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  1. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    2.5 is the shortest one gta comes next gtv/spider 916 is a long one. the diesel boxes are even longer. corect mee if i'm wrong but the gtv was the fastest procution alfa til the 8c
  2. Kia Ora from Aoteroa

    welcome. the v6 is expencive to run. but a ts or jts arn´t cheap to run. but keep in mind that a lot of 916 parts are hard to get and expencive. spring pan of the rear subspension new oem 480 euro.
  3. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    why a short gearbox on a 500pk engine? you improve pk and Nm why nog a long gearbox of a diesel and than the q2 ore if you use the car on track a gtv 3.0 gearbox i think those are more useful than a short gear box you want to compeet in a gymkana.
  4. Gtv 3.0 V6 from Sardinia, Italy

    welcome. Sardegna is a nice place to drive with a 3.0 24v. i have done that 2 years ago all the way round de coastal roads.
  5. Zoe Yellow Spider

  6. Zoe Yellow Spider

    that was a small part of the dutch 916 club. the approache of the ride was a lap on the ring for those how wanted to. the only way that i want te drive the ring is when i'm the last to pass the entrance. so i don't have fast cars from behind. i love the roads in the eifel, ardennes and luxemburg. those roads are almost all as smooth as a pool table bed and with many curves and beautiful nature it is amazing to drive. also by that my spider thick rolebars it drives like a dream.
  7. Zoe Yellow Spider

    this one?
  8. Zoe Yellow Spider

    last weekend i had with some 916 enthousiasts a nurburgring trip. I was just along for the beautiful roads towards it.
  9. butt head

  10. Zoe Yellow Spider

    These pads they came with the calipers
  11. Zoe Yellow Spider

    they are bigger then 166 brakes. those are 4 piston calipers these brembo z17 calipers are 6 piston calipers. but you also can make de 166 calipers work on 330 discs. then you have the same size disc only a way cheaper caliper. my old brakes were 166 calipers on 305 discs. they are also great for a 916.
  12. Zoe Yellow Spider

    these are special made for a 3.0 12v hub
  13. Zoe Yellow Spider

  14. Zoe Yellow Spider

    so finally the new brakes fitted. Porsche cayenne (brembo z17) calipers, gta 330x32 disk and custom made brackets and the diffrance in brake pad brembo z17 - 305/330 alfa - oem 1 piston caliper
  15. Wanted busso trotle cable

    Urgently Wanted trottle cable alfa 916 cf1 busso Part no 60590612All cf1 busso's use the same cable 2.0tb, 3.0 12v, 3.0 24v

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