger pressure plate or something more special? TD05 from earlier 164 TB I guess? Do you know 16G compressor wheel dimensions? I prefer upgrading with something more modern, but that is much easier, if you source everything needed from 164 TB. I wish you sooner completion and waiting for updates and impressions
  21. Gbinsb - GTV V6 TB project

    0Finally after 8 years of abandoning this project, the beginning of this year I continued. It’s driving again and has MoT. I also did a A/C delete, walboro 255l fuel pump, TD05 with 16G conversion turbo, FMIC, bigger radiator, Q2 diff with enforced clutch and a AFM to MAF conversion. Now I have to dial in the bigger turbo
  22. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    Ah, OK! 👍 Looks good. I have LED H4 units in my classic Range Rover: loads of light. 👌
  23. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    Hi Carlo, Negative, Just changed the bulbs with a correct Narva HB3 leds
  24. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    Looks like you change whole H4 projector unit for LED one?
  25. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    Thank you Sir! And two more pictures from the day 1 - polishing of the badly scratched windshield and damaged leather on the driver's seat.
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