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  2. 2001 GTV Cup 3.0 24v V6 (RHD) #60

    Christmas has come early. My Cup is back from its TLC at the bodyshop a week early (A new genuine Zender bumper sprayed and fitted to replace the old cracked one, and rear wing respray)!
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  4. Vordiljo

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  6. Hello from Spain

    Hi Nacho - good to hear you're rescuing a 916! It sounds as if you have enough garage entertainment to keep you going for quite some time. All the best, Paul
  7. Hello from Spain

    Hello everybody , my name is Nacho and I recently bought a GTV 2.0 twin spark which will be my proyect car. It's in very bad shape cosmetically and It has a very loud rod knock, so I think I'll have plenty if time in my garage to enjoy tinkering with my new toy. By the way, It was the cheapest GTV in Spain so , if I can get the thing back to the road I will be twice as happy😉
  8. Harry's 916 Spider

    Nice one. Take care with those Brembo's: afaik they will not fit behind those very nice wheels you have!
  9. Harry's 916 Spider

    Hello, good afternoon, Im 31years old and own a 1995 Spider with a 2.0 TS in the beautiful color Rosso Proteo metallic. Done dome work on it the past couple of years and is now how I wanted it to be! Except for some brembo's but that's being worked on.
  10. Harry Plotter

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  12. Nacho

  13. Big bore 12V exhaust headers

    24V headers adapted for use on Busso 12V engine. For 916 Spider 12V and possibly also for 155 V6. Details will follow.
  14. poper

  15. 2001 GTV Cup 3.0 24v V6 (RHD) #60

    Bella machina! Enjoy it, they are becoming rare and exotic.
  16. Naf

  17. Tom Buis

  18. Restoration Complete

    Great job, looks super tidy!
  19. First time Spider owner

    Welcome and enjoy your new ride!
  20. GTV V6

    Hi and welcome Block! Feel free to ask questions. We are not always very agile, as I guess that we already said everything about 916 hahaha, but we are here and checking the forum.
  21. MrChris916

  22. GTV V6

    Hello all I've recently bought a GTV V6, nearly 10 years after having a TS. In between I've had a 740i, S500 and a Lexus RX. But always missed the Alfa and promised myself a V6 one day. Found one in pretty decent shape and took the plunge. Black with red leather, I couldn't not! Just had a Cybox catback fitted to replace the standard aftermarket exhaust and now it sounds as good as it looks. No doubt I'll be posting a few questions over time and look forward to maybe helping others out a little Cheers Block
  23. Blockthetunnel

  24. First time Spider owner

    Really nice! What displacement is the engine?
  25. Jules

  26. Jdc

  27. First time Spider owner

    Congrats for the Spider! Hope it will give you only great memories! Don't hold back with the photos Sent from my Nokia 7.2 using Tapatalk
  28. Gtv original car mats in black

    Car mats for GTV 916 in black for sale. These are for right hand drive cars. The back of the mats have been rubberised again giving them a well extended life. Please note that the rear mats are both the left side but honestly these are never the one to get worn. They fit anyway. £95 posted to UK mainland. If paying by paypal business take in consideration the fee of 6% to be added Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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