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  1. Hello All, After the success of our meeting in July, we are going to hold another along the same lines. Meeting at The Departure Lounge Cafe in Alton, in the Northern part of Hampshire at 10:00 where there is a good car park and cooked breakfast. We had attendees last time from Wiltshire and Surrey so is a good meeting point for southern central England. I will be driving up from south Hants to the meet, leaving Hedge End (Sainsburys car park by the petrol station) at 08:30 to go by the back roads to Alton. Hope to meet some of you. Ross
  2. 30th July 2016 Breakfast Meeting, Hampshire, UK

    Thanks, just about to do another, but still in the UK.
  3. 30th July 2016 Breakfast Meeting, Hampshire, UK

    Had a great morning out with fellow 916 owners- and a few more Italian treats thrown in for good measure. Shame not to see any Squadra members, but maybe next time!
  4. 30th July 2016 Breakfast Meeting, Hampshire, UK

    Hello All, A quick confirmation that the above is essentially correct. 08:30 to leave from Hedge End Sainsburys car park, then a one hour drive on A roads as chosen by a fellow Alfisti and V6 Spider owner, and then on to Alton for 09:30 to chat and then breakfast. There will be no Winchester meeting point, as nobody wanted it, so we are going from Hedge End via A-roads to avoid motorways. Hope to meet some of you there.
  5. Hi All, Some friends with 916s and I have arranged a breakfast meeting with a run for the 30th July. We will start at Hedge End (Sainsburys car park, close to petrol station) at 08:30, go up to Winchester (Park and Ride - will confirm which) at around 09:00, and then on to The Departure Lounge Cafe in Alton for 09:30 to park up, eat, and chat. All welcome either on the run there, or to meet there. For those on Alfa Owner, it is also advertised there under the South Central board, and on the 916 specific board. Ross
  6. Cup 131

    Nice photo Andy
  7. GTV Cup Wanted

    Hello, I am looking for a GTV Cup, having been Alfa-less for some time, and now fortunately being in the position to buy a fun car for the weekend. I would like a straight car with less than 100k on the clock, preferably lower milage. Work is OK, dependant on price. Please contact me if you have or know of one and would like to sell. Thanks, Ross

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