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  1. One complete and original set of zender fenders. Left side has some scratches, flash light damaged. Price; 300 euro Please send email; cbubeneck@tele2.nl
  2. a pair off side vents with air intake: Price: 125 euro
  3. Sportiva interior

    Yes, i have these carpet trims.
  4. Do you know domi (mario)? I am interested in his setup, wheels and suspension.

  5. hi, i think i can help you with the cup emblem and alos the console.

    1. Toshko


      Ok, so give me please a saperate price for both. Thanks.

  6. hi, cbubeneck@tele2.nl fir the cup parts

  7. parts from 3.0 v6 24v cup

    My wife whants to continue the project. I will try to convince this weekend so i have more info about the parts. It is not possible for me to ship the frontlip and side skirts.
  8. My project ends, so i am selling my gtv cup in parts. Original cup car.
  9. Newbe Ruby ...

    I won't be a problem to find rhd cup, if a grey 2.0 ts cup will do
  10. Newbe Ruby ...

    I stripped about 7 916's. Most of the weight is in the chasis, engine, front and rear supension, isolation, seats and glass ... So there are a few items which can be lightened.
  11. Newbe Ruby ...

    I am rebuilding the car because i know i will not get used driving rhd. I rode it a few times, getting in and out the car You will not find a lhd v6 cup, if looking for years now So will try to create one ... Yes, it is for know only the change from rhd to lhd.

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