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  1. Yesterday
  2. OMG! Just saw this, sorry for massive bump; THOSE SEATS!!! looks amazing. what are they? Re-trimmed recaros? *edit, saw on bucket seat thread: FK Automotive https://www.fk-shop.de/en/Tuning/Sport-seats-belts/Sports-seats/FK-Sportseat-Auto-Half-bucket-seats-Set-Las-Vegas-in-Motorsport-look.html
  3. Last week
  4. Thank you, I have also a 147 1.9 Jtd for daily use....
  5. White one? Rare sight! This seems as an Alfa Street! Welcome Lorenzo!
  6. Hallo to everyone! I'm Lorenzo from Fabriano. i bought not GTV 916 v6 Tb in November 2015.
  7. Earlier
  8. A three spoke steering wheel from a GTV (916) or Alfa 166 (Ph1) fits (plug and play).
  9. Dear all, I would like introduce myself and my new toy; I bought GTV TB to incorporate on my garage. I'm love classic and yountimers cars, and of course Alfa Romeo cars are always on my mind.( I already have AR sprint 1.5 QV, and previously classic AR GTV 2.0). Attached some photos and I'm asking me if some of you could support me with my carpets. I want new one, but really i don't know which color (navy blue??) car had originally..... and also I want to put a new phase 2 steringwheel, original gearknob nad handbrake.. Any advisor?. Thank you and congratulations for this great foro. PD. I posted my problem with gearbox (5th and Rear) but so far today i didn't have time to check it
  10. Hope the ride will be a little bit smoother then Sienas Trimis de pe al meu SM-G920F folosind Tapatalk
  11. I also want teles! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Just took the teledials from the paint shop They look amaizing Also i sandblasted the brembo calipers, will need to make sure they fit perfect before i paint them, so need to wait till spring Trimis de pe al meu SM-G920F folosind Tapatalk
  13. Where did you get that beautiful steering wheel? Original Alfa?
  14. Interieur nearly finished. Since my last driving I saved another 65kg. It was late yesterday, some better pictures will follow soon.
  15. Thanks. She also has a Q2 conversion. The Turbo is crazy, 3rd gear is the best, and idling along in 6th, from 120km/h to 200km/h is a blink. The gentleman I bought it from did a custom Turbo, he designed and mapped it. Will add pics soon. I might consider going back to standard setup.
  16. amazing work man. Love the updates
  17. 3.2 V6 Turbo?! Hahaha! Nuts!
  18. More details and pics please
  19. Woooow what a car
  20. Hi Everyone, Collected my 3.2 GTV last week. What a pleasure!!! She has been well looked after and has had some serious work done to her. Koni Shocks (Adjustable) o Eibach coils. Also has a turbo conversion pushing 400 horses onto the front wheels. I laugh at the BM M3/4. Look forward to the discussions. I am based in South Africa. Rodger
  21. Beautiful car!!! Poslano sa mog SM-G930F koristeći Tapatalk
  22. as far as I know you can go to the dealer to get the code. at least if you have the original locks set in it.
  23. thanks. still trying to locate the original owner as there was only one previous owner and I know the name but can't find a contact number or email. car is in great condition with books and history. the only thing missing is the original code card which i'm hoping to find. i just posted in the technical lounge forum to see how to retrieve the code with all the things i DO have. the Motus is a 2002 edition I think but was sold new in 2004. and a bonus is it's low mileage of 115,00km. :-)
  24. nice
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