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  1. The 19"-wheels don´t look really good, so I replaced them :-) I think now it Looks much better
  2. Hope, next year we will there again. This year date was a Little bit too late :-( Greetings Michael
  3. What did you do with the fuel pipes? Only painting with a golden colour? Or is it a special coating? Best regards Michael
  4. Alfa Spider 3.0 12V
  5. http://www.movitbrakes.com/de/start/ You can talk with them for special solutions, but it costs c. 3500€.
  6. I plan to travel with that Spider to Croatia if I can finish all works until end of this month (cambelt changing, new cooler and some other small things). If not, you can see the Spider in October ;-)
  7. Hello, today I bought a new toy for me. After Spider 2.0 and 3.2 and GTV 2.0 and 2.0 TB the Family is completed with a Spider 3.0 12V :-) It has fine options like Movit-Brakes at the front, 19"-wheels, Engstler 4-pipe exhaust, H&R with Bilstein. Next week I will pick him up and bring him into my garage Best regards Michael
  8. Fine, another Spider 3.2 Welcome! Best regards Michael
  9. Nice pictures as every year Best regards Michael
  10. Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 TS 16V