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  1. Today
  2. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

  3. Alfa gt cloverleaf (very rare)

    Sorry bud these sold
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hello from Northamptonshire

    Well she arrived :-)
  6. Last week
  7. Alfa GTV Competizione

    sorry for multipost, but impressive news: my carbonplenum is just 200g, saves 3kg to oem one (Still raw on the picture, is getting grinded now)
  8. Original CUP front splitter

    I have the Motus Limited Edition too and I have the Cup front splitter, because with side skirts and standard front bumper, the car looks bad...
  9. Hello from Northamptonshire

    Hi. The badges and stickers are not my taste. Pictures are from the previous owner. The car will physically arrive with me on Saturday. The badges wil be going :-)
  10. Hello from Northamptonshire

    Welcome! Nice car, nice wheels, not so nice additional badges/stickers.
  11. Alfa GTV Competizione

    a detailshot
  12. Hello from Northamptonshire, Im Jamie and a long time Alfa nut. Between my wife an I we’ve owned 7 Alfa’s and I’m just completing a purchase on a 1998 GTV twin spark. This will be my second GTV and I can’t wait. I’ve been lingering on here for a while now but thought it was high time to say hello. J
  13. Earlier
  14. black_gtv

  15. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I have bought the one from ACT, but for legal reasons I didn't mount it till yet because of the carbonfiber they easily see that its modified^^' These ACT are to pretty to paint. I didn't want to show it first because I need do buy more clamps first^^' I have made a CarbonCopy of the ACT Actually I tried to optimize the actual ACT f.E. by grinding it on the inside as smooth as it gets out of the mould on the outside I also "removed" on mine the trompets, but I've formed the inside like trumpets. (I am actually not shure if the trumpets are just for easyer manufacturing or if the actually bring a benefit in there) Further I added gold heat reflect tape on the underside and my Plenum is actually felt lighter than the throttlebody For a first try it am very happy with the outcome, but at one little spot I grinded to much. when I throw it on for testdrive it gave a hole. I have made a pressure test with my compressor before, but it didn't work so well holding all the holes closed^^' I need to improve that next time. I will build a new much stronger one the next days for my N/A engine. For my turbobuild I build an insane bulletprove kevlar one Thx
  16. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I love those carbon covers!
  17. Alfa GTV Competizione

    How come you didn't switch to a CF plenum yet?
  18. Alfa GTV Competizione

    some candy for your eyes bolted down of course with polyamid screws (~0.2g insted of 4g)
  19. Original CUP front splitter

    Don't do that, Ricardo!!! Cup-a-likes are everywhere, and they are cool, but yours is a Motus!!
  20. Alfa GTV Competizione

    was so clear that this will come but I don't want the engine to be so dirty. Dirt is weight and dirt damages electronics :S Because of the height of the car and the insane wide wheels I allready have a very reduced wheel well I think I will not produce this for the mass. It would get too expensive to produce a mould and dry and harden the carbon in a temperated vacuum. I could produce a set for 550CHF, but I allready know Is too much for carbon covers on the international market. On the domestic there are just very few possible customers with a GTV. But with this knowledge, I am focussing my shop now more on the domestic trackday and tuning scene than on Alfisti as on the beginning. (My copy I produced ultrathin, I used the original part as mould. With this method its around 0.5-1mm thicker than original, which doesn't really matter to me regarding the lower material costs. But this is more work as I need to grind the surface flat and smooth, so no alternative for mass production using a negative mould.) Btw. I bought a GTV with a 3l 12v Turbo with insane internal mods incl. forged internals, running allready on insane 1.7Bar boost I will now upgrade this engine and throw it in the trunk of my GTV (after a ton of other stuff I will do first)
  21. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Must check your shop soon then Not because of weight saving, but mines are a bit damaged, plus who wouldn't want some CF under the hood
  22. Alfa GTV Competizione

    And how much weight does it save by just leaving them away?
  23. Alfa GTV Competizione

    yes those.
  24. Alfa GTV Competizione

    What side covers? Engine bay?
  25. restoration alfa gtv 2.0 ts

    Some pics of the paint before sanding the car and how the car looks right now. This week I will make some more picture's of the car in the current state.
  26. russco7

  27. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Some news: Cutted of big exhaust tips saved unbeleavable 5kgs including mountings and so on XD that was easy^^' Also I made some more Carbonfiber parts as f.E. Carbon fiber side covers (with polyamid screws) this saved over a kilo ^^' Carbon fiber windshieldwiper covers
  28. Big Power GTV 16V Turbo!

    Great mod
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