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  1. GTV 2.0JTS

    GTV 2.0JTS
  2. Alin Ciortea

  3. My GTV V6 TB

    i've tried both these adjustments described by http://www.alfaworkshop.co.uk/gtv_window.shtml Have you adjusted the two bolts that hold the glass? Thanks perhaps the order was wrong... i tried the glass angle adjustment first with no noticeable difference. then i took it to an alfa mechanic that messed with the up-down adjustment and made it sound as if the window was never fully up. then i took matters into my own hands and readjusted it to the state it was before that. the problem seems to be on the meeting of the rear part of the glass with the rubber seal. when i wash the car in that zone there's visible moisture between the glass and the seal. from what i reckon the only adjustment that could solve the issue would be moving the whole window assembly inwards (a translation movement rather than a rotation movement - i find it hard to explain... see diagram on the right)
  4. My GTV V6 TB

    i've messed with the adjustments but to no avail (both up/down and inwards/outwards). i'm inclined to blame it on the seals but replacing them seems quite expensive.
  5. My GTV V6 TB

    Not trying to hijack the thread or anything, but how do you cope with windnoise? I've been fiddling around with the windows' settings but it's still rather noisy ...
  6. My GTV V6 TB

    this is too much! i'll feel very ashamed when spring comes and my gtv comes out of the garage...
  7. Self with GTV

    Actually they're quite ok, especially since I've never understood that 'press both break and gas with the right foot' tehnique
  8. Self with GTV

    © Alin Ciortea

  9. My GTV V6 TB

    they're just 'verbal'. i mean they don't blow your hat off but they're not dead silent either. i tried to fiddle with them a bit according to the manual but didn't solve much. i was even considering applying another layer of window felt seal over the existing seals. it seems a simpler and more efficient way to do it and perhaps it will even prevent the windows from sticking to the seals during winter time.
  10. My GTV V6 TB

    yea... i'll just have to live with them. better not stick my fingers where they don't belong, especially since there are so few people who actually know what they're doing when gtvs are concerned that i can actually count them on the fingers of one hand.
  11. My GTV V6 TB

    oh, so you just kept the dials from the ph1... mea culpa btw, did you have to adjust the windows? i have a nasty wind noise and couldn't manage to adjust them to sit properly on the seals...
  12. My GTV V6 TB

    that's a heavily modded ph1 console
  13. Black GTV 99' 1.8TS Red MOMO

    thought so about romania being the future home
  14. Black GTV 99' 1.8TS Red MOMO

    what a stunner! it's a shame registration in romania for this car would probably cost at least twice the selling price...
  15. My GTV V6 TB

    you're one lucky alfa dude i really like the teledials too, but because of the roads here bigger wheels means bigger problems. in fact i'd downgrade from my 17"s (http://getfile8.posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/temp-2012-05-15/tDgqoGqDxEboaHvCanwDBuFfgcEfqmFpuuxgGdcqBcCdobqlcmxjhiJBFIqz/IMG064w.jpg.scaled1000.jpg) to 16" teledials (like you had before getting the new ones)

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