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  1. Colo

  2. Spider Sportivo

    HRE!! :respect: They look awesome Joris! Congrats, you'll surely end up with a Vette almost as nice as your Spider. Please keep us posted.
  3. Hello from Valencia!

    Welcome Edu! I've been following your car in Alfistas, nice to see you here!
  4. Spider Sportivo

    Time to try the HRE 505's Joris!
  5. UltraRacing Strut Bar

    Thanks for the info Damgreg! Finally I tried again this last weekend and I think I've found a way to make it work. The problem is that they all require some adjustments, so I'll be keeping the best one.
  6. Spider Sportivo

    Congrats Joris, your Spider looks just superb!!
  7. The title says it all... I'm selling my UltraRacing Strut Bar. I had it fitted in my PH1 3.0 V6 for a few months until I discovered that it was crashing against a couple pipes arriving to the plenum. I wanted to make a couple mods in order to fit it properly but I have a new project involving a 350Z and selling the bar will surely help with finances. It will fit perfectly all TS engines. PH2 V6's would require some adjustments. Not recommended for PH1 V6's (and I have no clue if it would fit TB's). The bar is in perfect condition, I've even repainted around the fitting holes where it had some scratches. I have an acceptable price in mind so whoever makes an offer reaching it first will get it, if nobody reaches it I will sell it to the best offer. Please PM me how much you would like to pay including shipping. Thanks!
  8. My new toy

    Bienvenido! Nice couple Alfa's!
  9. Me presento

    Beautiful cars Trebol! Nice to welcome another Spanish with italian blood!
  10. Zender Siena Wheels 18 Inch

    Did you post this in Alfaowner? Im sure you'd find a buyer fast!
  11. First ever official Squadra916 meet! 916 Drive

    Next one in Spain, always nice weather there! I wish I could join you but im stuck in France without car, there arent many things worse than this, lol.
  12. Spider Sportivo

    I thought about it later, the only reason for going through all that trouble could only be because you wanted the originals. You can probably find way cheaper replicas than those too. I cant wait to see your car with those wheels...
  13. Spider Sportivo

    http://www.ebay.it/itm/CERCHI-IN-LEGA-19-NUOVI-X-alfa-romeo-147-156-GT-GTV-5x98-/250966422107 There you go...
  14. Spider Sportivo

    I've seen a dark blue Spider with those TI wheels but in 18 and it looked amazing, thats why I mentioned it before. In that case the color was normal silver grey, not sure about the gun metal with a dark car. I think they make replicas of those wheels in 5x98, if I find them I'll post them here.

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