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  1. Evie

    My first car. My dad bought it for me when I turned 16 so I could learn about the mechanical side of cars. She later became my learner car. People always commented saying; "oh young drivers shouldn't be driving a car like that to learn in!" To which my dad just smiled and told them "In this, he'll learn an awful lot more about driving than he would in a little hatch back." He was absolutely right! Sure, it wan't impossible to drive, I loved the low down position, the heavier gearbox than my instructor's Fiesta, the fact that she gives plenty of feedback through the wheel (The massive power advantage over 1.2 hatch backs too!) I don't pretend to be some sort of driving god, but I learned masses in the space of 3 months with my 916; both about driving, but more importantly, about what is important in a car. Soul. Evie has plenty of that, trust me. I owe it to her to make her into something special, and not to just neglect her, only to throw her on the scrap heap because something is broken. No. Because she has a value that money simply cannot buy. She has character and soul. That is what matters most in a car to me. Forget about the spec sheets and 0-60 times, they are irrelevant. If you can shut the door of your car and walk away without looking back. You drive the wrong car...
  2. Welcome to the forums Rory916 :)

Welcome to Squadra916

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