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  1. Hi from Estonia

    Thanks for wellcomes, some time has been passed, i registred here, so i have finally updated my garage. And while my car improves, this forum is good place to share with others.
  2. GTV 3.0 V6 24V metz

    Hi, its time for present my GTV at forums aswell, i think she has derserved that attation It's winter time here and she is sleeping in the garage waiting for some part replacement. I have been with her almost 2 years now. She was pretty poor condition at the beginning but even then she brought smile on my face. GTV is car that everyone had to own one day to realize the beauty of world. And yes, she has her temperament.
  3. Hi from Estonia

    Hi, i'm proud owner of my italian grilfriend with mustache. The GTV 3.0 V6 24V which i have been with more than year. There were some or more temperamental moments, but still i like her. I found this forum very useful with tips and tricks. Thank you
  4. Alfa Romeo GTV

    Alfa Romeo GTV
  5. Welcome to the forums metz :)

  6. metz

Welcome to Squadra916

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