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  2. Califfo

  3. Newbie with broken GTV

    Hello All... I've just discovered this site and thought all the collective knowledge will come in handy! I've had my 1998 GTV V6 for about a year now and I love it! Its currently off the road for various repairs at the moment but I hope to have all that sorted within a few months. So I will no doubt be posting and asking questions as I go along. Look forward to chatting with you later!
  4. GTVela

  5. Selling carpet PH2 or changing for PH1

    my suggestion to die or paint them I painted my with fabric paint
  6. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Well my spider is all up and running again the crankshaft failed so wouldn't start. Was nice to have back on the road but I need to adjust the rear ride height as a little to low at the back. A little update on the j10, the new interior has arrived, I decided against just the red leather seats and door card inserts, and go for it so I have just bought a red dashand red door cards a treat for my birthday 😂, it will take some fetteling as it's a ph2 dash but I will be fitting the ph1 autodelta centre console once refurb and recoloured black 😎 Here's a pic of the red door cards
  7. jonalfaspider

  8. night star

  9. Karl

  10. Karl

  11. Karl702123

  12. OZ SuperTurismo 18x8J 5x98

    Hello maniacs, have for sale genuine OZ Racing SuperTurismo 18 inch, 8J, ET35 - 5x98 with central bore 58.1 they have some dents, but are all straight no tires included price: 450EUR shipping to EU/UK: 100EUR Location: Sofia, Bulgaria pm me or georgiev.t@abv.bg
  13. 17" Teledials for sale

    No, sold...
  14. Nikos71

  15. Rhona1661

  16. thule13

  17. Filip

  18. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    I am on new set of tyres. I had Toyo Proxes T1-R and while they are perfect on dry and great in rain, they lasted only 4.800 km. Performance-wise I can recommend them, but in durability zone they are very weak. Yes, I admit, there was a bit of trackday use , but 10.000 km should be some minimum I believe. Now I am on Nexen N8000 and we'll see. It's also a very soft tyre, but on top of middle segment (reputable German Autobild test), right below premium tyres. As I do low mileage there was no point to invest in very expensive tyres as they'll get old before I wore them down, so this could be a happy compromise. So far they are quiet and comfortable (for a 19") and I hope they will last at least 5.000 km.
  19. butt head

  20. FJP

  21. My GTV V6 TB

    looks great! look forward to seeing it installed
  22. elm11g

  23. Hobson284

  24. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    The like button is missing after the last squadra916 crash, so here is my
  25. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    The wideband lambda tells me that it is running lean at high revs (around 6000rpm). With normal driving it runs perfectly lambda 1 (well..14.8 instead of 14.7, just a little lean or a small fault in the measurement). Full boost till 5000/5500 is good at AFR 12, after that it starts to lean out via 13 @ 6000 and 15 @ 6500. (12 to 12.5 is good for full throttle). First thing is to change fuel filter.. Maybe it makes a difference.. and I want to change it anyway. ☺ After that the original MM has to make place for the MS2. First thing is installing the EGT probes. The bungs are already welded in just after the manifolds.
  26. New to the forum

    love your color!!!
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