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  1. My GTV 916 3.0L 24V

    Thanks a lot !! [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:169] Edit : Oups, Is it possible to share piscture from my "vehicule" ? to a post?
  2. Hi

    Welcome peter !
  3. My GTV 916 3.0L 24V

    No it's "mercedes" white, ID° 147 in mercedes book !
  4. My GTV 916 3.0L 24V

    Some pictures of my ex-GTA
  5. My GTV 916 3.0L 24V

    the last pictures was more old than this other, as you can see in the third pitures of this showroom I just change my licence plate, yes by an 275X70 about exhaust, it's Remus quad yes
  6. My GTV 916 3.0L 24V

    With my winter wheels !!
  7. My GTV 916 3.0L 24V

    Thanks Thanos for sharing my picture on facebook !!
  8. Moon from France

    Thanks ! Paso
  9. Moon from France

    Yes, I don't know why un france, we use "aviation Hose", like in the plane.
  10. Moon from France

    Old one, but with 330mm discs and "Aviation Hose" (I don't know if it the good word), and red stuff so I can't really compare because, this Aviation Hose is really changing the sensation, when it cold the GTV have better brake, but yes when the aviation hose and the brake are hot, the GTA brake better. I have to post some picture of my previous car, I was in love for this GTA.
  11. Evoman's Spider 3.0 12v 1998

    Beautifull !!!
  12. My GTV 916 3.0L 24V

    thanks a lot for your comment, lot of pleasure for me !
  13. My GTV 916 3.0L 24V


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