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  1. Great to see it again! New wheels are spot on! Welcome back!
  2. This silver Spider is a mess But your red one make up for that twice!
  3. Superb photo!
  4. Your engine bay looks like a pharmacy!
  5. Welcome!
  6. @ALXege Yes, I agree, Phase 2 interior is nicer but it's mostly because of the circular air diffusers on the top, what I love about Ph1 are those large and emphasized central gauges. In this combination they work rather well. I choosed aluminum-look flat bottom to match the console and that was a good decision, it blends well. Maybe I'd go for Ph2 conversion, but when I saw what is needed to do it, it's only for crazy ones - like Charlee! @charlee I can imagine, our regional community is really well connected and every news spreads in no time!
  7. Installed! I am very very happy! Here is one teaser photo from the garage until I make some quality photos on daylight!
  8. And as I said few months ago, I have a new upgrade, it's finally finished, the waiting list was rather long, almost 6 months, but it's here now... Now I need the puller tool to remove the old one out... I hope I'll find it this week and then make a proper photo of the interior.
  9. It's hard to say, but I think it's faster. It delivers power in a completely different way, so I can't compare it. Once, we'll try to dragrace it!
  10. Those "vortex generators", are they real deal or just some trendy gimmick? Is there some wind-tunnel data about how it works?
  11. VooMan you are crazy! You'll be at home here, welcome! So, this is a 430hp GTV? We have a nice collection of insane mods here already, this one is among the best.
  12. I've tested GTV 2.0 Twin Spark Turbo this morning! It's pretty crazy! The whole driving experience is a very different to 3.0 V6. Busso is silky smooth and powerful throughout the range and this is a different beast - it's almost lazy in the lower range but above 4.500 rpm it gets utterly mad! I've warped up the hill in no time with blowoff valve hissing and engine screaming with freeflow exhaust. What a experience! I hope the engine will endure, now it's set to 0.5 bar.
  13. Great! Thanks for the photos!
  14. Hi and welcome!
  15. The whole setup is done very tidy and professionally: