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  1. As an ex-33 owner I really love it! My friend has one in the same color as yours and some crazy brakes in front, we used to race it on the Grobnik racetrack nearby Rijeka. My 33 was series 1:
  2. Hi Enea, welcome to Squadra 916!
  3. A lot of safe miles to all Squadra memebers!
  4. Hi Silvio! Good to see you here. Looking forward to photos of your V6 TB!
  5. Welcome Tomislav! Park it in our virtual garage!
  6. And what's the price of the plenum? And the cover?
  7. What's the weight difference between OEM and carbon plenum?
  8. It's so photogenic! Thanks for the photos!
  9. I love it! Very sleek!
  10. Have you bought it from Zurich? As far as I know that was Domi's car back in 2011! Fabulous car!
  11. Hi and welcome Dalmatia!
  12. Go for Busso if you can, classic engine, pure joy! Maintenance cost may be even lower for a V6 than for a Twin Spark.
  13. Welcome! Your alfisti history is impressive! Feel at home here...
  14. Yes, it's a freeflow 6-2 system with decat, it's a custom work of Shacal exhaust specialist in Zagreb. It was made according to my blueprint.