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  1. New Member

    Hi Pete, Not much reply so far so I will give you some input. I would not import a set of GTA wheels. They are available down under at alfa specialized wreckers. Maybe a suspension upgrade isn't needed just new shocks. I went through the upgrade pathway for my gtv 3.0 and found advice of others inaccurate for my car to the extend that I replaced a new set of springs because I couldn't live we the harsh "upgrade". The original suspension is very good it just seems to age fairly fast. I can't advice on power steering hoses. Alfaholic exhaust will work out expensive due to freight and poor exchange rate. Again you can find second hand upgraded exhaust systems for far less money. btw I love my underutilized gtv too.
  2. Wanted: Spare wheel holder

    Hi, I have been looking around melbourne for this thing too, no luck. Therefore I fixed my spare with a long m10 bolt, an extended nut and a round piece of pvc sheet; this works fine (see picture). btw this is a full size 17' spare which fits in fine.
  3. My Gtv V6 TB restoration :)

    Hard to say under artificial light but colour looks not as dark as alfa rosso 130. I am curious how that will look in daylight as I am also going to respray my GTV in a brighter red than orginal (130). Any pics outside?
  4. My Gtv V6 TB restoration :)

    Orginal colour is probably already a respray. What paint is used here? Is this a 3 component paint job? Doesn't look like diy!!!
  5. Alfa romeo 159

    Alfa romeo 159
  6. Grtz from Carlo, The Netherlands

    Hi Carlo, looks like your workshop is in a tent? If so I can imagine the in the fridge statement...I wouldn't like to work on my car at temps below 10 degree C.
  7. New never used cooling hoses ALFA GTV3.0 24v CF2/CF3, Quality aftermarket Autolusso: http://newalfaparts.co.uk/modifications/418-alfa-romeo-gtv-30-v6-24v-cf2cf3-silicone-coolant-hoses-black.html These are NOT old “new” hoses as these were made roughly a month ago (undamaged: not even a scratch). Price was 165 + 19.60 pond freight from Autolusso. For sale for less then halve I paid (90 pound) + freight.
  8. Hi guys, I bought a gtv3.0 in red, which need a bit of tlc. I love the drive. Been infected with the alfa virus 25 years ago (I had a 33 and a 75), but couldn't justify owning one for the last 20 years. Shocking prices for spare parts in Aussi. Import from europe is most cost effective, but sometimes takes 3 weeks to get parts. Not handy if you're in the middle of a repair and miss something..
  9. phri

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