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  1. It must have been a great drive! One day I'll come to Stelvio!
  2. That's true, it feels very solid and heavy, not a choice of racers I'd guess!
  3. I have a new detail! Aluminum fuel cap from alfisti.net. However, the story is not simple at all: Alfa Romeo changed the system completely from 2001 so good deal of 916 models is on the old system and this cap is only for newer Alfas. I thought that it would be enough to disassemble the original fuel cap and remove the plastic top but the diameter is different for a few mm and you can't just mount aluminum one on the old system. So, I had to do extensive modifications: keep the original plastic cap but cut it flat on top, then cut 3 holes to fit 3 tooths on the aluminum one and then scrub off two large circular tooths inside aluminum one so that old plastic cap could fit snugly into the aluminum one. On the end I used two-component super-glue to fix it. All in all it's a 4-5 hours job but it's worth it!
  4. Sunny day in our harbour...
  5. Fix it fast and forget it, the enjoyment later will compensate for the pain now...
  6. Welcome Mario! Great GTV you have!
  7. It seems that your Spider is in mint condition! Welcome!
  8. Welcome! This is going to be interesting! Please, tell us more about your hill climb hardware!
  9. I know that there is TUV certificate in Germany for 18" (here is the page), but there must be also for 19" as there are more than few 916s in Germany with 19". In Croatia there is the "Croatian Vehicle Center" authority that can homologate modifications (usually 30 - 300 euros) if the part has TUV or other manufacturer's certificate.
  10. There must be a way to do a homolagation process, for a price, of course. It's possible in Germany, Swiss and even in Croatia. I have to be on 19" because of 14"/13" brakes. There is at least one GTV in Swiss on 20"!
  11. Thanks guys, and I have a new upgrade in the works... it's a surprise, I'll let you know as soon as installed!
  12. Long time no photos...
  13. I hope that we'll see it soon in our virtual garage! Welcome!
  14. Welcome to Sunny Spider!
  15. Welcome Droog!