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  1. stef4oe

    Alfa Romeo Spider 916 2.0Ts from 1996
  2. You are looking at genuine set of Toora T932 central lock wheels. These are straight without any dents, flat spots or cracks. They've been recently refurbished, but expect some light marks on the paint. One of the wheels have tiny weld on the back side of the rim. Tested and run fine. These wheels are extremely hard to find, specifically designed for 916 series GTV/Spider. SPECIFICATIONS: - Set of 4 wheels - 17 inch - 5x98 stud - 7J width - Offset 57.5 / 35~ with the adaptors - central bore 58.1mm - 4x genuine adaptors included - 4x genuine nuts included - non original key for the central nut included - Made in Italy (1998) - Price: 700 euro IMG_4745.MOV
  3. Hello from Bulgaria

    Hello friends, I'm from Bulgaria, I have 1996 Alfa Spider 916-2.0Ts engine, I have it something like half year.Here you go some photos, now the beauty are with Toora Monoposto wheels (they are for sale)

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