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    • I follow your job in the shadows... It's incredible!!! Waiting for more...
    • Thought I'd move into this forum to continue the journey with my GTV Cup V6 (#60 of 155 RHD).   Lost keys & immobiliser/ecu issues forced it to be stored in my garage for the last 12 months. Its been a pain to sort out but finally, as of today, it's back on the road and I can't wait to get out in it as much as posisble and enjoy that engine!   I've been gradually addressing required maintenance and returning it to original spec throughout my ownership (4 years now). I will shortly be having the new OEM Zender front bumper/splitter that's waiting in my garage sprayed and fitted (in place of the otiginal that I previously paid to have repaired and resprayed . . . and then grounded on a steep bank and split badly again, 5 days later ) . I also need to address some recent sudden lacquer peel on the rear wing. Finally I will be having the wheels repainted to original Cup spec. Then it will be pretty much perfect!    
    • So I've had a few issues to deal with. First of all the front bank cam cover was seeping oil from the new seal. I removed the cover and added red gasket sealant and refitted, only to have the engine run terribly, misfiring and throwing 14 different engine management codes! After 24 hrs of head scratching, disconnecting and cleaning earths and removing and refitting sparkplugs, I discovered I'd connected no5 and no6 coil packs the wrong way round!   As soon as the connectors were reversed and the error codes cleared all was well once again, so I book teh car in for its annual government roadworthiness test (MoT). The morning of the test I was feeling quietly confident, until I moved the drivers seat with the ignition on. You guessed it - the dreaded airbag light! Needless to say it failed the test on this.   The good news though is that today (after I downloaded multiecuscan and reset the airbag error), it passed!   So now I am finally back on the road and enjoying the noise of the Busso once again, I think its time to stop updating on this intro thread and create a new thread in the Our 916s section to continue the adventures.   Before I go though I thought I'd share the photo I took this weekend of my Cup with the other cars I have in my garage. Enjoy 
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