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  2. Hello from Bulgaria

    Ciao Slavi, complimenti, parli benissimo l'italiano! sei stato in Italia?
  3. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    There is no Powerflex part for tracking arms, I bought the whole set long time ago and powerflexed all I could. There is a uniball option but there is no need now, I am happy with the setup.
  4. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    i suppose you could strongflex it.. makes it a bit harder then oem..
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  6. Luca

  7. S916DER

  8. New member

    Hi Rick, you are great! It is important to have you in the forum, with your passion and expertise you can help those in need of advice.
  9. Hi from North of Norway

    Hello Napoalfa, welcome! How wonderful the photos with the Norwegian panorama! Good luck for the jobs you have planned
  10. Hello from Texas

    Hi Oferk, congratulations, the cars are beautiful! But the Spider does not seem to me from 1995, the 3.0 24 valve engine was mounted in 2000. Furthermore, the front shield is from the second series.
  11. Mauro_33

  12. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    I was tormented by Darko and Denis' comments in Autoservis Bivio that they don't like how soft the rubber is on the new Optimal track control arms (the spare part I put on because my originals were stuck and couldn't be adjusted). And then I researched the net and asked for the opinion of every mechanic I know. Everyone told me the same thing - that a certain elasticity must exist, but that it is not good when it is too soft. Equally, everyone agreed that I would find it hard to see any difference in driving on the road, that such finesse can only be felt on the track. And here I agree, but as my OCD bothered me, and the Domenigni service managed to repair my old track control arms, I decided to do it all over again, return the harder OEM and then re-fix it all. Well, now my heart is in peace! I’m joking that I go to trap optics more often than women go to the hairdresser! Fortunately, this is far cheaper! I did the replacement of softer (color red, Optimal) for harder (yellow, original OEM) track arms. The difference in the fix is obvious! Obviously replacement parts are never as good as OEM.
  13. Hello from Texas

    Hi and welcome!
  14. Hi from North of Norway

    Hi. I just got my second GTV916 home. I had a TS for five years ago. This time its a V6 Busso as heart. My car is a project and will use this for tips and tricks. A lot of tlc is need,but all in all, its good. And its not a plan to make it «mint».
  15. North67

  16. Hello from Texas

    Hi From the US. i got 2 916 from the Netherlands a year ago. 1995 Spider V6 very good condition (just delivered to a good friend of mine) and 1995 GTV V6 TB that was modified. Nice to meet you all and will sure need your support. r
  17. Hello from Stuttgart, Germany

    Hi, 10 years ago I had a GTV.. only 2l though
  18. Hello from Bulgaria

    Ciao Luigi, Grazie mille per le belle parole! Ci sono cose sulla macchina da finire, ma al 99% e complete. Saluti, Slavi
  19. Ubralfa

  20. hello from USA!

    Welcome! And congratulations for waiting so many years! I'm curious to see the yellow emblem that your splendid Alfa has on its side up close, is it from a Boston Alfa Romeo Club?
  21. Hello from Stuttgart, Germany

    Ciao Stefano, congratulations, the car is very beautiful! But ten years ago did you have another Alfa Romeo Spider?
  22. Ultimate 916 Spider

    I always have only warm feelings when I see some 916 parked in front of the house.
  23. Norgaard

  24. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Well the zoe spider has sold 😔 but can't keep them all, going to get the j10 out and moted and ready for some alfa shows 👍
  25. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Videos from previous owner including underside.VID-20200328-WA0043.mp4
  26. Ben

  27. Alfa GTV CARBONara

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