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  2. Alfa146

  3. New V6 TB owner

    Thanks! It has the typical wear of 20 years, all the car was to dirty. only a couple days of clean and looks better. first step....cambelt change and other parts that need. is a too cheap car, is good base for start a restoration. I not have a original carpet.. is a 145 original carpet [emoji849] Enviado desde mi SM-J530F mediante Tapatalk
  4. Matiasecz

  5. 18x8J Jetfins wheels

    Hello, I have for sale 18 inch genuine Toora Jetfins from GT. 8J ET32 No welds, all straight. Price: 450EUR Shipping to EU/UK 60-90 EUR Location: Varna, Bulgaria Contact me on: georgiev.t@abv.bg + 359 883361616 Greetings,
  6. Mathew

  7. Earlier
  8. New V6 TB owner

    Welcome, Fer! And what about the driver's seat? Last time I saw that car, it was destroyed by dogs bites. I know you're going to do a great job.
  9. 916Spider95

  10. albybug

  11. Goran_GTV

  12. MWDP

  13. Aprilia

  14. Abe2000

  15. New member

    Nice grigio! You are a ex 145 owner? Enviado desde mi SM-J530F mediante Tapatalk
  16. New V6 TB owner

    Thanks! I think respray on golden. But after cambelt change, interior restoration, etc. Enviado desde mi SM-J530F mediante Tapatalk
  17. New V6 TB owner

    Welcome! Those nice OZ Ultraleggeras will stand out in some other color, do you plan to refurbish them?
  18. New V6 TB owner

    Hi, Im from Tenerife, Spain. I had a 145 1.4ts/145QV/146 1.4ts/155V6/147GTA. Now I have a 145QV Zender, 146JTD Sport Pack and weeks ago I bought a GTV V6 TB phase 2 with OZ 19x8, Bilstein + Eibach, wiechers strut bar, leather and carpet red, no cat and quad ragazzon, cup front lip and sideskirts. Enviado desde mi SM-J530F mediante Tapatalk
  19. BigSud

  20. Italiaautos

  21. Freccia

  22. 24k P2 GTV TS Lusso value?

    I would appreciate some advice on the likely value of my GTV. It has covered just 24k miles, FSH, recent cam belt, silver with mint red leather. Excellent condition with sunroof. 3 owner car. Thinking of selling it. Would appreciate comments.
  23. mafumoto

  24. Xtreme

  25. George Zachariou

  26. T.Roivainen

  27. tobecomecarrion

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