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  1. Hello! Tell me whether you can install the camshaft from 155 2.5 v6 to 2.0 v6TB? What effect will give, and what problems can there be?

  2. A new Mitsubishi TDH05H-12B turbocharger

    Ha? As it's not on the pictures, I thought you didn't have it and then sells the turbo without it! Studs are ok, uncut? Mine were cut...
  3. A new Mitsubishi TDH05H-12B turbocharger

    No, you can't use the oem downpipe as the two flanges are not compatible. How can you go from: To smtg similar to this: ?
  4. A new Mitsubishi TDH05H-12B turbocharger

    Useless without the specific downpipe And without wastegate, even if it's clean, at this price you'll have to be patient
  5. Ragazzon Exhaust

    Here is a good option in France for a duplex! http://www.leboncoin.fr/equipement_auto/869674660.htm?ca=16_s
  6. Beautiful 916s around the World !

    Some pictures found on facebook:
  7. GTV 3.0 V6 CUP + Q2

    These gaiters are for the old GTV6 tipo 116!
  8. GTV 3.0 V6 CUP + Q2

    Pas mal
  9. 17 inch Teledials from GTV

    If not sold you maybe can post some pictures here?
  10. GTV 3.0 V6 CUP + Q2

    I'm proud to have told you to let Martin do the job for me Well done! I'll be in holidays at the end of August... Text me when available for your fuel pump
  11. GTV 3.0 V6 CUP + Q2

    I never had any problem with my italian sized licence plate buddy Even when I got busted for overruning by the right, the guy noticed that "normally alfa romeo have their licence plate on the left side of the bumper" but that's all
  12. Return of the Cup

    It's just a connection box with some connectors as you can find in your engine bay
  13. And side skirts.. and front lip.. => https://www.dropbox.com/sh/su8ikzdzo6x545z/AAABweR89mRXV-6F3-xqfX4Qa?dl=0
  14. My GTV V6 TB

    Once I forgot to plug my TPS and my idle rpm was around 1500 rpm when I started the engine!
  15. GTV 3.0 V6 CUP + Q2

    Thats what my collegues are telling me everyday

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