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  1. Come'on Charlee, we want UPDATES!!
  2. Look fabulous! I'm not a big fan of silver cars, but this looks stunning! I always asked myself, how is the ride quality with 19" on a 916?
  3. Spider is great, had a few epic roadtrips together (Alfa Romeo Weekend in Serbia, AlfaFest, a weekend by the seaside with a multibrand cabrio club). Needs a full respray soon Sent from my Alfa Romeo
  4. It's been some time I haven't checked this forum (shame on me!). The main reasone i came back was to check this topic..so dissapointed there are no news charlee, how's it going mate? Sent from my Alfa Romeo
  5. I will be there someday.. Sent from my Alfa Romeo
  6. Really cool, man! Keep up! And hope you get another nice GTV soon Sent from my Alfa Romeo
  7. And the full 30 minutes movie: https://www.facebook.com/AlfaClub/posts/844700935566552
  8. The official trailer! https://www.facebook.com/AlfaClub/videos/vb.141712162532103/843933012310011/?type=2&theater (make sure you watch it in HD and fullscreen)
  9. Unfortunatelly, I'm not going to make it Enjoy, plenty of special cars to be seen there! So sad will not see you again
  10. Nice video shot from GTV Mk3:
  11. 2 more Other photos from the event: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.480170232137501.1073741832.332086846945841
  12. Just a glimpse of what happened this weekend! There were also another two 916s that didn't make it in the photo. Nikola & Kunev, such a pleasure to meet you in person! For those of you who don't know them, they are some really cool guys you deffinetly want as friends Thank you all for coming, hope to see more 916's next time
  13. Thanks, charlee for posting the schedule! Kunev, yes, you need RON. Don't think you will be able to exchange Leva, so prepare some Euros. See you on friday!
  14. Few time left and things get really busy organizing your arrival Please join and follow the event's page on Facebook, will be posting there all the details pretty soon. https://www.facebook.com/events/387677928074092/
  15. Well, hurry up, 3 months to go