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    Hi all, I don't know why it's taken me so long to find this group? I'm in the 4th year of ownership of GTV Cup #60. I enjoyed 3 years of life with it before losing the keys (after doing a cosmetic refurb of the engine)! It's sat in my garage ever since while I turned my attention to other cars I own. I'm now in the process of sorting the situation out though (ecu/immobiliser/new key challenges) and hope to be back on the road again in the next couple of weeks. I've certainly missed that Busso V6 roar! Drew
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    Hello guys ! Some news ( steering wheel , kit Zender ) and a few photos..
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    absolut! hey good news. this saturday it startet first try all soldering was perfect.
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    spal is super durable, since I have that fan I never needed to check the coolingsystem stuff again it just works have a look at this, I gave the ECU a new home. I soldered alot hours ^^' This also corrected the problem of the relays finally ( connectors corroded few years ago ) It really is like Alfa would have planed it originally for midengine ^^' also the timing belt is now easily accessable ^^ just super now putting on the auxillary belt (or so) fill up all fluids, mount battery and pray to god, then turn the key

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