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  1. 18x8J Jetfins wheels

  2. 18x8J Jetfins wheels

    375 EUR!!!
  3. 18x8J Jetfins wheels

    New price - 399EUR
  4. 18x8J Jetfins wheels

    Hello, I have for sale 18 inch genuine Toora Jetfins from GT. 8J ET32 No welds, all straight. Price: 375EUR Shipping to EU/UK 60-90 EUR Location: Varna, Bulgaria Contact me on: georgiev.t@abv.bg + 359 883361616 Greetings,
  5. 17 inch teledials for sale

  6. 17 inch teledials for sale

    still available final price: 350EUR
  7. 17 inch teledials for sale

    New price - 400 Euro
  8. 17 inch teledials for sale

    Still available
  9. 17 inch teledials for sale

    Hello, I have for sale 17 inch genuine Alfa Romeo teledials no welds, straight. Location: Varna / Bulgaria Price: 350 eur Shipping to UK/Europe: 70-90EUR (4-5 business days) (ask me) Tel: +359 883 361616 georgiev.t@abv.bg cheers,
  10. 17" Teledials for sale

    still available
  11. 17" Teledials for sale

    Hello All, there is another 17 inch Teledials in near perfect condition... 500EUR shipping to Europe - 80/100EUR message me, or call me +359 883 361616
  12. OZ SuperTurismo 18x8J 5x98

    still available
  13. OZ SuperTurismo 18x8J 5x98

    Hello maniacs, have for sale genuine OZ Racing SuperTurismo 18 inch, 8J, ET35 - 5x98 with central bore 58.1 they have some dents, but are all straight no tires included price: 450EUR shipping to EU/UK: 100EUR Location: Sofia, Bulgaria pm me or georgiev.t@abv.bg
  14. 17" Teledials for sale

    No, sold...

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