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  1. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    You are great, Slavi! How did you restore the leather interior?
  2. Introduzione

    grazie Joe
  3. Hi

    sorry I meant: a great acceleration
  4. Hi

    Ciao Eni, apart from the color of the paint, how is the Jts engine? I read that the first examples gave some problems, but i also read that the jts has a great draw in acceleration
  5. Hello from Portugal

    Ciao Miguel! os preços dos 916s (especialmente os Spiders) com motores Busso têm subido muito nos últimos anos. Os GTVs ainda tem preços acessíveis, mas ainda acredito por pouco tempo
  6. Hi from France

    Ciao Raffaele! d'après ce que vous écrivez, il est clair que vous avez une grande passion. Vous avez utilisé de beaux mots pour les Alfa. J'aime aussi beaucoup la 4C et la nouvelle Giulia. La Gtv avec le moteur Busso est une merveille, vous avez raison de la chercher. Bon travail. Je t'écris en français grâce au traducteur, mais si tu veux la prochaine fois j'utilise l'italien, alors tu t'entraînes...
  7. Ciao from Canada

    News about the jobs?
  8. Hello From Kuwait

    Ciao Yousef! Yes, we are very interested! it would be nice to see photos of your work. Congratulations on the purchase of the GTV 3.2! I go crazy for the latest evolution of the Busso.
  9. Hi

    Hello and welcome! from the photos it does not seem that the car has different shades of red ...
  10. New ‘97 Spider TS owner, Surrey

    Ciao Lee, I'm curious to see how you have improved the car. some news?
  11. IMG_20211214_225450.jpg

    Il Duetto e la sua erede
  12. Something is moving around the former Alfa Romeo Technical Center, the well-known Palazzo Gardella. The mayor of Arese recently met with the Superintendent of Fine Arts and Landscape of Milan to discuss the future of the Palazzo. The owner also participated in the meeting, which is the same that built a large shopping center in the area of the former factory. It aims to impose a constraint as a twentieth-century building of high historical and architectural value. However, the institutions have also expressed the need for the building to host new functions to save it from the risk of decay. This is perhaps the most difficult objective to achieve that the "historical and architectural constraint" alone, while essential to avoid demolition, does not ensure.
  13. Introduzione

  14. Introduzione

  15. Introduzione

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