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  2. Rare Toora T932 for sale

    Are these 17” or 18”? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    This year I sold the Bilstein Fase1 front shocks and put a set Koni 24V Fase2 shocks instead: In combination with the Fase1 Eibach front springs the ride height is -15mm (instead of -30mm). Ride height is good, no bangs anymore etc., and in balance with the standard rear springs now. Also changed tires: Went from the Turkish Lassa's to Dulop, 225/40-18 front & 235/40-18 rear for now. Will change to all 235/40-18 when new rubber is needed. Got some trouble with idle speed: in the end it was at 2300rpm! After some checking and help from a member of the Dutch 916register it seemed to be a faulty Idle valve: so now his valve is on my car and all is good again: 850rpm Now asap get a new one and give the idle valve back to the owner.
  5. My GTV 16vt

    Yes, you can. But depends on the size of the hubs: TS or V6 shocks..
  6. My GTV 16vt

    YEAH! Another dead tread thanks to a discontinued Photobucket! Photobucket and the like should be banned from all forum!!
  7. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    Better use a 156 Q4 type drive train: That is a real permanent 4x4 system sending most of torque to the rear wheels via a TorSen central differential. Ancient 164 Q4 system works like the 4motion system from VW with Haldex couling, only sending torque to the rear wheels when traction at the front is already lost, in other words: when it is already too late.
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  10. an other new member from Germany

    Hi Dirk, welcome here. Greetings from Munich Michael (also Alfaclub-member )
  11. grangefield7

  12. Hi from Rotterdam

    Welcome! I live near Rotterdam btw..
  13. Hi from Rotterdam

    Hi all, Incredibly, I've just found this place after owning my 2001 GTV for a little more than year. I've driven three Alfas in the past; two times an 156 and one 159 but now with the Busso engine, I've fallen in love completely. This car is a keeper, the prior owner got the engine fixed up, the interiour and some paintwork done. The shop she's now being maintained at has completed replacing the complete back suspension and will replace the front suspension coming spring. The car's a marvel, I'm really happy with her and am looking forward towards enjoying many kilometers with her.
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  17. Alfa Spider 2.0TS

  18. astojkovic

  19. Hi guys, I'm Dirk from the Niederrhein in Germany , ca. 150km away from Nürburgring. Since two weeks I own a Gtv 2.0TS MY 2000. Its my second Gtv besides an 2L 116.136C Gtv from 1983 bought in Belgium 2012. The 916 Gtv is intended to use also as a second daily driver during summer. I'm also a member of the german Alfa Club, which is a great community for all Alfas. Best regards Dirk
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  25. Alfa gtv v6 project black edition

    A sad day today let my gtv v6 go as been sat on the drive for a year and a half unused. Will miss the old girl but planning on spending my spare time on the autodelta spider 👍 Good bye v6 20191025_095806.mp4
  26. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    Some pictures form last trackday.
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