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  1. Hello from Montreal

    Mine came from Japan and Gentry Lane in Toronto brought in mine and at least one other (silver in colour). Weirdly, Japan allowed left hand drive new European cars even though they drive on the left.
  2. Hello from Montreal

    Not too many of us Canadian 916 owners. I bought my 1996 2.0 V6 TB in January of 2019.
  3. New Member

    Dats niiiiice. Welcome!
  4. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    In my recent upgrades I found that the foam support that holds the fuel pump had badly degraded and was turning into a sand like material which was throughout the fuel system. If yours is similar then your injectors, fuel filter and fuel pump screen may be plugged causing a low fuel (aka lean) condition at higher demand levels.
  5. V6 TB RHD

    The TB was also sold in Japan as left hand drive.
  6. Barbycar

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