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  1. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Same here, Martini ftw!
  2. '01 GTV 2.0TS

    Fixed (pyrothecnic charges blown) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. '01 GTV 2.0TS

    Since it's a 17yo Alfa with quite a few retrofit parts, of course it ain't perfect A friend of mine is helping me fix all the small but annoying issues. He already replaced the cheap aftermarket xenon lights with standard halogen bulbs, repaired the non-working reverse lights (broken "solenoid"? on the gearbox), fixed a broken light on the center dial for climate control (god damn bulbs, impossible to find) etc. The biggest challenge now is the air-bag warning light in the dash. It's on since we retrofitted the electric seats (or even before, who knows, I never drove the car before switching the interior). The error on the tester says something like (from memory) "Driver side pyrotechnic charge open circuit". Any idea what could be the cause of this and how can it be fixed? Background story: the car came with standard interior which was recently replaced with an electric interior from another car (Edizione Sportiva). I don't have too much info on this since my mechanic did it, my understanding is he needed to port part of the wiring loom to make the electric adjustments work? Here's a recent pic of the car (for attention purpose )
  4. Oh! Sorry, didn't pay attention to the listing then The sideskirts were looking good, it was the splitter that made me ask questions I'm interested only in the CUP elements, so will think about the sideskirts only, in case I do find a CUP splitter somewhere else. Thanks!
  5. Price for side skirts and front splitter only, including shipping to Bucharest, Romania? [emoji41] LE: just saw the front splitter item(s?) listed.. afaik, the genuine front splitter consists in one piece. Are you sure you're selling proper replicas? This makes me seriously question the sideskirts too.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Beautiful 916s around the World !

    Alot of 916 content on Alfatographie lately
  7. Alfa GTV Competizione

    My understanding is you built this project for absolute performance! Thus I understand why you're running a V6 or using 330 brakes, but such eider rims, especially on the back, they only bring weight, no performance anyway, if you are happy with the result, this is the most important thing, the car kicks ass none the less! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Since you (obviously) shifted focus towards performance and weight reduction, a thing I don't understand much is why you went for 11" width rims on the back. Running 295 tires on the back on a FWD car really doesn't make too much sense! Nor running 235 on 9" width rims.. It's a shame, because you spent so much time, money and energy in saving few hundred grams of weight in some parts while you can really save a few kilos from the rims/tires setup! I think you could have gone with 8x18 and 225/40/18, maybe aiming for a lower ET on the back wheels to get a slightly wider track..
  9. Gtv-Spider SQUADRA 916 meeting 2017

    Some local Squadra meet [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. 2003 GTV 2.0 TS for parts

    Sold! Fortunately, somebody will gonna rescue it!
  11. 17" Teledial

    No longer available, sold the car as a whole.
  12. My GTV V6 TB

    Finally! I also looked for wheel options for quite some time now, I was thinking of 19" 939 TI's, BBS CK's, even found a set of Sienas which I always dreamed of! But in the end decided to stick to the OEM Teles, the car was (technically) designed for 17", they do match really well the car shapes, and last, but not least, I suspect 916s will turn out as a really appreciated classic, and having it as factory spec as possible would be a big plus in many years from now Regarding the engine, why would you want a 3.0 V6 instead of a 2.0 V6 TB? I'm not asking this because I consider the v6 TB superior in any way (I actually consider the opposite), but I'm really curios on your reasons, as you owned this V6 TB for quite some time now and is obviously a well taken care one. In my opinion, besides the technical implications which I am not very familiar with, a showstopper I see is that you already had the car stripped and you'll probably have to do it again..
  13. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    Looks really really well! Although I like better the ph2 interior, I somehow appreciate more amd more the ph1 interior, suits the youngtimer look&frel even more! I was just thinking the other days how, ironically, I would have preffered my GTV being older, preferably from the first series in '95 ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Spider Sportivo

    Sorry to bump such an old thread.. but.. do the audio controls on the 166 steering light up? If so, did you need to wire up anything differently?
  15. 2003 GTV 2.0 TS for parts

    Selling a GTV 2.0TS for parts 2003, 160.xxx km on clock, failed engine due to lack of oil, the rest of the car is fully functional Valuable parts that can be found on it: - set of 17" Teledials - black leather interior in good condition Car is located in Bucharest, Romania. Guess it might be interesting for near countries such Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, even Greece or Croatia, as picking it up on a trailer should not cost more than a few hundred Euros.. Price is 650E (of course, you need to arrange pick-up and transport to your location, I can help if needed)