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  1. '02 Spider 2.0TS

    Great pictures!I have read the article in alfattitude
  2. Hallo from Warsaw:-)

    Hello Atma!! I have also a Wiessman hardtop. I think it's not possible to find any part unfortunately Seals are also an issue if you want to change them. Regarding the drawings i 'll search my staff because i think i have some from the previous owner. What's wrong with the back fastener ?
  3. Better late than never

    Well done Mario!I have seen also your GTV in instagram I like the sticker ' It's not leaking oil , it's sweating power'
  4. Front lights

    Used front lights Price 150 euro + shipping
  5. Hello

    Hello from Greece - Spider 1.8TS -1998
  6. Weismann hardtop for sale in Sweden

    hello! Does anybody know dimensions and weight of wiesmann hardtop??