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Found 60 results

  1. It's time to open my 916 garage! After 3 years, 3 month and 14 days she get out from this garage: Ex owner last ride, he was pretty : Coming to new home: More to coming...
  2. DSC00488

    From the album My Cars

  3. 20150426 150940

    From the album My Cars

  4. 20150419 191854

    From the album My Cars

  5. 20150405 100119

    From the album My Cars

  6. 2.0 V6 TB

  7. Aluminium Oil Cap

  8. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    Hello, like i sad in the greetings sience a few months iam a proud owner of a GTV V6TB: 1996 year. The car i bought was in a bad condition but fair price... so i saw a beuatiful project that will keep me happy in the long and rainy winter days. Here are a few pictures when we came home
  9. Hello everyone, my name is Mirko; 31 years from Zadar, Croatia. After a few Alfa 156, i decided to sell my beatiful 2,4 Jtdm SW and buy me a GTV 2.0V6. The car was in a bad condition but the price was correct... so i decided to have a project during the rainy winter days... [My wife was HAPPY as always ] but after a few rides in a another GTV , she cant wait my car to be finished. I will open a topic of the works...
  10. GTV 3.0 lusso '99 #1

    From the album AL 916's GTV V6

  11. GTV 3.0 V6 24V metz

    Hi, its time for present my GTV at forums aswell, i think she has derserved that attation It's winter time here and she is sleeping in the garage waiting for some part replacement. I have been with her almost 2 years now. She was pretty poor condition at the beginning but even then she brought smile on my face. GTV is car that everyone had to own one day to realize the beauty of world. And yes, she has her temperament.
  12. Hello! I m from Tarragona (100km from Barcelona), and i want to present my alfa GTv. I bought this car from Germany in this summer and its was a really nice trip to return home. About 1700 km. Drive this car it make me feel happy Bye!
  13. Self with GTV

    © Alin Ciortea

  14. IMG 1215

  15. IMG 1303

  16. IMG 1300

  17. IMG 1114

  18. Granturisimo Events Nürburgring 2014

    From the album Alfadudes GTV TB

    All participants were lined up for a close up photo in action!

    © Magnus S. Svendsen

  19. gtv 7

    2.0 TS
  20. DSC 0366

    My gtv, full autodelta exhaust, stiffened suspension, hot cams and a lot of fun
  21. WP 000114

    From the album Evie

    Just finished cleaning the interior, under the bonnet and the engine bay. New discs fitted a couple of weeks ago. Need a new gear knob as it broke when my mum was driving it (typical)

    © Rory916

  22. Evie. Let the work commence!

    From the album Evie

    My Alfa GTV on the first weekend of work. Which was rather unproductive as it started raining.

    © Rory916

  23. Hello from Prague!

    Hello! I've just done a deal on Cup 138 so thought it time to join the forum I live out in Prague during the week which is where the car will be eventually based. I'm on my 2nd 916 V6 GTV which I'll be selling once I've got the Cup, it's been here in Prague for the last year. Looking forward to getting my hands on the Cup, been after one for some time. Cheers, Richard.
  24. Hello from Wales!

    Hi folks! I'm a new Alfa GTV TS 2.0 owner, loving it so far! I'm sure I'll have lots of questions soon, I'll upload some pictures as soon as I have some
  25. GTV Private Plate for sale

    Private Plate 'S333 GTV' for sale. For further details, see eBay item 331111014233 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Private-nu...:L:LCA:GB:1123 Thanks for looking!

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