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  2. It must have been a great drive! One day I'll come to Stelvio!
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  4. Agustín
  5. That looks good. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  6. Hi, Greeting from the Swedish west coast. Found this wonderful close to mint Spider, driven just under 20 000 km, a couple of years ago after searching a long time for a red phase 2 V6. My second Busso, first was a 156GTA, unfortunately "taken out" by one of our local city buses.
  7. A new picture from the selvio pass ( 2. highest in europe) my gtv did a great job
  8. That's true, it feels very solid and heavy, not a choice of racers I'd guess!
  9. Added weight to the car ....
  10. Yesterday
  11. Wow good work !
  12. I have a new detail! Aluminum fuel cap from alfisti.net. However, the story is not simple at all: Alfa Romeo changed the system completely from 2001 so good deal of 916 models is on the old system and this cap is only for newer Alfas. I thought that it would be enough to disassemble the original fuel cap and remove the plastic top but the diameter is different for a few mm and you can't just mount aluminum one on the old system. So, I had to do extensive modifications: keep the original plastic cap but cut it flat on top, then cut 3 holes to fit 3 tooths on the aluminum one and then scrub off two large circular tooths inside aluminum one so that old plastic cap could fit snugly into the aluminum one. On the end I used two-component super-glue to fix it. All in all it's a 4-5 hours job but it's worth it!
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  14. The size is correct, but the wheels are wrong. There are three different wheels in 16" for the 916. I´ve added pic for all designs. 16inch GTV.bmp 16inch Phase1.bmp and 16inch Spider
  15. They seem to be breeding...
  16. Many thanks Paso.
  17. Wooow
  18. Earlier
  19. Sunny day in our harbour...
  20. Your spider Looks beautiful!!
  21. Trimis de pe al meu SM-G920F folosind Tapatalk
  22. And the next upgrade to the car is made this spring as was planed from some time - suspension. The car was with red Eiback Pro-Kit springs, which are -35mm I think (or -30mm...) and not available anymore and old oily standard black dampers. When I change to bigger wheel and tyres (from 215/40-R16 to 215/40-R17) rear tyres start to rub inside of fenders on unevenness, without any passenger at the back and the tyres are much closer to the inside of the car (from wheels 7.5J ET35 and 20mm spacers at the rear to 7J ET37 and 12mm spacers now). Problem regarding suspension for this model is not much of an options available and after some thought I decide to try with this kit H&R monotube coilovers for Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 from shop.alfisti.net . This is essentyally Bilstein dampers produced for H&Rand H&R matched springs and not adjustment of stiffness front and rear. Rear dampers are shorter, because of -40mm lowering at the back. I did not find any opinion at all for using of this kit on Q4, but from what I have read suspension between Q4 and V6 have to fit on other also. So there was some uncertainties with this purchase ... . The Q4 is heavier car in general and most of this difference is at the back I think. H&R springs are generally very stiff from what I have heard and read so was thinking, that this may work on this car. During install was seen that everything fit on the car, but ... at the rear there is big problem. When the car was put on the ground the rear just "sit on the tyres"! Unfortunately I didn't see it on real or photo, but was explained to me with associations for old citroens or citroen with blown spheres, not seen top part of the tyre from side... So at the back was used old Eibach springs at new dampers from that kit. At the front fit just fine with coilovers set to middle position as from the box. Here is one picture how is now on the back My impression is that there is definitely improvement from before, haven't heard rubbing on rear fenders (without some passenger at the back) and even more comfort from before. Till now my impressions are generally from normal driving in city and highway, so haven't try it with spirited driving on corners yet ... but soon may have impressions from some really interesting places . But with "big" (for this model!) wheels and very low profile tyres (215/40-17, this size is regarded as max on 155) and stiff, short move suspension all imperfections of the road are feel and roads here are not perfect at all unfortunately. Will post some pictures of the car soon .
  23. Finally, the 66 calipers are instaled with new 310 mm zimmermman and refurbished 17 Teles Trimis de pe al meu SM-G920F folosind Tapatalk
  24. Greetings for the return to alfa ownership with interesting and rare car . The value of these have increased last years and probably will more in future . What are these nice mods, that you mention?
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