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  1. Hello from Bulgaria

    Ciao Luigi, Il motivo è chiaro - Museo Horacio Pagani
  2. Hello from Bulgaria

    Two fresh photos from last week...
  3. Hello from Bulgaria

    Ciao Luigi, Sì, più volte - a Livorno, Roma, Venezia, Ravenna, Bari... Ma abbiamo ancora un obiettivo: San Cesario Sul Panaro in provincia di Modena nella regione italiana Emilia-Romagna Otterrai il punto.....
  4. Hello from Bulgaria

    Ciao Luigi, Grazie mille per le belle parole! Ci sono cose sulla macchina da finire, ma al 99% e complete. Saluti, Slavi
  5. Hello from Oregon

    Hello and welcome!
  6. Hello from Bulgaria

    Hello again, The wheels are Stilauto, the design is same like the new wheels of Stelvio, and yes, this is the ex-car of Toshko A week ago the windshield was polished and now is like new - no scratches at all. The next step is the interior upholstery including refurbish of all seats , door cards, the roof and all pillars.
  7. Hello from Bulgaria

    Not even one "Hello, welcome!"? Not a good start here 🤣
  8. Slavi

  9. Hello from Bulgaria

    Hello from Bulgaria! My name is Slavi, owner of GTV 2.0 TS 16v 155.
  10. Slavi

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