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  1. JimBo

  2. Spetacollo - Melbourne Australia

    Nice crowd, wasn't aware you had so many Alfa's down under!
  3. 916 v Ferrari 360 v Lamborghini Gallardo

    Nice vid, beautiful sound of both cars. And the GTV looks very nice in their company ;-)
  4. The new Alfa 4C

    Another disappointment for me which I only just noticed are the old fashioned heater knobs. These are the 916 phase 1 type of knobs, while the 156 introduced once that were also used on the 916 phase 2/3 are much nicer...
  5. My 916 recommendations

    Special colour combination perhaps, but I cannot appreciate it. Colours are off, they don't match...
  6. Side vents with air intake

    Personally I like these best, besides the Alfa/Zender originals of course.
  7. Side vents with air intake

    At your service ;-)
  8. Thanks Joris! Like to upgrade things on the GTV which I feel improves the overall look and feel of the car without changing it too much. Getting the Cup center console is one of those things. I still feel they should have equipped all 916 with such a center console to be honest. Your new center console also looks much better then the orginal. One more Cup related upgrade to follow soon...
  9. GTV Lusso Red Style

    One of the best colour combination! Congratulations ;-)
  10. Finally the new Sportiva is now ready to hit the road! She was transported from Germany over to Holland to go directly to my mechanic for major maintenance. Timebelt replacement, waterpump replacement, oil refresh and some other small things. Next was registering it formally in Holland to get a license plate on it. One setback was the fact that I could not reuse the German TUV for the Dutch APK (MOT), which meant it had to go back to the shop again to get MOT on it. I knew it would mean getting some other things done that I wanted to wait with, but anyway got it all done now and she drives like new! New pictures in my profile! http://www.squadra916.com/forums/garage/vehicle/108-alfa-romeo-gtv-edizione-sportiva/
  11. New momber from Holland

    Welcome Marcel! Have you registered on the Dutch 916 forum already? www.alfa916register.nl
  12. New GTV 3,2 V6 owner

    I think Tomi means it can run faster than 200 km/h, not the milage on the car ;-) Pictures?
  13. Yes and no. Technically it is not stripped yet, but waiting to be stripped by Ruby (Colin). If you need/want parts I suggest to contact Ruby via this forum.
  14. Got the Ragazzon on mine and I like it very much. Nice sound when idle and accelarating, but quiet enough when cruising at high speed. Perfect balance in my opinion. And it looks nice as well!

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