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  1. 2001 GTV Cup 3.0 24v V6 (RHD) #60

    È bellissima! Complimenti!
  2. First time Spider owner

    Really nice! What displacement is the engine?
  3. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    Bravo e complimenti per le auto! Anche a me si è accesa la spia dell'airbag quando ho spostato il sedile guida con il motore acceso!
  4. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

  5. 916 Spider in Sussex.....!

    It is a pleasure for everyone to read about new 916 enthusiasts posting on the forum. I understand that you are the only owner of the Spider, which therefore has always been yours. Compliments
  6. Greetings from Portugal - 916 sPider CF1

    Very good! The Spider looks in excellent condition: you made a great purchase! What version is it?
  7. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    Bravo, well done!
  8. Return to Alfa

    I don't know, but I don't think so.
  9. Return to Alfa

    Se sei appassionato dei motori del grande Giuseppe Busso, dovresti leggere questo meraviglioso libro.
  10. To all Alfa Romeo fans I recommend this wonderful book that tells the story and technical aspects of the work of the great Giuseppe Busso in the Milanese factory. It is a truly interesting book.
  11. Return to Alfa

    Thank you Paolo (Baron Von ...) for your comment. I have never tried the 3.0 Busso in its variants, but I have heard several times that the 12 valve has a huge torque at the bottom while the 24 valve pushes a lot up and has better acceleration performance. As for the 2.0 V6 TB I felt that it has an angry push! I agree with your ratings. The only Busso engine that I tested was my grandfather's Alfa 90 2.0 V6 naturally aspirated injection. It was fantastic: it had a great pair, a wonderful progressivity in the delivery of power, and at that time it was the most powerful aspirated 2.0 on the market among sedans (as it had happened with the Alfetta years ago)
  12. Return to Alfa

    I am about to buy a Spider 3.0 V6 12v and I would like to know the driving impressions of those who have driven it. Do you have 3.0 24v? Does it give a strong acceleration boost?
  13. Return to Alfa

    Great! 👍 Dino, you who have both cars, can you tell us about the performance differences of the 3.0 V6 and 2.0 V6 TB?
  14. Return to Alfa

    You are right. But we must resist, continuing to turn on the roads of the world with our Alfa cars.
  15. Return to Alfa

    Foto very beautiful!

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