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  1. Return to Alfa

    Sounds interesting, Paul. I will actually start a new position within a global tech firm in August... three letters, and there is a B in it... :-)
  2. Return to Alfa

    is it available in German or English???
  3. Return to Alfa

    I have to admit the Consulting bunch is sometimes not really that amusing...but PE directors are even less so imho On track days: Agree that it's tricky sometimes, but on the NoS it's exactly the same in races like RCN - 150 cars from Porsche down to beaten-up old Golfs... Have a good day! Ansgar
  4. Return to Alfa

    Yeah, I did not like "Touristenfahrten" too much, as the mix of cars, bikes and even busses is really a bit annoying at times. I did however participated in GLP and RCN and several track days, which was more convenient. Maybe next year, I'll do that again. Thanks for the compliment I work in an international environment as a Management Consultant since 22 years - so English is really my day-to-day language...
  5. Return to Alfa

    Was rather more my incompetence... but I learned from it...
  6. Return to Alfa

    Used to own a 75 2.0TS as my “Track Car”... Was a good and light engine. Actually, the TS was used more for Tracks as the Busso because it was less “top-heavy”... did some spins nevertheless... 😂
  7. Return to Alfa

    On both engines, please find these two interesting videos:
  8. Return to Alfa

    Agree fully with your comments on the 24v and the TB versions. I have never driven a NA 12v version, hence I cannot comment on that characteristics. I used to know someone who had a 12V Spider and he was pretty happy with the car, though. I guess however that the spacepart situation for the 12v NA engines is even more dire than for the 24v versions...
  9. Return to Alfa

    Yes. Would suggest strongly to go for a 24V version (or TB in Italy). Never driven the 12v version but imho the 24v is probably the best and easy to live with. The TB can be tweaked (I have some kind of mod in there, I suspect) and hence run faster - but the 24V still is probably the one you should opt for
  10. Return to Alfa

    The 3.0 24V is the easier car to drive - hands down. The TB however has a massive punch from 2.5K revs/min which is also a great experience. Given that one is an open top and the other one a coupe makes also a difference... As I know the Spider now for nearly 15 years, I guess he is my favorite still... but the GTV TB is faster and probably more nimble on the racetrack once I replaced his old tyres. You don’t expect me to tell you what’s my favorite child, do you?! 😆
  11. Return to Alfa

    🖖 I do my very best now... 😁
  12. Return to Alfa

    Thanks guys! Felt even better to be on that track again after 7 or 8 years... But I was the only Alfa driver around... sad to see that there are less and less Alfisti driving their cars for what they were build for...
  13. Return to Alfa

    I had to do a "Vollabnahme" when I registered the Car in Cologne. It has the 17 inch Teledials on as well. I don't know if this is reflected in the papers, though.
  14. Return to Alfa

    Nice! Mine came without a MSD... so also quite noisy. Thinking of putting a smaller MSD back in... Do you have the Squadra Chip?
  15. Return to Alfa

    Besides, I decided to also get a GTV TB back into my possession.... so here it is... It’s a 1999 GTV TB imported from the Netherlands. Runs very good and is practically immaculate. Have given it an inspection and the usual maintenance... 🥰

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