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  1. Wanted: GTV V6 3.0

    bought a v6 from germany in October, thank you tho
  2. Wanted: GTV V6 3.0

    Hi, im looking for a GTV V6 3.0 must be LHD, it can be a phase 1 or phase 2 and my max is 5500 euros. needs to be rust free. everything else can be fixed. im looking for a nice color, i prefer, green, blue, metallic red, silver or black. if you have any links to any website in europe do post them in the comments or via PM. If you have someone you know that wants to sell their 3.0 V6 then PM me
  3. Alfa gt cloverleaf (very rare)

    if you can send them to norway 450 + shipping 100-120ish i will take them, with or without tyres? and what kind of tyres. what are the condition? 8/10? 9/10? 10/10
  4. Zender Siena wheels 17 Inch

    what page are the 166 5x108 on GTV?
  5. Zender Siena wheels 17 Inch

    i have a set of 17s siena 5x98 and a set of 18s siena 5x108 that i wish to fit my GTV with 15mm PCD adapters, im not sure if it will work tho.
  6. Carpet for PH1

    i think you can, i got mine shipped, take it out.. you can roll it up into.. 200x50x50 or so..
  7. IMG-20160728-193737.jpg

  8. IMG_20160728_193644.jpg

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  10. IMG_20160721_190543.jpg

  11. IMG_20160721_190426.jpg

  12. IMG_20160721_190322.jpg

  13. IMG_20160721_190313.jpg

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