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  1. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    Hopefully you can bookmark the details above in case they are ever needed Paul
  2. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    So, as it turned out the new lock/ignition barrel/keys were not required (luckily I didnt fit any of the hardware). The keys are sealed and the chips in them are locked to a matched immobiliser box. Both need to sourced based on the VIN of your car. I will therefore be reselling the complete unused set, if there is a buyer who can use them? 🤦‍♂️ The specialist (https://www.ecudecode.co.uk) 'virginised' my ecu, re-chipped my immobiliser box (it had been damaged by a voltage spike it seems) and has created a new matched 'master' transponder chip + 3 other matched transponder chips. Everything is being delivered back to me tomorrow (Cost £250 inc tax and shipping). I have purchased the replica key blanks below (with case shells that open) and will insert the transponder chips into these and get the blades cut to match my current ignition barrel/locks. https://www.keycasereplace.co.uk/alfa-romeo/12-alfa-romeo-key-shell-gt15r-blade-with-tpx-chip-position-red.html?fbclid=IwAR1xqcj-goD0Un9Ewkf6tg8ORUruuYJkwh8jktCsN4U5FuVA_oxvH6RE6RU Hopefully the Busso will sing again by the end of this week 😁
  3. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    Sure Paul. If it's ok I'll wait until they have completed the job succesfully and returned my ECU/immobiliser/keys before sharing a recommendation though 😉 Should be back with me by the end of the week hopefully. I was delayed sending them off (Should have arrived with them at lunchtime today) as I ran into issues removing the steering wheel to access the immobiliser ring aerial. One of the airbag retaining torx bolts rounded out and I had to drill it out 🤦‍♂️
  4. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    Got a quote to get my new Cup front bumper spayed and fitted too today. Severely cracked the original front lip 2 days after I'd just paid £500 to have it repaired and resprayed. Car will go into the bodyshop as soon as it will start and move again! It will be perfect soon.
  5. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    ECU specialist reckons it'll be no more than £200. Sending off my ecu/immobiliser/keys tomorrow so they can work their coding magic. Should be back next week.
  6. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    I'm on it! Waiting to hear back from the ECU programming company. . .
  7. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    First, that stunning Busso V6. What a noise! Then it's beautiful design, followed by the sharp steering.
  8. OnePaintedMan

  9. Lost my only key

    Did you get this sorted in the end? I did the same thing last year and my car has sat in the garage ever since! I've just managed to buy a complete new old stock set of keys, locks and ignition barrel from Italy, but now need to get my CCE and CCM reprogrammed to the new key code.
  10. 'Official' GTV Cup List for UK V6 + European V6 and 2.0 TS

    I own UK RHD Cup #60. Based in High Wycombe, Bucks. The registration is now N60CUP 👍
  11. GTV Cup owner - Bucks, UK

    Hi all, I don't know why it's taken me so long to find this group? I'm in the 4th year of ownership of GTV Cup #60. I enjoyed 3 years of life with it before losing the keys (after doing a cosmetic refurb of the engine)! It's sat in my garage ever since while I turned my attention to other cars I own. I'm now in the process of sorting the situation out though (ecu/immobiliser/new key challenges) and hope to be back on the road again in the next couple of weeks. I've certainly missed that Busso V6 roar! Drew
  12. OnePaintedMan

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