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    • Hi Pete!   GTA wheels are nice (I had them on 156), but IMHO maybe a bit "too rough" for a very smooth and elegant GTV design. Original 17" teledials are better choice if you can't get GT Blacklines or Zender Siena. About suspension: in most cases with Koni, Novitec, Eibach and H&R you can't go wrong, but I don't know what is still available.    No experience with Alfaholics exhaust, I have custom built Shacal and it's great. There should be someone here with that exhaust.   Yes, it's a keeper!   Best,
    • Hi Pete,   Not much reply so far so I will give you some input. I would not import a set of GTA wheels. They are available down under at alfa specialized wreckers. Maybe a suspension upgrade isn't needed just new shocks. I went through the upgrade pathway for my gtv 3.0 and found advice of others inaccurate for my car to the extend that I replaced a new set of springs because I couldn't live we the harsh "upgrade". The original suspension is very good it just seems to age fairly fast. I can't advice on power steering hoses. Alfaholic exhaust will work out expensive due to freight and poor exchange rate. Again you can find second hand upgraded exhaust systems for far less money. btw I love my underutilized gtv too.
    •   In that case the fuel filter would do its job and protect the fuel injectors. The fuel pump screen and fuel filter would be clogged up of course.   But... I think it is not the case here: The original injectors are still in running on a Squadra Chip set with a bigger turbo. I am pretty sure it is just the injector size which is to small for the requested amount of fuel. They are in fact already smallish for the standard power (200hp). The Squadra Chip set max out the original turbo AND the standard injectors @ 235hp. Because of the bigger turbo the same power is already there at 5000/5500rpm instead of 6500rpm, that is what I think. It is the same ever since I drive it with this setup. Not really a problem, just a sympthom of the changes I made so far..
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