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  1. Return to Alfa

    Foto very beautiful!
  2. Return to Alfa

    Hi Dino, congratulations for the spider it seems in excellent condition. Have you started doing the jobs you were talking about?
  3. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    Beautiful compliments! What are the qualities of the car that affect you most?
  4. First Post

    Beautiful! It's that engine! Can you tell us how the engine pulls?
  5. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Thanks. The sticker with the Biscione on the side is beautiful! I wanted to know some driving impressions of the 3.0 V6 12v
  6. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Thanks for the photos! it is really beautiful! do you know anyone with the 3.0 V6 12 valve?
  7. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Bellissima! Complimenti Jon e sembra in ottime condizioni. Di che cilindrata è? In questo forum c'è una recente discussione su come intervenire per riparare la capote elettrica. Ho anche partecipato e ho inserito un link interessante.
  8. New kid from Germany via SA ... GTV TB

    Thanks, your impressions are very interesting. I agree with you: the only drawback of the Alfette with the transaxle scheme (the gearbox combined with the rear differential) was to go down from third gear to second. I remember when at twenty I took my father's Alfetta 2.0 I scratched myself many times! But in reality the third gear was so elastic and powerful that it was not necessary to go down into the second ...😜
  9. New kid from Germany via SA ... GTV TB

    Do you think the 3.0 V6 12v mounted on the spider 916 approaches the performance and efficiency of the Alfetta 3.0 Gtv of the eighties? Of course the 916 has the injection while the Alfetta Gtv 3.0 had the carburetors...
  10. New kid from Germany via SA ... GTV TB

    Hi Paolo, congratulations again, you have a great experience with Busso engines! You are a great alfista! I'm glad you understand Italian. For simplicity I am writing to you in English. Of all the Busso engines you have tried, which one excites you most?
  11. 916 spider from Seoul

    Meccanico 512 sei un grande alfista! resisti con il tuo amore! ti scrivo in italiano perché ho letto che lo parli. Hai ancora l'Alfa Romeo?
  12. GTV V6 TB

    Gorgeous! What colour is it?
  13. New kid from Germany via SA ... GTV TB

    Hi Paolo, congratulations for the Alfetta Gtv! Have you also had the Alfetta Gtv 3.0 v6? It was a real rarity, assembled by the Alfa Romeo branch of South Africa with the engine installed by Autodelta in Italy and brought from 2,500 cc to 2,934 cc. It had 186 hp and instead from the electronic injection of the 2.5 model it had 6 carburettors! What a show! But do you still have it?
  14. Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa

    Alip 82 congratulations the machine is very beautiful. I read that you also had a 1969 Spider 1750: a show that is worth a lot today!
  15. Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa

    Alip 82 complimenti la macchina è molto bella. Ho letto che hai avuto anche uno Spider 1750 del 1969: uno spettacolo che oggi vale tantissimo!