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  1. Greetings From Belgium

    Nice one, welcome!
  2. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    Yes, just the rubber bushings... that could be the long time solution, I'll consider that. The rear is very stiff after Powerflexing so I was hesitant to put it in front too, but it's another situation in front, do you have it in front? How is it?
  3. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    However, there are some third party parts that are of premium quality, like this Shacal exhaust! It's 15 years old, superb craftsmenship!
  4. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    I've been to check my wheel alignment and suspension geometry today after the replacement of the front right Koni shock that started to leak. Kudos to Koni for a free replacement under "lifetime warranty" that those Koni Adjustable series had at the time. My front wishbones are a bit loose (TRW after only 7.000 km) and yet the original Alfa part lasted for over 100.000 km. I am not happy with the quality of this third party parts. If they last only a few thousands km, next time I'll buy the cheapest as they probably can't be worse than this. Ok, there was some miles done on the Grobnik racetrack and there was some hooligan-style driving, but nevertheless it's far too short...
  5. Greatings from Turin

    Hi and welcome! Nice one!
  6. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    Great job! And your fuel lines are good as new! I must do that also!
  7. Carbon Fiber Engine Sidepanel

    It looks really nice and pro-made! It's a pity that manufacturing is so expensive and for most owners it's out of reach.
  8. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Let us know does it work and can it be used for daily driving or just on a track?
  9. Alfa GTV Competizione

    The most ambitious project on any GTV so far!
  10. Alfa GTV Competizione

    It's hard to match your level of dedication!
  11. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I love those carbon covers!
  12. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    The timing belt service was a perfect opportunity to tidy up the engine bay! Maybe it's not perfect, but it's nice for a 21-year-old car!
  13. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Yes, give us some more recent photos, I saw great one by M. Kopp Photography on some Facebook list! The car is now near perfect!
  14. 916 in USA

    Welcome Ron! 916 is very rare in the States. There was some import there but not by any official dealer, it was rebranded as "Autodelta GTS"(!).
  15. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    On the end I found water pump with metal impeller, it's from Thermotec, and also there is a HEPU model with a metal part, and also it seems that SKF part has metal impeller and so on... so you just need to search a bit. Also, as it's hard to get the new oil cap for Busso, I made it with Adobe Illustrator and computer cutter! If anyone need the source vector file, I can email it!