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  1. Last week
  2. Alfa Spider 2.0 TS

    A beauty! [emoji6] well done and enjoy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ccost1974

  4. Gitani Stone

  5. lekkers

  6. Martin

  7. emmanuelb94

  8. Warranty and Insurance

  9. ARM916

  10. Earlier
  11. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Some pretty pics.
  12. maseracing

  13. Alfa Spider 2.0 TS

    Just wonderful! [emoji256][emoji634][emoji3590][emoji3059] The only complaint, if I may say so, are the speed and rev dials. A thing of getting used to. Sent from my Nokia 7.2 using Tapatalk
  14. Carlos

  15. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    Do you use front subframe from 166 maybe?
  16. guillaume

  17. Dzienj

  18. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    Carbon fiber
  19. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    "digital control" is cheaper to produce these days, no knobs, no swiches, just touch. I don't like it either, there is no feel in it. And on a bumpy road it is almost impossible to control precisely.
  20. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    Looks great Poslano sa mog Redmi Note 8 Pro koristeći Tapatalk
  21. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Thanks for the input Carlo
  22. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Hi Steve, In general it is for sure the reliability will be less on the TS turbo compared with a V6. MPG on TS will be better, if they did a good job on the mapping. Carlo
  23. Algar33

  24. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Hi Jon, I hope you don't mind me asking but I know you have owned both so I guess you are the best qualified person I know who can answer this. How does the ts turbo compare to a busso? I mean in terms of reliability performance and general smiles per gallon? Cheers Steve.
  25. Ultimate 916 Spider

    To be fair I haven't saved this zoe it's in fantastic condition, just giving it some tlc really, Those flap things are oem aswell😂
  26. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    Also, I finally found the missing bit to complete my cockpit; for years I have old Zedner chrome gauges for centre console, but I never got the chrome rings for heating controls. I found them at Polish "Dido Tuning" store on eBay, now it's all set and in the same style. They don't make cockpits like this anymore, now they just put a big tablet on a side because "buyers want digital control". I don't dig that.
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