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  1. Hello from Sweden

    Feather light clutch is a fantasy thing.. But when the clutch release bearing is worn in the fingers ofvthe pressureplate it will go heavy although it handles the torque without any problems New clutch will make a big difference, been there.. Working on upgraded turbo / intercooler??
  2. Gbinsb - GTV V6 TB project

    Great you made good progress this year! I installed exactly the same intercooler: core is L550mm x H180mm and I think 65mm thick with indeed 57mm connecting pipes. I used D55x1,5mm stainless pipes and bents together with 54mm silicon hoses. I klocked the exit from the compressor much more downwards so that the intercooler pipe goes under the airco compressor and its pipes. The pressure hose from the steeeing pump rerouted in front of the coolers (in the front bumper) to save some space.
  3. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    Ah, OK! 👍 Looks good. I have LED H4 units in my classic Range Rover: loads of light. 👌
  4. GTV 2.0 Lusso by Slavi

    Looks like you change whole H4 projector unit for LED one?
  5. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    A bit late but... 😁 Yes, many cars have louvres there but I think there will be a lot of dirt and water coming in while driving on wet and/or dirty roads.. 🤔 And still it will not really cool the oil while driving slowly.
  6. Hello from the UK

    Correction: One spark plug and one marketing plug. And well... TS engine is 13 in a dozen: Found in AR 145, 146, 147, 156, GT and yes, also in the GTV and Spider!
  7. Hello from Oregon

    Interesting: I thought all Phase3 916's were 3.2? Funny thing about the clutch: My 1995 TB had also an 235mm clutch. The replacement one is 228mm which I expected in the first place. Did exange straight away. 235mm is standard on 3.2 916 (and 147/156 Gta).
  8. Hello from Russia

    It is not always freezing in Russia...
  9. Harry's 916 Spider

    It is al about how far the spokes of the wheel go inwards. So the ET (Offset) is not the only factor. I can check on original Phase2 16" wheels how much space measured from the mounting flange to the spokes you need. They are really close to the Brembo's, like max 5mm.
  10. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Mmm... no thanks, I prefer my FMIC..
  11. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Mmm... TB runs very rich @ idle so something is wrong somewhere... It drives very good but smells quite bad..
  12. Hello from Oregon

    Welcome 🙂
  13. Hello from Bulgaria

    Mmm... there is not much activity here these days.. So that is part of your "problem" I guess. But anyway.. Welcome!!
  14. Hello from Russia

    Welcome! Very nice 916-combination!

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