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  1. Ultimate 916 Spider

    First time out of the garage since buying πŸ‘ rear end looking much better.
  2. Alfa gtv v6 project black edition

    Well pulled the old girl out after 6 months being parked up and o I have missed that engine noise. Needs a good clean lol! Again!
  3. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Well guys eventually managed to source a silver mint boot to replace the Subaru Impreza style Spoiler boot πŸ˜‚ and I had to buy a replacement clam shell panel as the vinyl wrap had bonded with the paint thankfully only in this area of the car. When I tried removing the wrap it just peeled up the paint, yet the wrap has protected the paint in nearly all other areas of the car. the red dash and door cards are in but I think the alcantura is to dirty with stains to save, I’m having a go a spraying the grey black and see how it turns out. feels like I’m making progress the aim is to have her finish for summer 2019 as I’m already missing my red spider.
  4. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

  5. Alfa gt cloverleaf (very rare)

    Sorry bud these sold
  6. Ultimate 916 Spider

    My new daily got to be..... a Alfa πŸ‘
  7. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Well today was a sad day I sold my Rosso spider 😞 it was my daily driver and I was forever maintaining her doing 13k miles a year and gave me no free time for my j10 spider so I let her go 😒 My little boy wasn’t happy when the new owner drove the spider away, 😭😭😭 he started shouting β€œme love that car daddy!” β€œMe love that car!” πŸ˜‚ a proper Alfaholic at the age of 3πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ a few final pics
  8. Alfa gt cloverleaf (very rare)

    Hi guys I have for sale a set of rare 18 gt cloverleaf alloys for sale (the ones ferrari copies for their 458) these normall sell between Β£500-Β£900 Mine Β£450 no offers, pics to follow,
  9. Alfa gtv v6 project black edition

    Lol! I have three 916s soon to be two, I fancied something newer with all the mod cons for my work commute so have just purchased this.... of course it had tobe a Alfa πŸ‘
  10. 3.0 V6 Spider. UK Press Car.

    How much are you selling it for? Thanks Jon
  11. Zoe Yellow Spider

    Ooo that red spider is so nice πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚
  12. Ultimate 916 Spider

    And she passed and no advisories 😁 Chilling before her retest and a few nice pics
  13. Zoe Yellow Spider

    Wow looking great 😍 Any more pics pics of the Rosso red spider? its the 4 Rosso spider in your second pic, looks like it has roll bars and a boot lid spoiler. its also pictured in your third pic πŸ‘
  14. Ultimate 916 Spider

    All sorted and booked in for the mot retest next week, I have fitted my new 17inch cloverleaf alloys the ride is so much better a joy to drive no more back ache πŸ˜‚ And bargain at Β£250, since the wheels are silver I decided to go back to silver look on the grill to match, after sourcing a phase one grill I resprayed it silver and fitted a new style Alfa badge, I think it's looks modern oem look 😜 I quickly debadged the rear aswell not 100% looks clean I still got to remove the glue, might move the spiderbadge on the light strip like as seen on this forum.
  15. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Well in for a mot and despite the tester commenting on how clean the underside is my daily driver spider failed! πŸ™„ 1) The 19s rubbin on full lock, so I will be fitting the 17 cloverleaf alloys. 2) Exhaust has a major leak of gases, looking under the car where the ss system joins the cat looks like the bolts have loosened and I can feel the leak, a matter of refitting and tightening up, mot tester said once I sort the leak it will pass the lamba test so not too bad however... 3) service brake efficiently below requirement, when I asked about this he said they now test brakes individually and the rears failed, he said most likely seized as the front do all the work. so I have just ordered a caliper rebuild kit for bother rears, when the parts arrive I will book a day off work, swap the wheels over, re connect the exhaust and seal. Then rebuild the rear calipers. I have ten days for the re test. Not bad for a 21 year old Italian sports car with 100k on the clock πŸ‘