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  1. Ultimate 916 Spider

    A guy in the Netherlands also fitted a supercharger but kept the airconditioning. He used the Eaton M45 (a bit smallish) and made 190hp.
  2. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    I have fitted a 15"/38cm Fan from Spal too. It covers the whole height of the radiator. (I had to dump the OEM twin 10"/25cm fans in favor of one big fan on the left because I use 166TB headers which needs more space.)
  3. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    Do you use front subframe from 166 maybe?
  4. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    "digital control" is cheaper to produce these days, no knobs, no swiches, just touch. I don't like it either, there is no feel in it. And on a bumpy road it is almost impossible to control precisely.
  5. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Hi Steve, In general it is for sure the reliability will be less on the TS turbo compared with a V6. MPG on TS will be better, if they did a good job on the mapping. Carlo
  6. Ohw, I see... 2018...
  7. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Funny those mud guard / flap thingies..
  8. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    New oilcooler with custom air duct almost finished. Fasteners still have to sorted out and some paint applied. I found out that the OEM connections from pipe and fittings to the hose were very restrictive: just 8,2mm diameter while the pipes themselves are about 10mm ID With the new custom hoses all will be ID=10mm, perfect! Also the oilcooler has more area, 50 instead of 40mm thick and much more rows, so a much more effective cooler.
  9. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Meanwhile a bigger Helmholtz resonator is fabricated to try to reduce exhaust drone further @ low revs.
  10. Nice colour! Well... regarding the radio: it depends on how it has been wired.. Normally the radio gets permanent power and switched power via the ignition key. This makes the radio switch off when the key is taken away. Maybe the former owner did not like that.... It is a pitty our Alfa's just have "ignition" and "start" on the starter key switch. They don't have an "accessory" position.
  11. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    I changed the fuelfilter and cut the old one to see if it was clogged but it looked all right (as I expected). The fabric of the filter was turned a bit grey.. So it was doing it's job just fine. No clogging at all. Also the filter is quite big so that is not a bad thing too. The TB is stuck in my garage now: I found that one of the hoses from the oilcooler was leaking (while replacing the right engine mount). Of course the connections on the cooler got haevely damaged while undoing the hoses.. So a new, bigger, Mocal oilcooler is on its way.... To be continued...
  12. GTV 2.0 Twin Spark Turbo

    Interesting questions... 😎 Btw MAF can also be used with Megasquirt. 🙂
  13. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    In that case the fuel filter would do its job and protect the fuel injectors. The fuel pump screen and fuel filter would be clogged up of course. But... I think it is not the case here: The original injectors are still in running on a Squadra Chip set with a bigger turbo. I am pretty sure it is just the injector size which is to small for the requested amount of fuel. They are in fact already smallish for the standard power (200hp). The Squadra Chip set max out the original turbo AND the standard injectors @ 235hp. Because of the bigger turbo the same power is already there at 5000/5500rpm instead of 6500rpm, that is what I think. It is the same ever since I drive it with this setup. Not really a problem, just a sympthom of the changes I made so far..
  14. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    I guess it is still the first fuel pump. But the car has seen just 130k, so it should be fine. Well... maybe the fuel filter is also still the original one! I have no idea, but it is clear that it has to be replaced anyway. I think the injectors max out at 5500rpm flat out. That means about 240hp I guess.. But, I am not going to invest time in the original motor management. It drives very well, so I leave it this way untill I install MS2.
  15. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Well, all is still the same regarding engine and MM. I have about all to change to MS2 but most time is going into restauration work on a 1943 Dodge WC62, light 6x6 militairy truck. Lots of work! The TB runs very well with the standard MM and injectors but I cant go full throttle above 5500rpm because of leaning out. Maybe in the next year I can find some time to get the MS2 stuff working together with the 315cc injectors I have (instead of 189cc).

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