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    Stockport , Cheshire , England
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    Garage owner at Master Tech. Vehicle service Ltd Fiat/Alfa Romeo specialist .Having worked for FGA for 30 years and winner of the Fiat/Alfa diagnostic technician of the year 2004/5. Head technician at Reg vardy (Stockport) , Grandons (Cork ROI) and Mangoletsi (Knutsford)
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    Spider 1999 2.0T Spark 16v / 2.0 Ts GTV / 1.6 Ts 147, 156 GTA SW ,1968 Giulia sprint GT Veloce. Blue 2.0 GTV Ts
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  5. When changing cam belts on engines without tdc marks the best and most accurate way to find tdc is to go 1mm btdc mark flywheel and bell housing then do the same at 1mm atdc then accurately find the centre and this will be perfect jim

  6. Alfatech T Spark spider cup

    99 2.0 T Spark 16v , cup kit, Autodelta upper and lower rear aprons , Autodelta special tuned quad pipes, front strut brace , 17" Alfa Accessory wheels , air diffuser , Giulietta sport pedals . power flex rear trailing and swinging arms
  7. Saved another....

    Great stuff. I hate seeing 916's being sold for parts and scrapped . We don't see many on the roads these days .
  8. Currently tucked away for winter
  9. Spider 3.0 V6 RHD production numbers anyone?

    This part of the History link reads well :-) AwardsEdit 1995, Autocar Magazine: "1995 Car of the Year". 1995, Car Magazine: "Best Designed Car". 1995, Car Magazine: Best Design Detail in production. 1995: "The World's most Beautiful Automobile" award. "Engineer of the Year" for chief Alfa Romeo engineer, Bruno Cena.
  10. Spider 3.0 V6 RHD production numbers anyone?

    Likewise ... I'd also like to know how many Nuvola blue 3.0 v6 were produced in RHD . I'm looking for a good low mileage one

    Cheers Charlee we could start by pinning something in Announcements or events suggesting a meet in spring when all the good weather only cars re-appear . Once enough interest is gained maybe suggestions of a good place to meet and date ?

    Shame there is no response to a UK meeting , I'd certainly be there, especially one "Up North"
  13. New GTV 2.0 TS Cup found.

    Wow ! A brand new GTV in 2013 !! I never thought a car like that existed. I wonder what that would be worth in 10 years time ?
  14. Photo Contest - November 2013

    We'll done ALXege on your win. A deserving photograph . I'm looking forward to the next competition :-)
  15. Spider art

    The recent photo competition started me playing around with the pictures I have of my spider . I decided to frame these three to see how they look side by side. It's now mounted in the spare bedroom , I don't think my wife would appreciate it if I put it over the fire place in the lounge !! ;-) Now a true piece of art !! :-)))

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