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  1. Better late than never

    benvenuto Mario!Are you italian?
  2. Ordsall5

    Hello Ordsall.Your spider,is a phase 1 model? your engine has 150cv from the factory.For first..check your spark plugs,maybe is time to replace them with new.
  3. Newbie with broken GTV

  4. 916 Special Editions

    thank you Lech!
  5. 916 Special Editions

    can anyone tell me informations,about the 3.0 v6 24v gtv, red style? how many cars manufactured?
  6. New to the forum

    love your color!!!
  7. Gtv-Spider front bumper and hood

    Black gtv/spider front bumper and hood..needs a new paint job.Price for all...500 euro NEW PRICE 400 plus transport fees!!!
  8. new GTV owner from Scotland

    welcome!!!nice color!!!
  9. Brembo callipers 4-pot from 166 3.0 v6

    these 310 discs are..from a wrong..internet order.For a gtv or spider twin spark..you have to use the 305 28 discs from the gtv 3.0 with these 166 3.0 Brembo callipers.You must also have the right adapters!
  10. Hello!i have a pair of Brembo callipers,from the Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 v6,color yellow with new brake pads,100% functional!!!i also sell a pair of 7075 aluminum adapters to fit these Brembo to our Twin sparks 1.8 or 2.0!!Price for all..450 euro plus shipping cost.For the buyer..i offer a pair of brand new ZIMMERMAN SPORT BRAKE DISCS COAT Z 310/28 for only 50 euro!
  11. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    iridium battery..1kg???!!!!woow!!!never heard about that!is very interesting!
  12. Hello from England

  13. 166 Brembo Adapters for all Twin sparks..made of aluminum 7075 for aircraft use!The price is 180 euro plus shipping cost. (the bolts..are not included)
  14. Side vents of Zender Cup kit

    not anymore!
  15. Greetings from Sweden!

    welcome my friend!!!

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