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  1. Gbinsb - GTV V6 TB project

    So now you use bigger pulley for power steering pump i.e. less rpm of it per same engine rpm, right? That big 16G compressor wheel is significantly bigger in size than original one looking at dimensions, which you provide. TD05 turbine wheel also must be bigger than original TB25. After quick search I found some wheel dimensions for TD05H 49/55,6mm and for T25 41,7/53mm (exducer/inducer), but not sure if they are representative and accurate for particular turbos here. Earlier 164 TB with Mitsubishi TD05H-12B must drive very differently from later ones with Garrett TB2538
  2. Gbinsb - GTV V6 TB project

    This is really a good update to be read , especially from performance fanatic perspective ! Everything look very clean, not only the engine and car . Why did you delete the AC ? For me personally, AC is one of the most significant option a car can have (speaking from point of almost all my driving experience done in warm months in non-working AC environment ). I associate intentional AC delete with very seriously modified car likely intended for racing. On my other car, which have been very seriously modified, I insisted on restoring of AC system, which have missed and cut parts. I see also likely aftermarket wastegate actuator, blow-off valve and oil cooler What is intercooler's core size? What is this clutch? It is just stronger pressure plate or something more special? TD05 from earlier 164 TB I guess? Do you know 16G compressor wheel dimensions? I prefer upgrading with something more modern, but that is much easier, if you source everything needed from 164 TB. I wish you sooner completion and waiting for updates and impressions
  3. Prices reduction: 170€ for 1st and 190€ for 2nd one with box.
  4. GTV V6 TB aka Shewolf

    Interesting car for sure . Good luck with it! How much hp is it? That reminds me something, which I have seen these days -> Just a joke
  5. GTV 2.0 Twin Spark Turbo

    Interesting project . You have mentioned Megasquirt ECU, but strangely I see MAF in one picture. Generally when is going to aftermarket ECU is used "speed density" air measurement principle with MAP sensor. I don't see open air filter in engine bay, is standard box with panel filter used on it? Can you give us some more details about setup like turbo, exhaust, blow-off valve, injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regular. Standard engine unopened or overhauled? Still on 0.5bar?
  6. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Is the fuel pump original one? If yes, its performance probably have been degraded since new.
  7. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    What is max boost now? The last value, which you have mentioned is 1.2bar with boost solenoid connected. Do you still use original ECU? You have mentioned about changing to Megasquirt II.
  8. New prices - 190 euro for 1st showed above controller and 220 euro for 2nd one with box.
  9. Big Power GTV 16V Turbo!

    I will get ahead of the owner and will post it in his topic It is pleasant surprise to see one of the most powerful GTV in youtube channel among many very serious tuned cars, good review .
  10. I'm selling two APEXi AVC-R (AVCR) electronic boost controllers, which I have bought second hand some time ago, but did not reach the point to use them... Main features are: two boost modes + OFF mode (boost regulated by wastegate spring) boost by gear boost by rpm with 500rpm intervals scramble boost with additional switch/button - temporary boost setting three modes of data presentation - analog, digital and graphical Below one is modified in such way that cable to get out at the back of control unit instead of original at right side. Price for it is 220 euro. Other one which you can see below have also original package. Price for it is 250 euro
  11. Hello! Tell me whether you can install the camshaft from 155 2.5 v6 in 2.0 v6TB? What effect will give, and what problems can there be?

    1. kunev


      I have replied in the respective thread :)

    2. Demarka


      another question

  12. Zoe Yellow Spider

    Nice group and trip ! Did you drove at Nurburgring? I forgot to reply about pads above. These pads on the picture are "17Z" ones, so "right" pads for these calipers. I'm also with 17Z pads on mine 17Z calipers, but on my setup there is much free/unused area of inside of disc as calipers are a little bit outside of disc and 17Z pads are short. With disc a little bit bigger than 330mm will be better match on my car, but don't see such off the shelf with 330x32mm and close to current offset. So when I change the pads next time I will use 18Z pads, because they are higher.
  13. I'm selling Forge Motorsport universal intercooler with core dimension of 625x180x80 mm. SOLD

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