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  1. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    This is very helpful! it should be like this from factory. congrats.
  2. GTV V6 TB aka Shewolf

    In Austria is also impossible to find a good rx8 nowadays. In Greece is exactly the opposite. The Rotary scene is huge. I was actually looking for an rx7 fd but the hype about that model is big and they are extremely expensive. The rx8 is a very impressive car in terms of handlings.
  3. Hello from Montreal

    Actually that is not true. V6 TB was sold all around the Europe except from UK.
  4. GTV V6 TB aka Shewolf

    The Mazda is the Cosmo Edition with 238 ps. I already made some mods to it but nothing special. The handling of this car is just amazing even as stock.
  5. GTV V6 TB aka Shewolf

    Mazda is Alfa Romeo of Japan New toy
  6. Hello! Tell me whether you can install the camshaft from 155 2.5 v6 to 2.0 v6TB? What effect will give, and what problems can there be?

    1. Thanos


      Hey I do not really know much about this... Have you searched in the forum? feel also free to start a new thread..

    2. Demarka
  7. 916 in USA

    Nice post Paso! If i remember right there was company called "Autodelta USA" (or something similar) who imported the 916 in the USA? I read somewhere about but could not found any details... Do you have more photos of this 916? the interior looks interesting...
  8. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    I know about the Rocketeer! Looks fun... but no way that jaguar can be better than a busso though.
  9. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    Love this MX5! Can you fit a V6 busso in there?
  10. GTV V6 TB aka Shewolf

    back from the dead https://streamable.com/1uhvt
  11. 916 door red leather pockets

    Yes I have and thanks for the idea! I would rather have the original one...
  12. I am looking for those. Thank you
  13. Thanos

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