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  1. Fabian

  2. Spider Sportivo

    These are indeed discs suitable for the Fiat Ulysse (amongst others). Great thing is that the bore is correct (5x98), only negative thing is that the dish is a lot deeper. The bracket is a really simple one, the swept area of the disc is perfect for the small 916 pads as they cover the disc completely. We didn't change the pads, as this was a low budget upgrade.
  3. Regional sections

    I also voted no. The good thing about an international forum is, well, it being international. The last thing you should want is it braking up into a thousand pieces with all kinds of subforums in different languages. A lot of precious information could get lost (as our good friend Joost pointed out) because it was written in another language. Just type away in your best English, people will understand. And if you have have local events, just put them in the calendar with a little info. We have loads off events in Holland wich are also visited by many international enthousiasts.
  4. Hello!

    Hi and welcome! I read about you "stealing" those CH's frome your mates mate. Good one, sometimes you get lucky
  5. Spider Sportivo

    If your hobby is racing chariots like Ben Hur, the will do nicely
  6. Contacted the seller and got some etra photo's (I was going to buy these). One of the wheels has some serious cracks, needs to be welded. The cracking is a common defect with these wheels and something to be reconned with. Most owners have a spare Siena
  7. Stockholm says Hello!

    I would say, V6 all the way! Just drive one once, and you will be sold. Promise.
  8. GTV V6 TB aka Shewolf

    Nice calipers!! Some cheaper rotors: http://www.compbrake.com/discs-rotors.html Be carefull with these guys when buying, it took me 6+ months (and 30 or so mails and calls) to get a set of pads that should have come with my handbrake calipers. The hight of the pads is called "swept pad area" Most are 50mm or 60mm (mine are 80) The Alfa 305 have 50mm, the 330's have 60mm
  9. Hello from Fabio

    Hello Fabio, great name
  10. Newbe Ruby ...

    Hello Collin, welcome! Glad you have finally decided to share your adventures! I look forward to reading about your project (and I hope to see it in real life on sunday).
  11. Full Zender CUP kit

    My first sentance " I will buy the set" , not maybe, not in case. And the sentance "But is is definetly sold" how much more clear could I make it? Should I have posted a picture of me holding the money? If this is not a deal then I don't know what is. Even "the new buyer" Andrei said he was to late himself. You are no gentleman and you should be banned from this forum.
  12. Full Zender CUP kit

    That's funny, because I thought Toshko and I had a deal. I clearly remember sending him a PM telling him that I would buy the lot and receiving a PM back that said we had a deal. I was just waiting for him to tell me the P&P costs so I could Paypal him the total amount. But now there is PM radio silence....... Toshko?
  13. Full Zender CUP kit

    Sorry guys, Already sold............ to me. Hahahaha (evil laugh) It's mine..............all mine
  14. Spider Sportivo

    I did yesterday and also removed the 159 from the background. Picture is at work unfortunatly. Have to wait another week.
  15. Spider Sportivo

    No, only the 24V versions. So not on the 12V Spiders and the GTV turbos. And then still only with 305mm discs, these are 330mm and the 166 calipers are bigger (just the housing, not the pistons so it's only optical)

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