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  1. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    Second that motion!
  2. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    Duly bookmarked :-) ... thank you, sire!
  3. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    On the offchance that I run into such woes, would you mind PM'ing me the contact info for your friendly specialist? Specialists obviously also exist here in DE, but I'm happy to use a good crowd wherever they may be! TTFN Paul
  4. Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa

    Too lazy to find the correct place fo' this warble from me: All I did today was remove a Remus s/steel centre (and only!!) silencer, and it's good friend the Zender quads (sans silencer) from my TB. Replaced that all with an IMASAF TB setup (straight through silencer innamiddle, and a smaller straight through to the now-single tailpipe. Considerably quieter and I actually hear the Busso song better. Like it greatly! So now I'll sell the Remus, the Zender bit, and perhaps the pipe section from the catalyst to the Remus. Must take photos!
  5. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    That's the sort of thing that buoys the spirits Good man!
  6. Return to Alfa

    Yup .. basically I became a little jaded with the attitudes of some in the consulting domain (and to be honest, a little boredom factored into it too). I do keep my hand in, though. Now I play in startup land, and with tech integration and other fun bits. The day is working out ok ... thanks! Great one to you too! Paul
  7. Return to Alfa

    No idea! But I'll look for it and see. Worst case, I need to really spark my Italian from "meh" to "fairly good"
  8. Return to Alfa

    I thought perhaps something like that! It shows in your use of metaphor and colloquialisms (I used to be in ERP (SAP mainly) and management consulting circles until the amusment wore a bit thin for me) Track days where you have vast mismatches in vehicle types and performance really don't do it for me. Never mind the great variance in skill of the "nut behind the wheel" ... Paul
  9. Return to Alfa

    Oh I don't know ... the track is a great learning space too (except perhaps in the middle of a pack of cars!) Dino, please excuse the question, but is your first language German? The standard of your English strikes me as native-speaker or at least very good 2nd language level. Just wondering!
  10. Return to Alfa

    If you don't lose it occasionally, you're not trying hard enough
  11. Return to Alfa

    Great! Thanks Dino The Busso V6 video I have, but have not seen the Twinspark one before now. I'll watch it with some wine in a little!
  12. Return to Alfa

    The 'Bialbero' / Nord twincam engine is a favourite of mine, the first Twinspark 2 litres, and of course every single Busso variant! I have a fondness for the 12V Bussos mainly because of the exhaust note (very objective !), and the 24V variants for the seemingly endless torque delivery. My friend's 3.2 GT will trickle away from just above idle in 6th gear - and that is at 1650m above sea level. And then pull through to almost the redline. That is impressive flexibility. We used to compare the music when we both had 2.5 116 V6s (mine white, his pale metallic green). I would love to try the naturally-aspirated Busso 2 litre ... I am guessing that it was very smooth, and possibly more rev-happy than the 3 litre. No surprise really, if there is less reciprocating and rotating mass to accelerate ... The "Baron von Headloq" handle/name has origins from around 2001, me being labeled as such by some colleagues at the University where I was at the time, and an incident at a Waldorf school nearby, in South Africa. But best told over some beer ... or wine! It has just occurred to me - the bialbero is also by Guiseppe Busso ... It ALSO occurs to me that I am busy hijacking Dino's thread! Mi scuso, Dino!
  13. Return to Alfa

    The 3.0 24V is a lovely engine - no doubt about it. I've run older iterations of the Busso in the form of a 1982 GTV V6 2.5, and then also my South African homologation special, a 1985 GTV V6 3 litre (Autodelta-derived, first production 3 litre variant of the Busso). I've had the chance to drive several 3.2 GTs, and a few 3.0 24V Spiders and GTVs. My comment on the 24V variants (3.0, 3.2) is that they just pull and pull all the way up the rev range (which is great!), and that the 12V variants do feel (subjectively) a little punchier lower down, and that there is seldom much point to revving them to near the rev limit. I guess my comment boils down to the feeling that the 3.0 12V in a Spider is a good match - the Spider is arguably better driven in a slightly lazy way. It just feels like that kind of car to me. The GTV on the other hand feels more like a drive harder car. This is *ALL* very subjective! OK, my 1985 116 series homologation car had short gearing and Dellortos (x6) ... that was very much a "drive hard and drive to win" car. I am definitely enjoying the TB ... and most surprised at how tractable and pleasant it is off-boost as well. Does not feel underpowered when off-boost and driving with the rest of the road traffic ... not yet Thoughts?
  14. Return to Alfa

    It is a beautiful photo
  15. Return to Alfa

    If you've got a TüV certificate now, then I think the Teledials and the 225/45R17s are probably reflected in your papers. I think mine was also a Vollabnahme - the data showing in my German papers is as per the technical data sheet supplied to me by TüV Rheinland. I think the Teledials and the 225/45R17 tyres will be added at the TüV as both TüV Süd and DEKRA can check the validity of the Teledials and the tyre sizes (they have access to the data). I was just curious about yours! Thanks for the answer.

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