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  1. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    No problem I bought this Metelli for me... (they have metal blades). Had it before on a 156 1.8TS, and a 156 SW 2,4 mjet and never had any problems. I ask for the price tomorow in the shop, my wishbones have arrived finally so i go take them.
  2. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    Actually a few parts are a bit difficult to get... but in a week or two they can be found if you have the wright people arround you A few friends of mine are working in a big european car parts company, so i can get good prices and almost every part that you need if they are avaible. Charlee, Thanos, when you need a spec. part and prices just write it down so i send you feedback.
  3. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    Actually i dont like German Style rims.... but this one looks preety good on the GTV i think. I agre that the best looking rims are the GTA or 8C rims, but they are to expansive for now.
  4. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

  5. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    Hello GBINSB, i will also replace the crank and piston bearings but also the piston rings. I took te mashine out of the car so now its time to make everthing... all bearings, seals,.. cluch... brakes, all fluids. Just the turbine stays as is for now, eventualy a blow off ventil.
  6. Alfa Romeo GTV

    Alfa Romeo GTV
  7. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    Finaly the head gaskets, piston rings, bearings, clucht, disc and so on have finally arrived and we can move on.
  8. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    Now i had to wait a few days until all the head gaskets, clutch.. and so on arrived... so i bought a 18 inch rims... and take them to paint... put new 225 /40 tires on and thats the result... i hope you like them
  9. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    ...the heads are back from the flatening... and the job was done perfect
  10. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    Now i had to prepare the heads for washing and then flattening.
  11. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    The engine is now on the table... and the fun can begin. take the ventil cover off to get the cylinder heads off...
  12. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    In my friends garage i had a refurbished 3.0v6 from a 164 and the idea was to put a 3.0 v6 into the car...but the 12v motor dosent fit in the GTV ... the water on the heads is different and many other things... so the project failed... in the start... My motor was already out of the car so i decided to refurbished the v6 tb engine an put the car back together.
  13. V6TB refurbished beauty ;)

    Hello, like i sad in the greetings sience a few months iam a proud owner of a GTV V6TB: 1996 year. The car i bought was in a bad condition but fair price... so i saw a beuatiful project that will keep me happy in the long and rainy winter days. Here are a few pictures when we came home
  14. Hello everyone, my name is Mirko; 31 years from Zadar, Croatia. After a few Alfa 156, i decided to sell my beatiful 2,4 Jtdm SW and buy me a GTV 2.0V6. The car was in a bad condition but the price was correct... so i decided to have a project during the rainy winter days... [My wife was HAPPY as always ] but after a few rides in a another GTV , she cant wait my car to be finished. I will open a topic of the works...
  15. Welcome to the forums GTV_ZD :)

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