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  1. restoration alfa gtv 2.0 ts

    I need to refresh mine color too so i'm very interested how it will look after painting. Mostly i'm interested in parts around windows
  2. Alfa gtv ph1 rare red carpet for sale (right hand side)

    If you can put few photos
  3. Buying bracket

    It is the same as at 145 QV 2.0 16v with metal cap. it has two wholes what is not have any purposes but other is the same. If anyone will need it.
  4. Selling carpet PH2 or changing for PH1

    I want to changed it because i'm not going on ph2 interior at the moment... If you look at ph1 and ph2 there is some changes and i dont like to see metal at that points so that is main reason.
  5. night star

  6. Cuore nero

    My fuel pump on my 2.0 ts 16v (cf1) so i want to buy other but i wanna upgrade it 'cause i will go on turbo. So my question is does someone know fuel pum does it fit from v6 and is it better. Poslano sa mog SM-A300FU koristeći Tapatalk
  7. Carpet for PH1

    I'm finding to buy carpet for gtv (916) PH1 with two side things. Prefer black or red. Contact me in txt or com. Please only in good condition! Poslano sa mog SM-A300FU koristeći Tapatalk
  8. Selling or exchange PH2 dark grey carpet for PH1 carpet. Dark grey carpet + two side attachments. Carpet are fully washed and cleaned. It is without any damage from cigarettes or other things. Selling carpet or exchange for PH1 carpet. I give preference to black or red PH1 carpet with two side attachments. Price is 100€ + shipping costs! Poslano sa mog SM-A300FU koristeći Tapatalk
  9. Buying bracket

    I'm buying bracket for shaft. Ph1 1995 2.0 16v ts. My snaped so i need to find other part to assemble the engine. Poslano sa mog SM-A300FU koristeći Tapatalk
  10. GTV 2.0 Twin Spark Turbo

    Second pipeline from cooling liquid housing where it is connecting to ? That is one from plug... Sent from my SM-A300FU using Squadra916 mobile app
  11. Hi to all

    But if you are from Split then you need to know and do the leather thing at zizi he is the best and many tuners and racers do leather at his place... Sent from my SM-A300FU using Squadra916 mobile app
  12. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    Da budem iskren da nisam vidio tvoju gtv nikad nebi kupio svoju. Hvala na tom!
  13. 916 Special Editions

    Is this special edition like it was for germany black color exterior and diffrent momo leather black/grey with red stiching and red carpet. Think that edition had 2.0ts but i'm not shure.
  14. Hello from Dubrovnik

    Hi to dubrovnik and to you silvio
  15. Hello from Croatia

    Hi mate i know your car from Alfisti.hr!

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