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  1. Randoms

    My new 1999 Proteo rosso V6 GTV next to my Proteo rosso 1997 TS Spider
  2. "The Goblin"

    "The Goblin"
  3. Photo Contest - Autumn 2014

    Ok thanks. It looks grainy on my tablet.
  4. Alfa Andy's Spider

  5. DSCN0942

  6. Photo Contest - Autumn 2014

    Why is the picture quality poor? ^^^^^
  7. Photo Contest - Autumn 2014

    I have a few pictures of my cars I like, here is one....

    I haven't set an official date yet but I plan to take one of my cars back to Brands Hatch in May 2015. I still need to checkout date etc. I will also invite other 916 owners from other forums to join me if they can.
  9. GTV CUP 131

    Thank you sir !
  10. Cup 131 pix

    Pictures of Gtv Cup 131
  11. GTV CUP 131

    Thanks dude
  12. Someone here?

    Oh hell yeah, she looks like a bunch of fun !!
  13. Someone here?

    Who ever it is they are brave using the oe jack !! The seals always fold under pressure.
  14. Cup 131

  15. mods of my 2.0ts ph1

    Good work on the car dude. Was the 166 steering wheel a straight swap?

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