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  2. new carpets

    From the album cniorina

  3. As an ex-33 owner I really love it! My friend has one in the same color as yours and some crazy brakes in front, we used to race it on the Grobnik racetrack nearby Rijeka. My 33 was series 1:
  4. What do you guys think of my 33? momo zagato steering wheel ph1 916 seats savali es33 spoiler eibach springs koni yellow zender sport 15"
  5. Welcome. Nice to see that the 3rd motus find his way to som 916 enthusiasts cite. many Dutch enhusiasts didn' knew this motus to he a few months back when is came on some sales pages.
  6. Tomorrow is Spidey's Day!

    From the album Verwood Spider

    Having a heater and demister means there is no decision to be made.....simples!
  7. Last week
  8. Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here
  9. hi alfisti having driven Alfa's since the 70's I'm back again after an absence of 7 years. My last one was a lowered red Alfa 33 Q. I started my Alfa story with a Guilia Nuovo 1300 with a 2000 motor and after that drifted to the Alfetta of which I owned a GT, a GTV and a straight up Alfetta. Now i'm back with a beautifully cared for Alfa GTV TS (Motus edition) and couldn't be happier. Hoping for many more enjoyable Alfa years and am looking forward to sharing the wealth via this great site.
  10. Hi Rich,


    That would be great. It is proving to be a very difficult part to track down.  Any pictures would be most gratefully received.






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  12. Nigel Harding

  13. Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo
  14. gtv

    From the album gtv ph1 24v

  15. gtv

    From the album gtv ph1 24v

  16. gtv

    From the album gtv ph1 24v

  17. gtv

    From the album gtv ph1 24v

  18. gtv

    From the album gtv ph1 24v

  19. gtv

    From the album gtv ph1 24v

  20. Autodelta

  21. Alfa Romeo GTV Mi alzo dalla morte!
  22. Ckorso

  23. vassilis

  24. ciao enea!!benvenuto!!!
  25. This is where you should post technical questions! http://www.squadra916.com/forums/forum/7-technical-lounge/
  26. Hi guys I'm still lost in my maze of forums and threads.... am I in the right place? My Alfa 2001 roof .. latch opens lid opens rear part of the roof lifts up then nothing just stops. I'm stuck in Lanzarote no help from anyone here. Any ideas? I've checked fuses and done some visual checks all seems good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Hi Enea, welcome to Squadra 916!
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