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  1. Actually, I've been a Squadra916 member for a year now, but haven't got around to posting a introduction before now. Hi, I'm Peter, and I bought a 1996 Spider 2.0TS together with a mate last year on the spur of a moment. Normally, what goes as summer in Denmark is a few weeks of dry and sunny weather, interrupted by loads of rain. As things turned out, I drove the car for most of the summer of 2017 and really got to like it, so when he wanted to free time and money for other projects, I bought him out of the car this winter. My luck; we've had more summer weather in 2018 than the last summers combined, so I've been using it as a daily driver since May and just had a 1000km trip with one of my sons last weekend. Oh, we loved it! The car is pretty standard as of now. It was born in Alfa Rosso, but I wrapped it in gloss white last year and expect to paint it in one of the two original whites (which is the "whiter", anyway?) this winter. I also recolored the seats in Burgundy (yes, I know it's not an original color, but I really don't care as it looks great) while I was restoring them. Everything else is original, except for a Novitec stainless exhaust and 18" Alfa Ducati Corse wheels. My plan is to enjoy it for the rest of the summer and repaint and upgrade it this winter. Upgrades will include new suspension, paint and interior work - and perhaps a chipping. Unfortunately, it's not legal to use turbo or compressor tuning, so I'll have to keep it to grace instead of pace :-) Oh, and besides the Spider, I have a few other car (most of them projects); 147 2.0TS, 156 2.0TS SW, 156 2.0TS Novitec turbo, Alfetta GTV 2.0 and Toyota Celica Supras... Best Regards from Denmark! Peter
  2. Hi Charlee, that looks like a great event. I hope the turnout was big enough to ensure that there will be a 2019 event too :-) I would love to have a hires file of the poster to print and put in my garage. Do you have any connections with the club? Best regards from Denmark, Peter

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