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  1. Joost1990

  2. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    Very interesting project! Fascinating to see how many kilo's you have saved by removing all unnecessary parts. Look forward to see some action videos on track Next part is removing 2 cilinders? TS turbo, Lampredi 16vt turbo or TS n/a high compression will save some weight too and should be capable of at least 300 hp.
  3. Original Zender CUP fenders

    I have 2 original Zender CUP fenders for sale. Price: €400,-, transport not included. Please send me a PM if you are interested.
  4. Spider TS Turbo

    V6 is the Easy way Now I'm faster and I have a more special car. I'm thinking of installing the fenders but till now, I find them too expensive.
  5. Spider TS Turbo

    Some people here already know me, some don't... For the people that don't know me, here an introduction: http://www.squadra916.com/forums/topic/1294-spider-twin-spark-turbo-project/http://www.squadra916.com/forums/topic/1294-spider-twin-spark-turbo-project/ The turbo project is as good as done so from now on I'm mainly working on the looks of the Spider. Due to a lot of technical issues, tuning and other priorities in the past 1,5 years, I was only able to do some minor adjustments on the exterior. I changed the wheels (from 16 inch standard p2 wheels to Siena's), bought Novitec coilovers and drove it like this for 1 year/25.000 kms. It looked good but I wasn't satisfied as I always wanted Giulietta/8c Spider wheels and a cup kit. 2 years ago I bought a bumper with Cup/Zender spoiler which I finally painted last week and mounted today. This is the result. I'm starting to get satisfied with the looks but there's still a lot of work to be done!
  6. GTV project

    That leather looks really nice!
  7. New Zender Sideskirts

    Still for sale but lowered price: €150,- ex. shipping!
  8. New Zender Sideskirts

    New Zender sideskirts for sale! Not used, unpainted.. Price: €225,- ex. shipping costs
  9. New Pipercams camshafts for Twin Spark CF2 + CF3

    I also had (and still have but rebuild) that engine but from 96 they build cf2 from what I heard. But it doesn't matter. You can use these cams ;-) The cams are reprofiled. I bought them from a shop in Holland. They reprofiled the cams at Pipercams UK.
  10. New Pipercams camshafts for Twin Spark CF2 + CF3

    Hey Andy, I thought that the GTV/Spiders were only equipped with CF2/CF3 engines. It has something to do with emission requirements. You can use the cams on the phase 1 and phase 2 engines, not the JTS engine
  11. I bought these camshafts for my turbo project but decided to use the standard cams because they will work better on a turbo engine. On a n/a engine you can expect a 10 hp gain + a more agressive engine. See website for more details: http://www.pipercams...pid=AR16VBP270H I paid about 400,-euro for them. These brand new camshafts are yours for just 300,- euro! Shipping is no problem. Just give me your address and I can calculate the costs
  12. GTV 2.0 V6 TB Q2 competizione ... maybe ...

    Very nice project! I will follow this. Good luck with everything!
  13. new maniac from Bulgaria :)

    I'm waiting for pictures of your GTV with the new wheels!
  14. new maniac from Bulgaria :)

    Welcome! Nice pictures
  15. Spider Sportivo

    Veeeery nice Joris!

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