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  1. hello from USA!

    Civilization will fall and you in the head of cars! I hope that you will manage to do these 250 Abrams. Greetings from Poland.
  2. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    In your case, I was about the oil cooler.
  3. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Takie kratki były fabrycznie w Alfie 164. Posiadanie drukarki można jeszcze ulepszyć (trapez prostokątny).
  4. hello from NL

    Hello! Great idea, waiting for more details.
  5. Hello from Bulgaria

    No offense. It's such a local tradition. Hello!!!
  6. Looking at purchasing a 2.0 TS

    The handlebars have other multi-grooves.
  7. Wanted: GTV V6 3.0

    http://www.forum.alfaholicy.org/sprzedam_auto/165948-moja_gtv_3_0_v6_na_sprzedaz.html#post2153697 https://www.olx.pl/motoryzacja/samochody/q-gtv/?search[order]=filter_float_price%3Adesc
  8. Zender Siena wheels 17 Inch

    18" from Alpha 166 have a 5x108 screw spacing. http://www.forum.alfaholicy.org/gtv_gtv_spider/77148-felgi_gtv.html
  9. Indeed Wałęsa is called Leszek, and carried to term for communists as Bolek. So much common to it I was at one time in the Solidarity.
  10. Hello! https://allegro.pl/kategoria/opony-i-felgi-99193?string=gtv&order=pd&bmatch=ss-base-relevance-floki-5-nga-hcp-wp-mp-aut-1-1-0621 Full choice. https://allegro.pl/kategoria/uklad-hamulcowy-hamulce-tarczowe-250402?string=zaciski brembo&order=m&bmatch=ss-base-relevance-floki-5-nga-hcp-wp-mp-aut-1-1-0621 Most often chosen: https://allegro.pl/alfa-romeo-166-v6-zacisk-zaciski-brembo-i7367690824.html
  11. Zender Siena wheels 17 Inch

  12. I am greeting everyone Lech.
  13. Buying bracket

  14. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    I am greeting. How much factory door did they weigh?
  15. 916 Special Editions


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