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  1. Zender Siena 18" like new

    Sad for my friend...
  2. Zender Siena 18" like new

  3. Zender Siena 18" like new

    A friend is interested. I'll tell you faster...i hope...
  4. Spider Sportivo

    300...350?...not excessive Thanks!!! Siena?...i will see!!!
  5. Spider Sportivo

    Ok thanks a lot! I've got a 166 steering wheel at home so i will do like you The price for modification...you remember?... A friend want to buy sienas!!! What is your price? I'll tell him Yes contact from Mathieu for EL one Good welder!!! PM performance?...they sell it on the net or they custom exhaust directly on car?... Thank you Joris
  6. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

  7. Spider Sportivo

    Joris? Where did you get your final exhaust please? And...for your steering Wheel...do you know where i can give a 166 steering wheel to have same of your? Thank you.
  8. Spider Sportivo

    Sell it?! Wow!!! To Toxy?...yes...it will be loved one for sure!!! Sienas...are brand news!!! Impressive...really!!! Sell any set?... Your EL seem to come from same welder as mine...in Slovakia!!! mine are exactly the same ones
  9. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    Magnificient one!!! Really famous!!!
  10. My GTV 916 3.0 KC +++

    Thanks a lot!
  11. My GTV 916 3.0 KC +++

    And last week...some little modifications...new paint for front brakes (with all brand new stickers!!!). Front grille...have it chrome...dead...so...put off the chrome and paint it black (Rolling Stones mode ON)!!! And engine...i let you see...
  12. My GTV 916 3.0 KC +++

    And finally mounted EL... it was not an easy task!One was having a little default...won't take place in front of my Sport cat!!! But my welder made it works!!!
  13. My GTV 916 3.0 KC +++

    Washing session few weeks ago to!!!
  14. My GTV 916 3.0 KC +++

    I'm late sorry... Many thanks. Joris for the License plate...not difficult anymore. I just put the plate in place. It was already drilled. I made marks and then I riveted it on the plastic of the bumper. EL was OK. Laco let more to put in place with welder with no problem. Few weeks ago: Before mounting the EL there was internal disassembly to put the black stanchions and turn off tinted films:
  15. Moon from France

    Welcome here...'copain'

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