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  1. Joris

  2. 19" Oz Forged Botticelli

    Correct, as complete set with adapters and the Pirelli tires perfect fit for 916.
  3. 19" Oz Forged Botticelli

    My 19" Oz wheel are now for sale. they where fitted under my spider as you can find pictures in my album ore garage. fronts 8j et47 5x114,3 rears 8,5j et42 5x114,3 Custom made adapters and bolts to fit 5x98, perfect for 916 Gtv ore Spider. very exclusive set, lichtweight forged 3-piece wheels! front Tires Pirelli P-zero are practicly new, rear pirelli tires are almost gone. stainless lips could use good polish! Paint (hyper silver) condition is nice but not new. Real Carbon centercaps original. if you want more information please send me a private message. fixed price 1250,- euro's (new price far over 3000,-) shipping is possible ore pick up the set in the Netherlands. thanks
  4. Spider Sportivo

    Gun metal grey
  5. Spider Sportivo

    I had them for sale, i brake down Gtv's sometimes for parts.
  6. Spider Sportivo

    So back to Alfa again! for daily drive i bought a Gt Q2 jtd in Nero Carbonio. The Q2 has some nice options like black with red stitched seats, perforated leather steering wheel with red stitches, all the chrome is Alluminium, sporty Allu pedals, tacho is black with red and offcourse the Q2 sperr differential. The car is chipped bij Squadra, other downpipe and Egr switched off. For a diesel its really fun to drive. Seats and driving positition off the Gt are incredible good! Today i switched the 18" Q2 wheels with almost new Gt Toora's looking sweet and classy, still goth some 18" Siena's i need to refurbush and polish in the future. Car will be slightly lowered and i will swap the headlights for the blackline xenon units to make the front more modern. The Vette is in his deep wintersleep sadly, last year i transformed interior from black / black to Maserati cognaq with alcantara, dubbel din radio conversion sill needs to be done. Updated the brakes with the massive Z06 C6 callipers and perforated discs, stainless X-pipe, tinted the windows slightly and some other modifications. nice to see the forum here is still growing and there so many 916 enthiousiasts! i have never seen my old spider back, sometimes i truly miss the car when i see the nice cars here on the forum ore look at some old photo's... Maybe one day....
  7. My GTV V6 TB

    The 18'' Toora's are great!! would look perfect in dark grey/gun metal finish under you're car! Make some overall pictures off the car! I also just bought (3 days ago) a GT Q2 Jtd-m with 180 bhp, very nice car for long distance driving, seats are incredible! Not sure about the 18'' Q2 wheels i have now, still have a set of 18'' Siena's i will try and otherwise will look for some Toora's and spray them Black chrome.
  8. GTV 3.0 V6 CUP + Q2

    Off course Gun Metall What tire sizes do you have? they look flat.
  9. Sorry, no front splitter, ultra rare. The price is in Euro's thanks for notice! Otherwise they where quite expensive...
  10. Sold Original Zender/Cup so these fits perfect! Great shape, red colour is nice and not faded. 300,- for the intaks 300,- for the skirts Together 550,- fixed. location : Netherlands Cheers
  11. Shit! I regret...

    4200 is the better car indeed, also its far more expensive... Tough choice.
  12. My Gtv V6 TB restoration :)

    Amazing color! If i again have a 916 some day i would def think about respraying it Rosso competition also! Love it!
  13. Never fear, USA is here!

    Welcome here, been to the Usa last summer and went on a road trip with a Mustang, i have only see ONE Alfa and it was a older veloce Spider. Can imagine how rare a 916 would be!
  14. Shit! I regret...

    Difficult choice, been there… i would not go to track with my 2nd car but the top must open and rwd where a must. Been looking for Porsche 3.2 Boxster, 350Z roadster, Bmw Z4 3.2, Lotus Elise, Mass 3200gt and off course the Vette... I must say still love the Lotus but its not for long distance trips... the Mass is very expensive for parts and very unreliable if it comes to transmission and technical and if you want convertible price is way to high and i would by a Ferrari F355. Eventuely i came with the Vette 6-speed manual transmission and i don't regret the deal one bit! Change the shocks, lower it and you got a killer machine 1390 kilo's 0-100 4.7 sec and for a 15 year old car thats even today very fast. Good luck with you're choice, is can only say go test drive them all!

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