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  1. Welcome Droog!
  2. Wow! That's the spirit!
  3. Welcome Stef!
  4. White one? Rare sight! This seems as an Alfa Street! Welcome Lorenzo!
  5. 3.2 V6 Turbo?! Hahaha! Nuts!
  6. I have just found out that OZ Racing has revived the legendary Rally Racing wheel, but in 17, 18 and 19" size! So I've made a simulation in 19" on mine... ok, ok, maybe it's too wild for mine, but it could be just a perfect fit for Dani's Competizione...
  7. You have to come to our Alfisti meeting this summer and test the beast on the Grobnik racetrack!
  8. Nice and tidy, black&red - great combo! Welcome!
  9. Very interesting! So, I guess that once you have a mold it's much faster to do it and you can replicate a certain part? It would be great if you could make a list of all parts that you've done that way and what's the weight difference.
  10. Nice! I like it more with Selespeed wheels. And a small interior styling hint - buy a plastic frame around your headunit so that it fits flush, it's cheap and it looks so much better.
  11. How are those basalt parts made? Is it in a some kind of mold? Is it a DIY job? Where to get needed material?
  12. I think they are 285 mm, I'll ask my friend and report...
  13. As an ex-33 owner I really love it! My friend has one in the same color as yours and some crazy brakes in front, we used to race it on the Grobnik racetrack nearby Rijeka. My 33 was series 1:
  14. Hi Enea, welcome to Squadra 916!