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Found 18 results

  1. Hi guys, Hello from Luxembourg. Alfista since 2001, first with an Alfa 147, followed by a 159 Sportwagon (twice a jtd Distinctive), I had to switch to a different manufacturer in 2014 as Alfa (still) has failed to produce a successor for my beloved 159. Even though my daily driver is now a different brand because of those reasons, the Alfa virus still subsists. For years, I've been tempted to buy a Spider, and after browsing the ads over the last months, seeing lots of high km spiders, many rotten and badly maintained ones, plus some rather unfortunate tuning objects, I now found a very low mileage untuned well maintained 916 3.2 - I bought it yesterday on the spot. happy to be back ;-)
  2. GTV 3.0 V6 24V metz

    Hi, its time for present my GTV at forums aswell, i think she has derserved that attation It's winter time here and she is sleeping in the garage waiting for some part replacement. I have been with her almost 2 years now. She was pretty poor condition at the beginning but even then she brought smile on my face. GTV is car that everyone had to own one day to realize the beauty of world. And yes, she has her temperament.
  3. Spider 916 on window sill

    As I'm stuck studying, I couldn't allow myself to sneak off to the garage and take a photo of my actual Alfa 916 for the 2014 autumn photo contest. Instead, I grabbed what I could reach from where I'm sitting now and made a 5-minute contribution. Here is the result...
  4. WP 000114

    From the album Evie

    Just finished cleaning the interior, under the bonnet and the engine bay. New discs fitted a couple of weeks ago. Need a new gear knob as it broke when my mum was driving it (typical)

    © Rory916

  5. Evie. Let the work commence!

    From the album Evie

    My Alfa GTV on the first weekend of work. Which was rather unproductive as it started raining.

    © Rory916

  6. Voting time! You can vote only once, so be sure about it first. Voting will be open by next Sunday (8th). I think that's more than enough for everyone to vote. Good luck! Here are the 24 contestants arranged in chronological order. Some of them aren't autumn themed, but I think we will let them slip this time, won't we? Please vote for the best photo! We will have a Car of the year contest next month You can vote for yourself, but please don't. pendragonfalls poper embela jahuPL Toshko Alfaduden EvoMan Tonny ALXege clausboje Nasa five Verwood Spider Hailtech Silver18 Joris Paskapaa Alfatech Damgreg Dardo 00Alfa Andy #80cup Guvna Alfacity
  7. 916 Merchandise

    I have some interesting stuff to announce! The new 916 Store will be ready soon and it will be available via CafePress. All products will be handled by CafePress, except the stickers and other items which will be available through the Forum store. In the future, I would be happy if we could handle everything ourselves as it would reduce the prices. '916 Merchandise' is for all 916 enthusiasts, not just Squadra916 members. So, spread the word! Here is a sneak-peak of one of the T-Shirts that will be available for purchase.
  8. © ©Alfarmando

  9. © ©Alfarmando

  10. © ©Alfarmando

  11. GTV 02

    From the album GTV Titanio

    You can't see the car but I like the reflections
  12. GTV 01

    From the album GTV Titanio

    You can't see the car but I like the reflections
  13. spider 916 torremendo spain

    From the album phyotos

  14. Ultra Racing lower brace 916

    From the album Thread photos

    From Ultra Racing's Ebay ad.
  15. Lower brace/subframe support 916

    From the album Thread photos

    Fitted on an AR 155, but the subframe on a 916 is basically identical so the bar bolts on without mods. Made by a crafty guy on www.alfapower.nu, probably getting inspired by Ultra Racing.

    © The crafty guy, I suppose

  16. HI!, from Milan

    Thanks for the welcome. I am passionate about Alfa Romeo and I own a GTV 916 registered at R.I.A.R. I have a facebook page dedicated to the model and a personal one. I live in Milan, Italy. Hello, see you soon. http://www.facebook....32929704?ref=hl http://www.facebook.com/Alfarmando
  17. A new book about our cars is about to be released on late September, it's already available for pre-order: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Alfa-Romeo-916-GTV-Spider/dp/1847973965/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344285710&sr=8-1 There is also some good information about the book on publisher's website at: http://www.crowood.com/details.asp?isbn=9781847973962&t=Alfa-Romeo-916-GTV-and-Spider Well, it's a great privilege to have a book about our beloved bellas!
  18. GTV

    This one is from last summer.. Will get her back from storage in few weeks (it's been looong winter). First thing to do is to paint the side skirts as well as lower part of the rear bumper.

    © ippemopo

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