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  1. Silver18

  2. Hi Bud,


    Can you tell me what alloys they are that are on your silver spider? any mods required?



  3. Beautiful 916s around the World !

    I make this picture last sunday with the sunset. These are two dutch member cars of the alfa916register.
  4. Introducing me and my Spider

    Welcome Nick.
  5. Dutch Valley

    © silver18

  6. Photo Contest - November 2013

    Beautiful time to post a photo contest. My spider is suspended during the next 5 months. Maybe a post a picture of the last summer season.
  7. Welcome, nice car and color combination. Are these the Alfa 166 wheels? What did you do to make this fit onto the car?
  8. Thanks, it was an amazing place to shoot. Totally no traffic at all.
  9. Alfa Romeo GTV 1.8 TS

    Gullian, It was a very nice Photoshootday. I love this location, and overall the last fase of the day was more special.
  10. New Zender Sideskirts

    Self made rear bumper?, Surprise us with a picture, or must we wait until you found all the part?
  11. Zender Siena wheels 17 Inch

    Same question, what is the price for the sienna's?
  12. Zender Siena wheels 17 Inch

    I added this link also into the 'gespot' topic of the alfa916register. Mvg, Roy
  13. Zoe Yellow Spider

    Thijs, the new wheels not bad at all. The shinning alu together with the rollbars, but i prefer the GT blacklines on your spider.
  14. 916 @AlfaFest2013

    The wheels on the grey GTV are 'Alfa Romeo GT Blacklines'. The standard size is 18". Regards, Roy

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